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Booth did get his faith questioned, not only by Dr. Bones- I'm -an atheist- Brennan, but events he's lived through.

His dad drank. Like a fish with Post Traumatic Stress disorder. He was gone all day, swallowing away his marital problems and memories of Nam. Upon return he was loud and had a short fuse. The general rule was to not lead on to the neighbors. Don't talk back. Take blame for what is smaller than you. Tune out the sound of mom crying about ' the children'. Then suddenly glasses breaking is an acceptable lullaby.

This lead to doubt. How can God sacrifice his son for us all, but give us such crappy people to lead in our childhood?

He enlisted as soon as he turned 18. He climbed up that ladder as a world class sniper. There was no words of advice from his old man. His mom took her sleeping pills, but mustered a 'Good Luck'. But she never let her bed. He was a good soldier. The point was to make his dad proud. He killed the enemy silently and returned to his tent to have troubled dreams.

Sometimes he falls asleep in that tent in his apartment's queen bed.

Then there's the torture thing, and the gambling ,and having an illegitimate child with the women who didn't want him anymore. It went like this: she called him a few times; Call 1: We need to talk. Call 2: I'm sure. Call 3: It's come to my attention that you knocked me up Call 4: It's a boy. Please come and sign this birth certificate.

Why would a loving God put all this on him?

Then It made sense. He needed to be stronger for this women. This person who clung to logic. This intense, aggravating, stubborn scientist that was the fiercest and most loyal friend. The most jaded, clinical, sensitive lady that needed to be taught and respected. Booth didn't get to be selfish. He worked for her at first. He got up to see her. Slowly he patched her up as she gradually trusted him. God had made them meet, so he could save two at once. Every time she forgave her dad a bit more, every time she laughed, each time she let herself go, Booth felt something. He helped himself by aiding her.

He has been saved by an atheist. God obviously has a twisted sense of humor.

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