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________________________________________-Chapter 1-______________________________________

It was a beautiful day on Mobius, the sky was streaked with orange and red from the setting sun; the ocean reflected the red and gold hues, creating a captivating scene. A small two person biplane named Tornado, flew low over the ocean at high speed, piloted by a small twin tailed fox, while standing atop the wing of the biplane was a blue hedgehog. The duo were none other than the famous blue blur Sonic the hedgehog and his best friend Miles 'Tails' Prower.

Sonic and Tails had taken the day off to go visiting their friends: Amy Rose, Shadow the hedgehog, Rouge the bat, the chaotix crew :Vector the crocodile, Charmy the bee And Espio the chameleon. The duo where currently flying back from visiting Knuckles the echidna on the Floating islands.

"Tails let's head for Knothole." Sonic called to his friend over the roar of the Tornado's engine.

"Sonic, let's head home. It's getting late, and we're pretty low on gas." Tails called back.

"Do we have enough fuel to go visit sally and the gang?"

"I don't think so Sonic. I think we have just enough to get back home."

Sonic sighed, well Tails had a point, it was getting rather late; the sun had already begun to set. "Yeah, in any case I think it'd be pretty hard to pilot at night." Sonic joked.

So they flew back to Tails house, chatting idly about their visits.

Else where Dr. Ivo Robotnik was busy planning and scheming, or he would have been had he not been throwing a tantrum.

"That blasted hedgehog is always foiling my plans!" Robotnik roared. Snively, who was busying himself at his computer station, controlled the urge to roll his eyes. His master was always had these tantrums after Sonic once again stopped the obese Dr. from taking over Mobius.

"Every time I come up with a new destructive robot, Sonic destroys it! Doesn't he care how much work goes into those robots?! Hours and hours of my time spent pushing my amazing intelligence to it's limits!" Robotnik slammed his fist against the arm of his throne, his teeth grinding together, "He doesn't care about the work or destroying the robot. But what if he did care about the robot...." A new idea began to form in Robotniks' head.

"That's it!" a large, evil smile spread across Robotniks' face as he leapt to his feet.

"What is it sir?" Snively asked, for once genuinely curious.

"I shall create a robot that Sonic can't destroy!" Robotnik exclaimed as he began to pace slowly.

"But sir, you've already tried that. The indestructible robots armor was too thick for Sonic to cut through but the robot couldn't move an inch."

"No you imbicile! I'm talking about a robot that Sonic won't want to destroy." Robotniks' pacing increased in tempo.

"I'm sorry sir, but you've lost me."

Robotnik turned to face Snively so abruptly it startled the younger man "Don't worry my foolish lad, it will all become clear soon." with that he turned and headed for the door.

"Where are you going sir?" Snively asked as his master reached the extra wide door.

"I'm going to my lab, and send Metal Sonic down, I have some work for him."

Sonic and Tails reached the foxes house just as the last rays of sun faded away. After Sonic helped Tails guide the Tornado into it's hanger, the two went into the foxes house for a snack before Sonic had to go home.

They sat at the kitchen table, talking while enjoying chilidogs and cold sodas. The tide of the conversation had turned to visiting everyone in Knothole.

"So how about we go visit Sally tomorrow?" the hedgehog inquired around a bite of chilidog.

"I thought you where going to help Amy paint her living room and kitchen in the morning." Tails took a drink of his soda as Sonic's palm connected with his forehead with a loud smack.

"You're right, I completely forgot about that!" Sonic sighed, "I guess it's too late to cancel, huh?"

The orange fox smiled," Yup." he sighed, his thought turning towards the red biplane "It would be nice if we still had that chaos emerald, then we wouldn't have to worry about the Tornado running out of fuel."

"Yeah but Robuttnik had to go and have Metal steal it. Wonder what he's doing with it?" Sonic mused as he finished his second chilidog.

"Should we get the emerald back soon?" Tails asked.

Sonic smiled, "Probably. We'll do that after we're done visiting everyone. I'm pretty sure Rouge has some blueprints of 'Buttniks' base."

"So why don't we go visiting day after tomorrow?" suggested the younger fox.

"Sounds good kido, what are you gonna do tomorrow while I help Amy?"

Tails thought for a moment, drinking the last of his soda. "Well I do need to give the Tornado a tune up, and I need to stock up on chilidogs" he said with a chuckle.

The hedehog laughed, " Have fun with that." He stood and headed for the door "Well I should motor home, see ya later."

"Good night Sonic." Tails called after the hedgehog. He gave a large yawn, time for bed, he thought as the fox headed for his room, turning off lights as he went.

Sonic arrived early at Amy's house to help paint; Amy had been planning to repaint her living room for a while and she decided to drag Sonic in to help.

"Oh Sonic it's so nice of you to help me! It would have taken forever to clear the rooms and paint by my self." Amy gushed.

"Yeah nice." Sonic mumbled; he was in a foul mood. Amy had left her hero to rearrange the furniture and appliances to the center of the living room and kitchen. He groaned in relief as, with a final shove, the refrigerator screeched to a stop next to the stove and table.

"Good work Sonic. Now we just have to layout the plastic and put tape around the molding and...." the blue blur groaned quietly.

I hope Tails is having more fun, Sonic thought as he tuned out Amy who droned on and on.

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