Dear Diary,

Today, he actually glanced my way. I don't just mean that I was in his line of sight as he talked to another guy!! He actually, factually, looked in my direction. When those big copper eyes caught my attention, I nearly melted on the floor. I'm not surprised he didn't feel it too, the love connection between our souls! What am I saying?! Diary, I must sound like a raving lunatic, its obvious I'm just in a mild state of delirium. But...what if he does like me?

Mercedes sighed, brushing her ebony bangs out of her eyes, wondering what to write next. So many emotions were welling up inside her spirit right now. It was frustrating just trying to figure out where to begin! Breathe Mercedes, it's just a diary! Say what whatever you feel and just let the words flow out onto paper. But, how should she go about saying that. "Ugh, I can't write like this!" Throwing the diary across the room, she watched it flop in a bean-bag chair piled on with textbooks and CDs. "Why is it so hard to just say how I feel?! I mean, its not like I'm speaking it aloud. I...ugh!" Flopping down on her bed, Mercedes glanced upward at the ceiling. Fluttering her eyes shut, she tried to form the pictures in her head, rather than try to put them onto paper.

There I am, 4th period just ended, I burst out of biology and headed for my locker. Outside Tina was waiting for me and starting asking me what songs we were singing for Regionals. Okay, so I started to answer her, when...he, walked by. Puck, wearing his bright red football jacket that almost seem to make his biceps bulge out of their skin, was approaching Quinn, who seemed awfully quiet and introverted today. But, right now he looks my way, and I think our eyes may have made contact for a split second! Ahhhh!

After reliving this morning's jubilation, Mercedes realized it was 11:47, an aggravated sigh escaped her lips. "Seriously? Eleven fourty seven?! Crap, I still have all my history homework to do!" Why were teachers constantly ragging on her to complete homework and ace tests and all that ridiculous nonsense? She was Mercedes Jones, she was going to be the next Beyonce, Beyonce doesn't do quadratic equations or study the Revolutionary War. Beyonce buys stylish shoes and attends movie premiers. Whatever, just two more years and this little bird is leaving the nest for bigger and better things. Grabbing her homework, she began to copy down notes on the Revolution, until she noticed she had etched "P+M" into her notes, in Sharpie, on notes she had to turn in tomorrow. "How the hell did this Sharpie get over here?!" It took a moment to scribble out, but it took the entire night to get the thought of her mind, what if they really did end up together?


"And step and turn and kick step..." Mr. Schuester's voice almost seemed to boom against the walls of the choir room. Nobody seemed to be paying him any mind; the club mostly milled about and discussed the latest gossip. The biggest rumor seemed to be about Kurt being Quinn's baby daddy. Mercedes wanted to double over in laughter and let the tears of hilarity drip down her face. Kurt? A father? There was no way in heck Quinn would even let Kurt anywhere near her. "Guys, Regionals are in two weeks! We can't stop rehearsing now. Do you want to lose to that school for the deaf or do you want to win? Now get up here!" A unanimous groan arose from the crowd, but everyone reluctantly stepped up and began to copy Mister Schuester's choreography.

"Okay, now turn turn turn and stomp. Good, right?" Mercedes tried her best to concentrate, but all she could focus on was the fact that Puck was standing directly behind her. As if it were on fire, her face flashed bright red, brighter than inferno. Tina noticed the spectacle and whispered, "Are you okay? Your face is t-t-t-tinted red!" "Yeah, just um...a little hot, that's all. Its all good!" A smile flashed across her face, though it was slightly forced. "Mercedes, focus! Now remember, turn turn turn and stomp. From the top! 5-6-7-8!"

The number seemed to be good enough, in her opinion. Everyone was syncopated, there didn't seem to be a weakest link in the group. Maybe we have a shot at winning this year! Just when it all seemed perfect, she tumbled. It was that "turn turn turn and stomp" that caught her off balance, making her let out a scream. Her eyes pinched shut, braced for the impact of the fall, but it never came. "Mercedes, are you alright?" Her eyes cracked open, she was in Puck's arms. His copper eyes were wide with fear, he seemed to be scanning her body for any sign of injury. He...he caught me.