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-Chapter 6-

The group of Mobians arrived at Robotniks lair early the next morning. They slowly crept along the bases wall, being careful not to be detected by the outer security motion sensors.

"Aha!" Rouge exclaimed form the front of the line. She had located the sloppily hidden (in her oppinion) air intake vent just above the ground. "Yo, Knuckle-head, come help me remove this!" she hissed pionting at the grate. Grumbling, Knuckles grudgingly followed the bats insructions. In his oppinion, he should have just puched his way throught the stupid grate, but instead the echidna did what Rouge called 'the smart thing' and forcefully but quietly pulled the grate free of its housing in the wall.

One by one, the line of mobians disapeared into the dark depths of the air duct. Crawling on hands and knees, or in Vectors case army style, the group navigated through the ventilation sytem led by the female bat. After seveal twists and turns and even a vertical escapade, the troop emerged into a stretch of vent that was illuminated at the far end. The buxom bat stopped short of the grate and turned to face the others.

Sonic spoke up "Okay, you guys all know what you're job is once we leave the vent right?" he asked quietly.

The goup nodded as a whole.

"Rouge and I are to break into the secruity room and silence the alarms so they do not go off as we move about the base." Espio said, Rouge nodded in affirmation.

"Shadow and I are to check out the cell block on the second level." Vector pipped up. Sonic nodded and bointed at Bunnie.

"Don't worry shugah-hog, Pinky-pie and I are going to check for lil'shugah in the cell block on the ground level." the half cyborg said motioning to Amy and herself.

"Right and Knuckles and I are going to check for Tails in the Max security cell on the underground level." Knuckle nodded as Sonic explined thier job.

"All right, every group has their radio coms set to channel three?" Once again they nodded. Sonic reached up and turned his headset radio on. "How's it looking 'Twan, Charmy?" Antione and Charmy had been asigned to stay behind to keep survalence over the blue print and warn the groups of impending danger, and to make sure Tails wasn't removed from any of the cells. "Le coast es clear. I do not see any robots near your position." "Yeah, all clear guys." The coytes and bees voices traveled through the radio to the Blue Blurr.

Sonic nodded to Rouge who nodded in return. Espio shimmied his way to the opening of the vent as Rouge removed the grate. Espio lept out first, Rouge turned to the others, "Wait for our signal, then move fast and don't get lost."

"Psh, that's not going to happen. Only an idiot would get lost." Knuckles scoffed. The night before each team had memorized the fastest route to their goal and the fastest route to the rondez-vouz piont.

Sonic nodded to the bat and chamaleon. "Good luck guys. You know what's at stake." and with that said the duo took off towards the control room. The blue hedgehog looked up at the group. "Okay guys, it's now or never. We've got to get Tails today, If we fail and try to come back later Robotnik will be expecting it, and we might never get him back." Everyones faces grew solum and hard, exept Shadow, who wore his ever present scowl.

With no more needed to be said, they lasped into silence.

Rouge and Espio quickly made their way to the control center of Robotniks' base. Rouge was flying close to the ceiling, above the sensors; while Espio was doing what a chameleon does best: blending in with the surroundings. Rouge had explained the night before that because of his ability to change colors, the alarm would not be tripped. She had seen systems like this: the security computers relied on both heat and motion in oder to go off, so with Espio not showing any movement, the heat signiture would not register.

In a matter of minutes the duo was standing outside a door labeled SECURITY. Rouge opened a vent grate over the door; letting them inside the ventilation shaft; from there they traveled above the room. Peeking into the room through another vent, they saw that the room was empty aside from the wall to wall computers. Espio opened the grate and was about to jump out when Rouge cought his arm.

"Whoa there buddy, the room's empty but there are sensors here just like everywhere else. Jump down like that and they'll know we're here." Espios shocked face slid into a determined one. Silently he changed colors to match the ceilings slightly less depressing shade of grey. He slid from the vent, clung to the ceiling and slowly made his way to the closest wall. He used the same method to travel down to the floor level.

"I'll guide you from here." the bat told the invisible chamelion. "Alright, see that computer that has the blue screen with the white writing, making the anoying noise? Next to it is a grey box. Open it and quickly cut the red and blue wires." She watched as the box opend with a quiet bang and the wires mentioned were severed. "Okay, you're clear. Those were the main power cords for the heat and motion sensors." Into the radio she said: "Okay Sonic, you've got the green."

Charmy cluched his stingning cheek and glared at Antione who had just slapped him "Whaddya do that for!" He demanded of the french cyote.

"I vilh not tollerate you speakeng about Mademioselle Bunnie en such a mannar!" 'Twan fummed.

The litte bee was astounded. "What manner! All I said was she was pretty good looking for a half robot, and that she had a nice aft! What's the big de-" Charmy froze Realization hitting him like a fish to a persons head: hard, fast, and fairly amusing. A sneaky little smile crept and grew on his small face.

"Wvaht!" Demanded the cyote, angered further by the smirk.

Charmy sniggered behind his hand and pionted with the other. "You like miss Bunnie!" Antione's face burned deep scarlet from anger and embarrasment. Charmy knew he struck a cord.

Contunuing on his anoying tangent, he began to sing "Antione and Bunnie sitting in a tree: K-I-S-S-IIIEEEE!" Antione lept across the table at the small bee and attempted to throttle him. A voice emminated from the radio as the cyote landed on top of it, but it went unnoticed by both.

"Nah-nah! No good trying that!"Charmy said as he hovered just out of the angry cyotes reach Antione, who was standing on the table, had briefly and accidentlly pushed the talk button on the radio unknowingly. The small bee took off into the livingroom, the angry Antione tearing after in persiut. Neither of them watching the blueprints. Within the hologram several red dots entered a room and a few seconds later left with a single blue one.

"Okay Sonic, you've got the green." came Rouges voice through Sonics radio. The blue hedgehog picked it up "Chamy, 'Twan, come in. How's it looking?" Dead air filled the radio for a moment before Charmy's voice cut in. "...good-!...".

"Alright guys, let's do this!" Sonic said to the assembled mobians behind him. They piled out of the vent and went thier seperate ways. The girls ran down the hall to the right as the two groups of boys went left past the security room to the stairway. Once at the unused stairs they split again: Vector and Shadow going up while Sonic and Knuckles went down.

Bunnie and Amy traveled quickly down the hall; the cells they were to check were reletivly close to the vent they'd just left. To the surprise of both girls the hall was clear of robots, just as Charmy had said. They stopped infront of the first of the three cells, Bunnie stepped up to the keypad next to the door, paw at her chin, thinking hard.

Amy's gaze traveled form Bunnie to the keypad. "Do you think you can figure out the code, Bunnie?" She aked after a few moments of silence.

"Nope." Bunnie said as she pulled her robotic arm back and smashed her fist into the keypad. With a small disgruntled beep the door opened.

"Huh, I didn't really think that would work." Bunnie said as she walked past a shocked Amy into the cell.

As Vector and Shadow ran, their radio came to life. "Bun-Bun to Shugah-hog, the cell blocks on the ground level are all empty." Bunnies voice rang out from the device. Sonic's voice replied "Okay, good job Bunnie, you and Amy get to the rondez-vous piont and wait for the rest of us. Rouge and Espio should already be there."

"Rodger that Shugah-hog."

Vector looked at Shadow who was holding the radio. "Well three down, four to go, eh?"

Shadow mearly nodded. Man thought Vector what does it take to get this guy to talk?

After several minutes of silence the hedgehog and crocadile arrived at their destination.

Shadow stepped up to the first door and pulled a chaos emerald from the safe haven of his quills.

With a cry of "Chaos control!" Shadow vanished for several minutes before re-appearing next to Vector, startling him.

"Geez, warn a guy before poofing in like that, would ya?" Vector grumbled.

Shadow glared at him "And how exactly can I 'warn a guy' if I'm not there? And I don't poof."

Vector rolled his eyes "What ever. Was Tails in one of the cells?"

Shadow rubbed the bridge of his nose. "If he was in there, wouldn't I have brought him with me?"

"Well I didn't know you could poof around with other people!" Vector exclaimed loudly and angrily.

"I. Don't. Poof!" Shadow growled, louder than before.

"What. Ev. ER!" Vector growled as he snatched the radio from shadows hand.

Sonic and Knuckles had just left the stairway and was on their way to the final cell to be checked when their radio went off. It was Bunnie. Tails wasn't in their cell block.

After the hedgehog got off the radio with her, Knuckles spoke for the fist time since the vent.

"Guess that means it's our cell or one of Shaows."

Sonic nodded.

A few moments later The radio buzzed to life again. It was Vector this time.

"Sonic, Tails wasn't in our cell block. Guess it's up to you guys. See you at the rondez-vous piont."

"Ten-four, Vec. See ya round." The blue blurr replied. "Guess it's up to us." He told Knuckels who nodded.

Picking up speed they arived at the single maximum security prison cell minutes after Vectors call in.

"Stand back."

The echidna did so as Sonic Spindashed into the door. But the attempt was fruitless; he had only mannaged a slight scratch in the metal.

"Well it would take forever to cut through the door, so lets try this!" he said as he Spindashed the keypad set into the wall next to the cell door. With a small beep, the cell door swung outwards on silent hinges.

The cell within was large, with only a circle of light illuminating a small portion of floor; the rest of the room was ringed in thick, black shadow. Sitting within the pool of light was what looked like a small black collar.

Shrugging Sonic stepped over the threshold into the room followed by the echidna.

"Tails?" the hedgehog called out tentitivly.

Without warning a hand shot out from the deepest shadows, and for Sonic, everything seemed to speed up: The hand shot out, scooped up the collar, and snapped it around knuckels neck. The force of the blow sent the echidna flying back. Then suddenly everything seemed to suddenly be in slow motion: Knuckles flew back, eyes wide and mouth open in silent astonishment, over the cells threshold. A beep from the collar, a red light, and a bone jarring explosion.

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