"You're kidding, three hours?!" Tony whined as he sat down in the limousine.

"Stop complaining, Tony." Ziva said as she got in behind him, sitting on the same side as he did.

"Three hours?" He repeated, "To go camping? That's ridiculous. What am I supposed to do for three hours?"

"Be in pain if you don't stop complaining." Gibbs commented. He sat in the middle and pulled out his boat building magazine. McGee followed and Abby was the last one in, closing the door behind her.

"Yay!" She said happily, grabbing on to McGee, who was now sitting next to her, across from Tony and Ziva. "I'm so excited!"

Tony scoffed, sat back and crossed his arms, "Three hours."

Abby had a sour look on her face as she put her hands on her hips, "What?" She asked.

"Three hours!? There's woods behind my apartment! We can go there."

Abby rolled her eyes, "That would not be a vacation."

Tony lifted and dropped one shoulder, "It would work for me." Ziva watched the exchange between them before pulling out her book and opening to the page where her bookmark was. The limo pulled out from Gibbs' driveway and started down the street. Tony leaned over and looked down at Ziva's book, "Whatcha reading?"

She used her eyes to glare at him and moved the book so that she could see it again, "A book."

Tony stared at her, "Obviously."

He leaned over again and she let out a exasperated sigh, "Tony!"

He grinned, "Whatcha reading?"

She groaned, "It is titled The Hunt." She spoke through her teeth, "Now do you mind?"

Tony sat up straight and smiled, snatching her book from her hands and studying it, "I can't read it."

She pinched the bridge of her nose, "That is because it is in Hebrew, DiNozzo." She held out her hand, "Give it back."

"What's it about?" He opened it, looking at the foreign language, trying to study the words.

"DiNozzo, give me the book." She said.

The pair now had an audience, for Abby and McGee were watching them. Gibbs didn't even look up from the magazine.

Truthfully, he didn't want to.

Tony grinned, "What are you going to do if I don't, Zee-Vah?" Ziva stared at his handsome face for several seconds before lunging at him, pinning his arms to the seat, her legs on either side of him. Tony yelped in pain.

"I will kill you with just one of the pages." She said, and leaned down closer to him, "Give it to me."

Their faces were only inches apart and their breathing was labored. Tony's mind raced. His eyes, like hers, were moving to her lips, and then back to her eyes.





He had to fight the smile that wanted to come on his face. Oh, how he wanted to give it to her.

He swallowed, "Sorry." She snatched it from him and climbed off, and he immediately missed the weight of her body on his. He sat up and fixed his shirt, chuckling nervously, "Could you really kill me with one book pages?"

"Would you like me to demonstrate?" She said.

He put his hands up and surrendered, "No, no, that's okay."

And then...it was quiet.

So quiet, in fact, that Ziva didn't realize that she was the only one awake until they hit a bump in the road. She closed her book, rubbed her eyes, and studied her surroundings. Her partner was currently sound asleep on her shoulder, a very soft snore escaping his lips. His arm was thrown loosely over her left leg, hanging in the middle of the isle.

Abby had both of her feet on the seat, snuggled up next to Tim, who slept with his arm propping up his head. Gibbs had his arms crossed, his head moving around with the movements of the limo.

Ziva let out a silent sigh and opened her book again, trying to concentrate on the words.

But she couldn't.

The intoxicating scent that was currently coming from her partner was too much for her to stand, and she slammed her book closed in frustration. He stirred slightly on her shoulder and moved his hand up so that it was on her thigh.

Chills surfaced her skin, her heart rate accelerated, and she let out a sigh, hoping that he wouldn't feel the pulse in her body.

Once her heart rate slowed to it's normal pace again, she rubbed her eyes with her finger and thumb. She opened her eyes and looked down at Tony's hair, that was currently tickling her neck. Not able to take the silence anymore, she shut her eyes, yawned, and fell into a sleep, her head now on top of Tony's.

Another hour passed and when the limo hit another bump in the road, Gibbs woke quickly and yawned, stretching his arms and legs. He looked around, studying each of his 'vacation team', as Abby named them.

As soon as his eyes moved to his senior field agent and his Mossad liaison officer, he narrowed them.

One thing was for sure.

They better not break rule twelve.


The rest of the ride was silent, for Gibbs was the only one awake. He watched Tony and Ziva as they slept, and memories of himself and Shannon consumed his thoughts.

"Gibbs?" Abby called, concerned that now, his hearing was getting bad, "Gibbs!" She said, a little louder, and it caused him to snap out of his trance. He looked at her, "You okay?"

He nodded, "Yeah, fine."

She grinned, "So how much longer until we get there?"

Gibbs shrugged one shoulder, "About half an hour, I suppose."

She jumped up and down in her seat in delight, clapping her hands quietly, "Isn't this exciting?"


Abby quickly lost her smile and put her hands on her hips, "Why not?" Gibbs replied by pointing to the two "lovebirds". Abby giggled and turned back to Gibbs, "Oh." She smiled again, "You can't help who you fall in love with, Gibbs." Her face became straight as she realized what she said, "I mean, not that they're in love or anything."

Gibbs smirked, "They better not be." Abby pulled McGee's gameboy from his hands and turned it on, needing something to do to pass the time. It was quiet until Gibbs spoke again, "Abs, do me a favor, will yah?" Abby nodded slowly, waiting on him to continue, "Keep an eye on them. Anything goes on, you let me know."

"You mean...babysit?"

Gibbs chuckled, "Technically, you're adult sitting."

"Gibbs, I don't want to spy on Tony and Ziva."

"Don't call it spying, call it...observing."

"Observing." Abby repeated.

"Uh huh."

"Aw Gibbs, but...look at them, they're so cute. Why can't we just...let nature take it's course?"

"Because, Abby." Gibbs said, just as the limo stopped at their location, "It's a rule." Ziva woke up suddenly at the stop of the vehicle, causing Tony to wake as well. He yawned and stretched, removing his hand from Ziva's thigh.

Tony looked over at his partner and smiled slightly, "You have a comfortable shoulder."

Ziva chuckled and followed him out of the limo, both of them stretching immediately. "Alright, grab a bag. We've got a long hike to the campsite."

"Aw boss, come on! Can't we drive?" Tony said, watching the silver haired man walk ahead, a bag on each of his shoulders.

"You can't drive through tree's, DiNozzo!" Gibbs yelled.

Tony groaned as Abby, McGee and Ziva walked past him, two bags on their shoulders. Tony looked down at the limo, but the trunk was now closed, the driver getting back into his seat. He sighed one more time, "Hey, wait up!" He yelled, taking long strides to catch up with his co-workers. Once he was next to Ziva, he pulled on one of the bags, "Here Zi, I'll carry these."

She held onto it tightly and looked at him, "I have got it."

He tugged on it again, "Come on, give me the bags."

"Let. Go." She said through her teeth. They were now stopped in the middle of the small trail, Abby and McGee passing them, smiles on both of their faces.

"Ziva, let me carry the bags."

"Why?" She questioned.

"Because I want to." She rolled her eyes and started to walk again when he grabbed her arm, "The bags."

"If you do not let me go I will kill you with the zipper."

Tony chuckled nervously, "You see, that's two 'I'll kill you' threats today."

"Do not get a third strike." Ziva said, and walked in front of him again, leaving him standing there.

Then Tony realized something.

He didn't have a bag.

He caught up with his partner again and poked her in the shoulder. "Give me the bags." Ziva didn't even look in his direction as she continued to walk, so he poked her in the shoulder again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

She stopped abruptly, "What?!" She yelled, her voice echoing in the woods.

Tony grinned, for his plan worked, "The bags."

She scoffed, rolled her eyes and took each of the bags off her shoulder, chucking them at him. Tony dodged them as they hit the ground behind him. "Thank you." He said, a smile on his face as he turned around, picking them up and catching up with her again. "I knew you'd give in."

"Only because you are possibly the most annoying creature on this earth."

Tony chuckled. "Maybe." He smiled at her, "But that's why you love me."

Ziva slowed in her steps, staring at him as he walked ahead of her.

Her mind raced.

Was she letting her guard down too much?


"Finally!" Tony said as he finally caught up with Gibbs. Ziva was behind him, followed by McGee and Abby. "Wait, how'd you get that set up so fast?" Tony said, in reference to Gibbs' tent that was already standing. "We weren't that far behind you, boss."

"I build a boat."

"Well, do you build tents as your third job?" His answer was a famous Gibbs' glare, and he quickly dropped the subject.

"Go ahead, set up your tents before it gets dark." Gibbs said, adding things to the fire pit he planned on starting later. Tony looked at his boss, down at his watch, and then back up at Jethro.

"Boss, it's only 1500h."

"It gets dark at 1800h, DiNozzo. And I imagine it's gonna take you a while."

"Please. I could do this with my eyes closed." He walked over to the left side of Gibbs' tent and pulled the supplies out of the bag. McGee and Abby went to the right side, doing the same. Ziva watched Tony for a few minutes and then walked over to him, a smile on her face.

"Would you like some help, Tony?"

Tony looked up at her, "Nope. I got it. I'll have it up in no time."

Ziva put her hands up in defense and walked away before she looked over her shoulder, "Let me know when you want me to set it up."

Tony scoffed, "I won't need you to set it up."

About an hour passed and McGee, Abby, and Ziva watched Tony as he tried again to set it up. Every time he'd get a side up, the other side would fall, and the the trio would laugh.

"Do you think he knows he's doing it wrong?" Ziva asked.

Tim laughed, "Tony never knows he's doing it wrong."

"Well, if he keeps trying it like that, you and Tony will have to sleep in the woods." She said, a smile on her face.

"I think I'd rather sleep in the woods then share a bed with Tony."

Abby laughed, "Maybe you won't have to." Sighing, McGee shoved his hands in his pockets and walked over to him, trying not to laugh as he spoke, "You uh...want some help, Tony?"


McGee smiled, "You know, Abby and I were done about 40 minutes ago."

"I don't care, McBrag."

"Why don't you let us help you, DiNozzo?"

"I don't need your help." Tony said.

McGee chuckled, "Ok." He walked back over to Ziva and Abby, "He doesn't need my help."

"I'm going for a swim." Abby announced, earning strange looks from both Abby and Tim, "What?"

"The water's probably freezing, Abs." McGee said.

"No it's not." Gibbs clued in, "It's not very deep and the sun heats it up during the day."

McGee nodded slowly as Abby grinned, running over to the 'girls' tent, or, the one that was set up.

Ziva stood and watched her partner for another thirty minutes, and that's when she had enough. She walked over, placed her hands on his chest and gently pushed him, so that he wasn't in the way. "Let me." She said softly and began to set it up.

He stepped in front of her, "Ziva I can-"

He was silenced by her finger on his lips, "I will have this done in just a few minutes."

When she was done ten minutes later, she smiled at him, and walked to the lake, sitting down in front of it.

Tony followed her and sat down, and their hips were dangerously close to touching. He sighed, watching Abby swim around in the lake, "Nobody likes a show-off."

Ziva smiled, "I was only trying to help, Tony."

Tony nodded as response, "I know." He was quiet for a few seconds, "Toda."

She looked at him and chuckled softly, "You are welcome."

Ziva stayed at the lake for a couple more hours, Gibbs beckoning Tony back towards him to 'get his ass in gear and help set up a fire.' Ziva had chuckled a couple of times, almost in satisfaction as she heard the sound of fire and then Tony letting out a cry in pain, which normally was followed by a lengthy list of curse words.

And, after about another hour, Ziva decided to start back to the campsite. She now had on a sweatshirt that she had gotten out of her suitcase, which she had set down near the fire that Tony, McGee, and Abby were all starting to crowd around. Gibbs was the one making the fire, even though that didn't exactly surprise her. He threw in a log into the already burning fire, the flames erupting slightly upward, just some more. She pulled her hair back into a bun as Gibbs stopped placing wood into the fire pit and looked up at her.

"Good, I was just about to call you." Gibbs noted as she approached them, pulling at the sleeves of her sweatshirt, smiling as Abby plopped down happily in a lawn chair. McGee pulled one up next to her, Abby grinning widely at him. Gibbs was on the other side of the fire, turning hot dogs on a skewer over the pit of fire. Tony slouched in his chair, slightly provocatively, she might add, grinning his famous DiNozzo grin as he tapped the empty green chair next to him with his foot.

"Just for you, Zee-vah. It's even got your name on it." He moved the toe of his foot up to the note card that was taped on there with duck tape, Ziva's name written in Tony's messy script.

She rolled her eyes as she sat down next to him, Gibbs not speaking a word as he passed the plates around.

As she passed the plates to Tony, her hand brushed up against his and they shared a quick look and then looked away.

Surely he did not feel that, yes? She hurriedly thought.

HAH, feel something, DiNozzo? For YOU of all people? HAH! He thought, just as fast.

"So, what are we having, bossman?" Abby grinned, all but hopping up and down in her seat.

"Hot dogs and mustard." he glanced at Tony, "Or ketchup."

Tony grinned, "Love my to-may-toes."

"To-ma-toe." Ziva corrected, "It is pronounced To-ma-toe."

He grinned, happy that he found something, something to 'piss her off', "To-may-toe."

"To-ma-toe!" she shouted, getting slightly annoyed, "Tony, please!"

"I am the American here...I think I win...To-may-"

"You please shut up?" McGee interrupted and Tony turned and glared at him.

"Mind your own business, McVegetable!" He paused a moment, nodding his head slightly before turning back to Ziva, "Where were we?" She raised an eyebrow, "Oh yeah...To-may-toe."


"Eat your damn hot dogs or you won't have any toes." Gibbs growled, plopping down one on each of their plates. They both looked down at them and then back up at Jethro, who seemed to be burning with anger.

"Thanks, boss." Tony quickly said, watching him carefully as he went around and gave McGee and Abby their hot dogs.

"Why would I eat a hot dog?" Ziva suddenly asked, poking the wiener on her plate. She looked around and then up at Tony, "Is this really made of a dog?"

Tony, who was in mid-bite, finished what he was eating and then set his fork down, "Uh...yeah, Ziva...it's really made of dog." He rolled his eyes, trying to say it as sarcastically as possible.

She let her mouth drop open, "It is really dog?"

"NO!" Tony all but shouted, "You're eating a hot dog...but that would probably taste better than...say...a hot woman."

"Oh I am sure you would love to 'eat' them." She put up quotation marks around 'eat'. Gibbs threw his fork down, annoyed.

"I am trying to eat!" He shouted and the two quickly started eating their hot dogs, Ziva's persistent questions forgotten at the moment.

Ziva, who finished her hot dog quickly, looked at Tony, who was just...staring into the fire, his eyes mesmerized, as if he was a deer in the headlights.

"This...is a really bright fire." Tony grinned, tilting his head to the side, to get a different angle on it.

She rolled her eyes, "Tony, you are completely insane." She admitted.

Gibbs smirked and gave a small chuckle, "I don't think that was a mystery to anyone, Ziver."

Ziva smiled back at Gibbs before locking eyes with Abby, over the fire, who was grinning at the two of them, "What?" she demanded, but Tony didn't lose his concentration.

"Oh...nothing." From next to her, McGee rolled his eyes as he finished the last bite of his hot dog.

"Tony." Ziva demanded, "Stop staring into that fire!"

"Why Zee-vah? Wish I was staring into that fire burning in your eyes?" As much as Ziva was annoyed, she had to admit...that was rather deep, in a sense, even for Tony.

She sighed and huffed, sitting back in her chair, looking up over Tony's head and over at the lake, "It is a beautiful night." She admitted.

"Yup." Gibbs nodded, "Good night for sleeping, actually. Not too cold...not too hot."

"Just right." McGee agreed.

"Let's play a game!" Abby perked up and everyone rolled their eyes.

"No, Abby, we're not going to play a game." McGee sighed as something buzzed near his ear. He swatted it at, and it was apparently enough to get Tony's mind off of the fire, "Stupid bug." He muttered, slapping it away again, just to have it continue to come back. He stood up and started hopping away from it, swatting at it as he did so. Ziva watched her partner's face turn up into a large grin.

It slightly reminded her of the green man that wanted to 'steal Christmas', if that was even possible.

Tony had made her watch it with him a couple of winters ago.

"You need bug spray, McGoo?"

McGee abruptly stopped and stared at Tony, "Maybe..."

"I have some!" he stood up quickly and then all but jumped over Ziva as he made a bee line to his suitcase, which was in the same tent as Ziva's.

"Should I be scared?" McGee started, looking between his team members.

They shrugged their shoulders and all stared up at him, "Depends on how many pranks Tony already has planned."

Tony returned a couple of minutes later, a new bottle in his hand. He approached Tim and grinned, outstretching it towards him. He took it and stared at it, keeping it arms distance, in case it was going to explode or something, "What did you do to it?"

"Nothing!" Tony defended, "What makes you think I did anything?"

Sighing, McGee looked at Abby, almost helplessly, before spraying himself with the bug spray and then chucking it back at Tony, who caught it just as he was sitting down, "Touchdown." He grinned, glancing at Ziva before grinning even wider back at Tim.

Ziva knew that grin.

He had done something...she just didn't know what.

But she had a good hunch...whatever was in that bottle McGee sprayed was either going to make his skin literally crawl off, give him hives, attract more insects, or make him smell.

Rolling her eyes, she decided not to wait for whatever was going to happen to McGee to happen, "So are we done?" She asked, sighing as she looked at Gibbs, resting her elbows on her knees.

Gibbs stared at her before nodding, "Yup." He went to stand up when he was stopped by Abby standing so abruptly her chair almost fell down.

"No!" She shouted and Gibbs stopped, turning and looking at the forensic scientist. He just continued to stare at her with a look that clearly said 'well, you gonna continue or just stand there?' "Smores!" She grinned, "I have all of the stuff in my bag!" She hurried towards her suitcase, near the other tent as Gibbs let out a sigh and sat down in his seat again, reaching down and throwing a couple more logs into the fire.

Tony could tell that Gibbs was definitely going to enjoy this part of the trip...even if it wasn't equivalent to building his boat.

Tony opened his mouth to say something when Abby came bounding back over to them, chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers in her hands. She kept the same grin on her face as she approached them, holding the items up as if they didn't know what they were, "Smores!" She repeated.

"What is a...smore?" Ziva questioned, furrowing her eyebrows together and looking at Tony for an explanation. He just let his mouth drop slightly open.

"Are you serious? You've been in America how long?"

"Four years." She smiled.

"And you have never heard of a smore?"

She shook her head, "No. Why?"

Tony sighed and drooped his head, closing his eyes and shaking it slightly before looking back up at her, "It's really simple, Ziva, I'll show you."

"You will show me a smore?"

"No, I'll show you how to make a smore. You'll love them, trust me." He looked up at Abby, "Hey, can I have some of that?"

She smiled as she stuck her own marshmallow on a stick, handing another one to Tony as well as the bag and a piece of a chocolate bar as well as two crackers. As he put the marshmallow onto the stick, he placed it over the fire, "See, you place the marshmallow over the fire." he explained, "And keep turning it until it's golden brown...you don't want it burnt."

"Why not?"

"Uh..." he paused, "Cause food isn't meant to be burnt? I mean, I know that you think that you should set it on fire all the time but..." He noticed her stare and stopped immediately.

Abby spoke up, "Hey, Ziva makes awesome food."

McGee nodded, "Yeah." He agreed, his mouth full of a smore.

"Can it, McMarshmallow." he turned back to Ziva, "So anyways," He continued to turn the marshmallow on the stick, "So you wait until it's golden brown, like a cookie, and then you take a cracker..." He picked one up, and then put the hot marshmallow onto the cracker..." He pulled it carefully off of the stick, "And then put on the chocolate, place the other cracker on top, and then voila!" he held up the gooey creation, "Smore."

He offered it to her, but she declined, "No, I would rather make my own." She commented, taking the stick from Tony's hands and placing a new marshmallow on it, sticking it over the fire as Gibbs just ate the graham crackers by themselves.

Ziva waited for the marshmallow to turn golden brown all around, like Tony had instructed.

"Now put it on a cracker."

Ziva stared down at the marshmallow as she pulled it off and then looked at Tony. He just stared at her, "Put it on a cracker." He repeated and she smiled.

"On a cracker?"

"Yeah, Ziva...a cracker."

She smiled, "A cracker?"


"Well if you say so..."

Tony didn't have time to respond, for his face was being shoved with a hot marshmallow. He let his mouth dangle open as he wiped his eyes, blinking, trying to get the marshmallow off of his face as Ziva laughed.

"She definitely put it on a cracker all right." McGee laughed and Tony, even through the marshmallow, turned and glared at McGee.

Ziva laughed, and even Gibbs let a small smirk dance on his lips. Ziva let a hand up to her mouth as she leaned back in her seat slightly. And it was then, that Tony had had enough.

"Time for the tables to turn, David." He muttered as he quickly stood up and picked her up, taking her by surprise as he threw her over his shoulder. She let out a small groan as she bounced on his shoulder. It took her a moment or two longer before she realized what was happening.

"Tony!" she shouted, kicking her legs, but he kept them stable with his arms, "Tony DiNozzo, put me down!"

"You shouldn't have shoved a marshmallow in my face."

The three back at the fire and turned and looked at them, Gibbs sighing and shaking his head as Tony started to pick up his pace, making it into an almost full out run. Ziva, briefly, wondered how much he had been working out, "Tony, what are you doing?" She demanded, "Tony!"

He stopped abruptly and was about to throw her into the water when he realized something.

He just couldn't.

But since she was halfway off of his shoulder already, he lost his balance and they both fell down onto the ground, Ziva falling onto the sand whereas Tony fell half on top of her and half in the lake. Groaning, it took his a little while to finally be able to sit up, Ziva's arm under his head.

"Get off of me, Tony." She finally breathed, staring up at the sky as he sat himself up a little, staring into her eyes.


"Tony, do not..." She met his eyes through the night and shook her head, "Do not." She repeated.

"Sorry." he muttered, breathing in her delicious scent of vanilla and sugar, partly from the marshmallow he supposed, and then stood up, groaning in the process. He reached a hand down to her and they linked them as he pulled her up with one smooth move.

She brushed herself off, glancing at Tony as he turned towards the lake, splashing water up onto his face in an attempt to get the marshmallow substance off of it.

Ziva sighed and then started back towards the group, sitting down in her seat. She watched Tony as a small, awkward silence fell between them.

Tony returned moments later, his face nearly completely clean, just a couple other spots as he too took his seat.

"I am ready to go to bed." Ziva commented, "Right after I wash up, of course."

Abby grinned, "Oh yeah! Sleeping!" She smiled.

"What is so awesome about sleeping?" Ziva questioned.

"What isn't awesome about sleeping?" Tony laughed and Ziva just looked at him as Abby continued.

"So Gibbs gets the middle tent." She pointed towards it, "Timmy and I get this tent-" She pointed towards the one on her right, "And Tony and Ziva get the last one!" she grinned, clapping happily as she pointed to the one to the left of Gibbs' tent.

Tony and Ziva looked at each other before Gibbs stood up, "Remember why I created my rules." He muttered before disappearing into his tent, where they assumed he would retire for the night.

Ziva stood next and looked at her new tent, "I will go and wash up. Goodnight, Abby, McGee, thank you for dinner." she nodded, smiling with her lips closed before retreating from the group.

Abby and McGee bid Tony goodnight as Abby collected the food, leaving Tony alone to ponder his thoughts.

He looked at Ziva's...excuse him...his and Ziva's tent and then at the fire that was dying out.

He watched the colors burn as he realized something.

He had to be careful...the two of them would be in a confined space...sleeping together...at night.

He ran a hand through his hair as he continued his stare at the fire.

Maybe he just wouldn't sleep.

Tony eventually moved from his spot in front of the fire, namely after two events, one of them being when the fire started to die down and the other being when Ziva came out of the tent, snatched the clothes out of her suitcase, and promptly told him to get out, for she was going to get cleaned up.

"Okay." Tony nodded, not really feeling like arguing with her again.

In her hands were shampoo, conditioner, soap, a towel, and, of course, her clothes she had just grabbed from out of her suitcase. Tony watched her form retreat towards the lake as he stood up, shoving his hands into his pockets.

He took in a sigh before staring down at the suitcase that was at his feet. He looked back at the tent and then went to pick it up when the entire contents of it spilled in front of him.

"Ugh." Tony groaned, reaching down and shoving her clothes and other items back into the suitcase, his eyes catching something in particular.

He picked it up and examined it, smiling slightly.

A camera.

He looked up at Ziva, who was just staring at him, as if waiting for him to leave her alone. He put his hands up, "Your suitcase just exploded like Mt. Saint Helens." He explained, "I'm just putting everything back in!"

Rolling his eyes, he shoved everything else back in before standing up and zipping the suitcase up, shoving the camera into his pocket.

He walked to the tent, making sure the stupid suitcase wouldn't do that again, because picking up Ziva's...personal items...was a little more than he wanted to take.

Ziva watched as Tony went into the tent, and waited for several seconds until she was sure that Tony wasn't going to come back out. When he didn't, she pulled her shirt and bra over her head, and stripped her pants and underwear just as quickly before diving into the lake.

Surprisingly, the water was actually warm, and Ziva smiled contently.

It was just what she needed.

Swimming back over to the edge, she grabbed the shampoo and squirted a generous amount into her hand, rubbing them together before putting the substance in hair.

In Tony's head, he knew this was wrong, and that it would probably come back to bite him one day, either from Ziva or Gibbs, but he honestly didn't care.

He need some fresh, new pictures of Ziva to look at. Not that the famous bikini ones were going out of style or anything, but he just wanted new ones to look at.

Quietly, carefully, he stepped out of the tent and quickly went behind one of the nearby trees, careful not to make a sound, because he was sure that Ziva's bionic hearing would hear even a stick breaking.

When he heard the water move again, he pulled the camera out of his pocket and turned it on, making sure the flash was off before aiming at his target. Currently, she had her head back, letting the shampoo run out of her hair before going under and getting it soaking wet again.

Tony had to hold back a whimper as he watched her repeat the process, snapping many pictures as she did so.

When she was satisfied that all of the shampoo was out of her hair, she moved over to the edge again and collected her pouf and body wash.

"This is torture." Tony said to himself. Nevertheless, he continued to take pictures, not taking his eyes off her body for a single second. He bit his bottom lip as she washed, rubbing the pouf against her olive skin, and then going under water to rinse.

If Tony wasn't in his right mind, he'd throw the camera and his clothes and run into the lake and make her his.

Tony scoffed at himself, for he was taking pictures of his naked Mossad trained-assassin-killer-ninja-bionic hearing partner.

Maybe he wasn't in his right mind.

"Good grief." He mumbled as she reached for her towel, walking out of the water as she wrapped it around her. Taking a bunch of deep breaths in effort to calm himself down, he turned off the digital camera and opened the small flap, pulling the memory chip out and sticking it in his other pocket.

Since her back was turned, he slipped into the tent without making a sound, and, much to his relief, without being noticed. "Jesus, Anthony." He said, his breathing still heavy.

Did she have any idea what she did to him?

It wasn't fair.

Once his breathing was almost back to normal, he sat up and reached in his pocket to get her camera and put it back before she realized that it was missing. Zipping it back up, he reached into his other pocket for the memory card, so that he could put it in his suitcase for later processing.

That's when his eyes grew big.

It wasn't in there.

And then he remembered, he had on the jeans that had a hole in the pocket.

"Damn it!" He said, rather loudly, and stood quickly from the air mattress, exiting the tent.

"Tony!" Ziva shouted, for she was still in just a towel. Tony looked at her and gulped.

"I'm sorry, Ziva." He said softly, so he wouldn't wake the others, "I dropped something out here."

She groaned, "Hurry up!"

He walked back over to where he hid behind the tree like a 12-year-old, and crouched down, moving the leaves and pine straw back and fourth, looking for the small, plastic object. He found it and stood, but about jumped out of his skin when he saw her standing beside him, still in just a towel. "What did you drop?" She asked softly.

Tony gulped. He had to force himself to look into her brown eyes, and not at the rest of her body, "Uh..." He said, "My gum."

Ziva furrowed her eyebrows together, "You dropped your gum?" She repeated.

He chuckled nervously, "Yeah, and I uh...had a dry mouth in the tent and wanted a piece. Must've lost it when I was setting up earlier." He smiled, for he was proud of his lie.

Ziva nodded slowly, "Fine. May I have a piece?" She asked.

Tony quickly started making a chewing motion with his mouth, and then he pointed to it, "Sorry Zi, last piece." He started to walk around her, but his shoulder hit hers and almost knocked her over, so he grabbed her, one hand on her shoulder and the other on her hip, in an effort to steady her. "I'm...sorry." He breathed.

Only one thin layer of a towel was preventing her from being completely naked. She stood to her full height and smiled, patting him on the shoulder, "It is okay." She said.

Tony stared into her chocolate eyes for several long seconds before nodding slightly and hurrying into the tent, the memory chip clutched in his hand.

He swallowed again.

And he had 5 days of this?

He was never going to make it.

Inside of the tent, the night had fallen, the moon shining down and trying to penetrate the walls of their small shelter.

It was barely big enough for the two of them, Ziva's sleeping bag up against one side of the tent and Tony's up against the other. Even when they were shoved up against the sides of the tent, they were still touching each other. They both had their backs turned to each other, the smalls of their backs against their partners.

Tony took in a deep breath and tried to keep himself calm.

Ziva was lightly snoring, which was better than normal, and her breathing was smooth and...relaxing.

But he couldn't sleep.

Not after seeing her in that...little amount of clothing.

If you would even call that 'clothing'.

Tony took in another deep breath as he glanced down at his watch.


Tony listened to the sounds outside, the crickets rubbing their wings together as well as the faint rustling of the light wind in the bushes outside. The ground was hard under his body and he groaned slightly. He didn't like this one bit.

He listened to the sounds again, until he noticed something...there wasn't a sound there that was previously there.

He had to try to wipe the smile that was threatening to form on his face off, "I hate camping." He said.

She groaned from next to him, "You have told me that-" She moved in her covers, the sides of the sleeping bag making sounds as it rubbed up against itself, "-at least ten times tonight." She groaned, trying to get herself more comfortable.

Tony grinned, "Actually it was more like eleven."

"You would count." She muttered under her breath.

"I did."

"I noticed. Now go to sleep." She groaned.

"I can't."

"Why?" she let out her loudest groan into the pillow, muffling it just slightly.

He paused for a moment, trying to rack his brain for something, "Bears." He suddenly said and Ziva turned abruptly towards him.

"Bears?" She demanded, raising one eyebrow up.

He looked at her through the darkness and nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah, bears."

She stared at him for a couple of more seconds, her damp hair cascading down one shoulder, the two-sizes-too-big shirt looking incredible on her body, the moonlight tracing the features on her face, "That is why you sleep with a gun." She responded, promptly, quickly, before laying back down in bed, face down this time, her head turned slightly to the side.

"Why do I need to when I'm sleeping with an assassin?" He grinned, but then realized what he said just as the words slipped out of his mouth. He shut it quickly, and she didn't say anything. He shifted his position to his back as he stared up at the vinyl of the tent cover, the moonlight shining through, "Hey, Ziva?" He questioned after a couple minutes of silence. When she didn't respond, he carefully reached a hand over and shook her leg, "Hey, Zi-" He started, but then stopped, for he suddenly had a gun placed to his head, Ziva hanging over top of him.

"There are more than one reasons I sleep with a gun." She whispered, her voice sweet and velvety, but deadly at the same time.

He gulped, on instinct, "Got it."

"Now shut up and go to sleep." She muttered, shoving her gun back under the pillow and then laying back down, this time on her back. Tony listened to her fall asleep once again, the only sign that she was truly asleep the light snoring she picked up.

Tony knew not to even bother to try to go to sleep, considering he was never going to.

And it wasn't because he was afraid of bears.

In fact, he was far from afraid of bears.

It was the fact that Ziva David, his partner, the one he just took sneaky naked photos of like he was a young boy taking pictures of his sister's friend in shower when she slept over, was laying next to him. So closely in fact, that she could turn and her body would almost be fully on top of his.

And he honestly didn't know how he was going to control himself of something like that happened.

He turned his head to the right and looked at her, her brown curls sparkling in the moonlight, like she the goddess she truly was.

He really really desperately wanted to reach over and play with her brown locks, but he knew that that wouldn't necessarily be a good idea.

He knew that that gun he had just had shoved at his temple was fully loaded.

And he didn't want that to happen again.

He heard her moan slightly, and he briefly wondered what she was dreaming about.


He let a smile grow on his face, but then let it fall when he realized that, unlike him, when she thought about sex, she didn't think about them together.

Ripping off clothes.

Shoving her onto the bed.

And then proceeding to make passionate, monstrous love deep into the night.

So what was she dreaming about then? He surely didn't want her to be dreaming about sex if it wasn't about him. Selfish, he knew, but he felt like he had a...possession of her. Like she was his and no one else.

Was she dreaming about pain?

He surely hoped not.

Though, he didn't know which one was worse...a sex dream that wasn't about him...or pain.

All thoughts, however, left his head as he suddenly felt her arm around him, drawing him closer to her. She rested her head on his chest and nuzzled her face into his neck, moaning contently.

He could literally feel his sweat pants tighten as he looked down at her, her right foot brushing up against the inside of his leg. His breath stiffened as he breathed her in, staring at her in complete shock. His heart was literally jumping out of his chest; that was the only way to describe it.

She just smelled so damn good.

Carefully, he ran a hand up her back, feeling soft, olive toned skin there from where her shirt had ridden up instead. He rested his palm lightly on her hip after tracing her back with his fingertips. She let out a small moan and he watched one side of her face turn up in a smile as she hugged him tighter to her.

He stared like a deer caught in the headlights up at the ceiling of the tent, taking in a deep breath, but then realizing that that was a bad idea, considering her just breathed her in.

And as he stared at the ceiling of the tent, Ziva's body strewn across his, smelling so incredible, he realized one thing.

He'd really not be getting any sleep tonight.