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The memories are fading faster than she is. They fade into the dark recesses of your mind as her form evaporates into the quickly ascending shimmers. So you focus on those shimmers, because if you can remember this, then there will be some link to the memories of her.

You have no memories of the past, and it terrifies you to think you might lose your memories of her. You have to have something to hold on to, and for the longest time, you held on to her. Her solidity is failing. Even as you cling to her now you can physically feel her mass growing lighter.

You're losing her, and you want it to stop. You want to keep her, protect her. Make it so she doesn't have to fade away; make it so she wouldn't be so worried and sad all the time.

You start to think you understand what love is.

But before you can even begin to entertain that idea the object of your would-be (couldn't-ever-really-be) affection starts to crystallize and shatter.

She's gone, but then again, she was never really there.

And all you're left holding is stardust.

That's all she ever really was.


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