AN: Sorry its taken so long to get up, been busy with school. I tried to incorporate a few things from the previous two episodes into this chapter, try and spot them :) They may not play out yet, but you'll see!

Mercedes nearly fainted at the sound of his voice, directed at her, as if it longed for her. "So, do you?" He repeated it again, just incase she hadn't heard his call. Though her body shook for a second from sheer delight, her milk-chocolate eyes met his and she managed to speak out, "Yeah, I'd love to." All eyes were on her; it took her only a moment to notice her entire body was quaking like an earthquake had begun to rattle her insides.

"Mercedes, are you alright? Do you need to see the nurse?" Mr. Schuester asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little cold, but I'm fine."

"Here," Puck smiled, taking off his football jacket and placing it over her shoulders, "I'm kinda hot in it anyway."

On the opposite side of the room, Rachel and Kurt were nearly exploding in their seats. Hushed but exuberant whispers were being transferred back and forth. "Did you see that?!" "Yes, I know! Kurt...its working!" He stopped for a moment replied sarcastically, "But we didn't even lay out the first step of the plan before they fell into the trap." Rachel glanced over at Mercedes and almost read her mind, figuring out just how elated she was at having even just a piece of him touch her. "Well," she smiled, tossing back her ebony locks, "maybe it was just the right time."

The rest of the class was devoted mainly to learning the music and starting with a few simple steps. Mr. Schuester noted to himself how much fun the group seemed to be having, especially Rachel and Kurt. Almost too much fun. Those two were usually excited to come to rehearsal, but usually never this excited. Something was being undermined right under his nose, and he had to get to the bottom of it. "Take five everyone!" Students dispersed into their separate social groups; footballers and the so called "populars" toward the right side of the room, while your average glee kids sat toward the left-hand side. But in the middle, sat Rachel and Kurt, who continued to exchange hushed whispers. What has gotten into those two? Their gaze seemed to be locked on Mercedes, who appeared flushed and almost bewildered. Nothing that had happened today seemed to pop out at him, until he recalled, The jacket! That's what's behind all of this.

But before he could focus on it any longer, the bell rang and students dispersed into the hallway. Within moments, only Puck and Mercedes were left in the room. "I, um, guess you want your jacket back." Deep down inside her, she never wanted to let go and return his token. It smelled so much like him, a musky odor that seemed to drive her senses wild. But, if she did keep it, she realized, he would grow suspicious of her intentions, and a new "Slushie-War" could break out. "Nah," he stopped her and gently touched her wrist, "You can keep it till tomorrow. Its so hot in this school that it'd make me too sweaty for practice."

She nodded her head and proceeded to put it back on, when a silver chain slipped out of the pocket and clattered to the floor. His eyes grew wide as he dove for it, but Mercedes' hands had already reached it. "Hm?" Attached to the simple, metallic chain was a Star of David, gleaming in the mid-morning sunlight. "Its beautiful..." He nearly snatched it out of her hand, but Puck saw that her intentions were pure. She wouldn't mock him like any of the guys, or call him "Jew-Face" (AN: I love Jewish people :P). Her eyes just met the chain and grew wide, almost startled.

"I have one just like it," she murmured, pulling out a chain from behind her shirt, "Not many people know it, but I'm Jewish too."

"Really? I never would have guessed..." Puck stopped himself, not wanting to sound like a religious racist freak.

Before their exchange could continue any further, Mr. Schuester stepped into the doorframe and called, "Hey, you two! Get to class! The bell's going to ring in a minute, hurry up!" The two flashed a smile at each other before going their separate ways. And all the while, Mercedes clutched his Star of David and thought to herself, Maybe it's just a match made in heaven.


Puck sat on the edge of his seat all throughout Spanish class, almost jittering in his place. Snap out of it, she's just some chick. You score a chick every week like its no big deal. But...then she came along, and it made me almost feel, guilty. While the teacher called out nonsense verbs like "to run" and "to fish", all he could focus on was the look on her face when she saw the Star of David. It was as if she had been looking for it all her life, and finally found what she had been looking for. But she owns one, what would she want with mine? A quick glance around the room, and the answer became apparent. Ohio was mainly a Protestant area, full of nutjobs who stopped at nothing to convert the non-believers. Many of his classmates were quiet Christians who sometimes poked fun at his beliefs, but he thought nothing of it.

But that gaze in her eyes, like she had found a missing puzzle piece, perplexed him. Maybe she needed to find someone like her, who understood her. But Rachel's Jewish! Why wouldn't she turn to her? Rachel wasn't usually the type of girl you could just go and relay secrets to, her lips flapped at any sound of a secret. Then maybe it was pent up inside so long, it just let itself out through her eyes.

Before he could ponder in any longer, a tap on his shoulder, from Kurt. He passed a single note, with writing along the top that read, "Someone likes you more than you to find out who." His eyes shifted toward Kurt, almost in dagger like stares. "Dude, what the hell is this?" he whispered, making sure to avoid the stares of his teacher. Kurt leaned toward him, his eyes shifting, as if he had a secret he was dying to tell. "Let's just say, someone I know, and you know, have feelings stronger than you think." At the top of the page was his screen name with a short blurb next to it saying, "Once read, I have something else to tell you."

Puck opened the note, expecting nothing more than Kurt professing his love for him through a love note. But, it wasn't. It was a diary entry, his heart nearly stopped working. As his eyes scanned the page, Puck wanted to tear up the note and wonder what in the world had possessed Kurt to give this to him. However, he just crammed it into his backpack and continued to see the words flash in his mind. If I were a princess, prince Puck would sweep me off my feet and say, "Princess Mercedes, I have always loved you, you are my everything.