A/N: Okay, so at Z's fanforum fanfic thread, we've sort of been doing this 'post-things-you-don't-want-to-continue' or just 'post-random-things' days and it got my mind stirring on things I've started that I wanted to finish but never got the chance and this was one of them. It follows the same storyline and is literally a continuation of what was happening before (except this is two years later). I hope you guys like it!

"As soon as I get into bed, she will pretzel her legs around my one leg and lay her head right on my chest…in five minutes or less, she's fast asleep."

He awoke with a start.

Shooting up in bed, twenty eight year old Troy Bolton let his eyes dart around the dark bedroom he currently inhabited inside of his three bedroom condo he owned in Studio City, California. With his chest heaving and a slight sweat peppering his skin, Troy released a long breath as he ran a hand through his recently trimmed locks, mentally calming himself from the dream he had awoken from. He was seriously starting to get sick of this. He hadn't even left yet and already the nightmares were plaguing him, how was he supposed to survive the next four and a half months?

Releasing a sigh, Troy extended his arm to the opposite side of the bed, expecting to find his wife resting peacefully, his head turning to the side when he found the space vacant. He should've been surprised when he found her side empty, but he wasn't even remotely alarmed. This wouldn't be the first night this had happened, and, despite both Troy expressing his dislike for her doing it and her current condition, he doubted this would be the last. Troy checked the clock as he made his way out of bed, and groaned when he found it to be nearing four in the morning. She may not have had anything in the morning, but he did, and considering that his job was already naturally pissing him off, he didn't need to add sleep deprivation into the mix.

He found her in the spare bedroom they had dictated as her office, and despite the early hour, Troy couldn't help but stop and stare at the heavenly creature in front of him. Despite that she was wearing simple jeans, an oversized sweatshirt, no makeup, and her long dark hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail, Troy never thought she looked so radiant. Everyone had told him that she would only grow more beautiful with every passing day, and Troy believed them, but seeing it, waking up to it every morning, only further cemented Troy's belief that Gabriella was, and would remain, the most beautiful creature on this planet.

Closing the distance between them, Troy noiselessly shut the lid to Gabriella's open laptop and switched off the light above her desk. "We really need to stop meeting this way." Troy started as he slipped an arm around her back and looped the other beneath her legs, "I won't tolerate it much longer," he continued, lifting her from her position on the chair, "I will, eventually, put my foot down."

Gabriella's head fell against his chest, and Troy struggled to not wake her as he switched off the light with his elbow, "Did you grunt as you picked me up?"

Troy wasn't at all surprised to hear his wife's voice float through the air, he was the heavy sleeper, not her, "Not a grunt of difficulty," Troy clarified, "never a grunt of difficulty, you, my dear, are light as a feather."

Maneuvering his way out of the office, he weaved his way through the darkness of their condo, back towards their bedroom, "That's right I am." Gabriella mumbled, burying her head deeper into his chest, "Even if I know you're lying, you're never allowed to show it because it's your fault."

Troy snorted as he arrived at the bed, depositing Gabriella onto her side, "Here we go," he started with an eye roll, "my dad said it was only a matter of time before the blame started."

Gabriella smiled, keeping her eyes shut, "Mmm…" Troy paused for a moment, studying her face as he watched her easily fall back asleep. Leaning in, he placed a brief kiss on her temple before pulling back. Yanking open the drawer, Troy began digging through the clothing tucked inside of their dresser. Hearing his rummaging, yet refusing to open her eyes, Gabriella's eyebrows furrowed, "What are you doing?"

"Nonya." Troy answered without a beat.

Cracking open her eyes, Gabriella turned her head in search of the time, "Nonya?"

"Nonya business."

Lifting her hands to rub the sleep from her eyes, Gabriella groaned at both his comment and the time, "How mature." She deadpanned.

Locating the items he was searching for, Troy shut the drawer and returned to the bed, "I know," he commented, dropping the clothes onto the mattress beside her, "you're rather lucky to have such a mature husband."

Gabriella was fighting to keep her eyes open, even when she felt Troy's hands on the button of her jeans, "What are you doing?"

"Obviously I'm going to remove your clothing and have my wicked way with you," Troy muttered sarcastically as he began slipping the jeans down the length of her legs, "it has always been a dream of mine for you to fall asleep on me during sex."

Gabriella remained quiet for a moment while Troy slid on the shorts he had picked out, letting the silence surround them, "You had your nightmare again, didn't you?"

Troy sighed, "I woke up because my wife wasn't next to me."

Moving her arms above her head, Troy began pulling her sweatshirt and tank top over her head, "Troy…"

"It's not a big deal." Troy defended, tossing her clothes into the hamper across the room.

Gabriella opened her eyes, staring up at him in the darkness, "You're losing sleep over it; that makes it a big deal." Ignoring her, Troy slid his hand behind her back, reaching for the strap on her bra, only to have Gabriella catch his hand, effectively stopping him, "Hey…"

"It's not a big deal," Troy repeated, "and even if it was, worrying about it isn't going to change anything."

Gabriella felt guilt seep into her as he snatched away his hand and purposely avoided eye contact. It was a silent fight they had been having for a while now and despite that the looming deadline was approaching rapidly, the pair was no closer to a resolution then they were two and a half months earlier.

It shouldn't be this hard. They were both reasonable people, and there was a reasonable solution to the problem. Troy was going on tour. This wasn't a surprise to either one of them. When the original release date had been slated for their newest album an attached tour date had also been planned. It would suck, Gabriella would miss him, but this wasn't the first tour they would weather. They would call, they would Skype, and before they knew it the four months would be over. Or at least that had been the idea up until two and a half months ago.

Tossing her bra to the side, Gabriella winced slightly as she pulled on the sports bra, god she couldn't wait for that to go away. "You know we'll be fine," Gabriella told Troy as he unfolded one of his t-shirts he had gotten out for her to sleep in, "you know we'll be fine." She repeated, grabbing his hand again and bringing it down to her stomach, resting it on the side of her ever-growing bump.

Because two and a half months ago, Troy and Gabriella had found out they were expecting their first child.

The past ten weeks should've been some of the happiest moments of their lives. Telling their parents, telling their friends, all of these things should have been filled with joy and pure bliss, not tension and frustration.

Troy shook his head, "I don't know that." He argued, staring down at her stomach in the dark, "All I know is you will be between four and eight months pregnant, and I will be between ten and three thousand miles away from you."

Gabriella pushed up, "I cannot just leave."

"Why not?" Troy asked firmly, "You don't even like your job, and at most you'd spend four more months there before you took maternity leave."

Gabriella looked down, knowing he was right, "I can't just quit," she lifted her eyes back to his, "even pregnant that doesn't look good."

"You are an excellent attorney," Troy argued, "you will find a job after the baby is born. You can even work for the band if you're worried about gaps in your work record." Troy took her hands, squeezing them tightly, "Please, baby. This is our first child, don't make me miss all this stuff."

Gabriella sent him a look, "I thought you were going to talk to them about condensing the tour?"

"You and I both know that's not going to happen," he told her, "I signed a contract, I can't get out of this."

"I signed a contract, too." Gabriella rebutted, "I cannot just quit, and even if I could, I have to give them a month's notice…you leave in a week and a half."

"Talk to them, work with them." He pleaded, "I don't want to leave you pregnant and alone."

"My mom has said she'll come and stay with me." Troy groaned, pushing back from his position next to her, standing up from the bed and pacing across the room, "I'll call you at the first sign…"

Troy shook his head, "It won't be quick enough. I could miss the birth!"

"My job's important too, Troy." Gabriella defended.

"A job you don't even like is more important than me being present for the birth of our child?" Troy clarified, "Is that what you're saying?"

Gabriella sighed, looking down, refraining from answering his questions. Of course it wasn't more important, but traveling from city to city whilst pregnant doesn't sound like the greatest idea in the world. Then again, neither does being away from Troy for four months.

Then, it hit her.

Lifting her gaze back up to his, Gabriella felt a small smile tug at the corners of her lips as she locked eyes with Troy, "What?" Troy asked, instantly noticing the difference.

Instead answering the question, Gabriella shot up in bed and out of the room, making a beeline for her office. The canister she was looking for was resting against the wall and before Troy had a chance to register that she was gone, Gabriella was back in the room.

"Oh no." Troy mumbled to himself, watching the canister in her hand.

"I will go," Gabriella started, "if you sign off on these."

Troy shook his head, "That's not fair."

"Asking me to quit my job isn't fair." Gabriella countered, "Guilt tripping me into going on tour with you isn't fair."

Troy scoffed, "That's about our baby; that," he pointed to the canister, "is about your damn kitchen."

Gabriella pointed at herself, "I am not bringing our baby into this world still living in a condo."

"Our house is out there, Gabriella." Troy started, "We do not need to build it."

"Are you kidding me?" Gabriella asked rhetorically, "Have you looked at the list of what we want? It doesn't exist, we have to build it."

Troy shook his head, "No."

"Yes," Gabriella shot back, "this house has the perfect kitchen, the perfect office, it has just what you want in a master bedroom and bathroom, and it even has your damn basketball court. Sign off on it!"

Troy crossed his arms, "I don't like the contractor."

"We can find a different contractor." Gabriella informed him, taking a step towards him, "Please, Troy. If you sign off on this, I will go with you. Even if it means meeting up with you in two weeks, I will come. Please," she pleaded again, "we've been dragging our feet on this for two years."

Troy sighed, "I know."

"Then say yes," Gabriella started, reaching out and grabbing his hand, "they can start next week, it'll be finished by the time we get back from tour. We'll have just enough time to decorate the baby's room before he/she comes."

Troy glanced down at the canister before reaching out to take it from her, "If I say yes, you'll come with me?" Gabriella nodded immediately, attempting to prevent the smile from forming on her face, "You'll come with me and you won't complain."

Gabriella smiled, "I won't complain about coming, I'll complain…I mean, I am pregnant."

Troy pursed his lips, "We will look at the plans tomorrow," he said setting them against the wall, "and if I like them…"

"You will," Gabriella cut in, "I know you will."

Troy smiled at her enthusiasm, "If I like them," he repeated, "we'll start as soon as we find a new contractor."

Her scream reverberated through the condo, and most likely down into the other condos, but neither Gabriella nor Troy cared as she threw her arms around him, slamming her lips onto his, "Thank you," she muttered between kisses, "thank you," kiss, "thank you," kiss, "thank you."

Troy rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah…"

"You don't know how happy you've made me." Gabriella commented, burying her head in his chest, "Now we can move forward and finally feel happy about the pregnancy."

Pressing a kiss to her forehead, Troy hugged her tightly, "For the record, I always felt happy about the pregnancy."

Lifting her head, Gabriella smiled up at him, "Me too." Matching her smile, Troy swooped down, pressing his lips firmly onto hers briefly before scooping her up, "What are you doing?"

"Bedtime," Troy said climbing onto the mattress, setting her down on her side before reaching down and grabbing the t-shirt she had never put on, "you need your sleep and so do I."

"Oh right," Gabriella began, taking the shirt from him, "you have that thing in the morning."

Troy nodded as he settled down on the mattress next to her, "Yep."

Gabriella pouted, "And I wanted to celebrate our new house."

Troy rolled his eyes, "Of course you do. You only ever want to celebrate when I have things to do in the morning."

"That's not true." Gabriella argued, pulling the shirt over her head, "If that were true, I never would've gotten pregnant."

Troy had already shut his eyes, "Mmhmm…"

"Tomorrow," Gabriella started, laying down on her side next to Troy, snaking her legs around his and resting her head on his chest, "tomorrow we'll go out to dinner and celebrate."

Gabriella let her eyes fall shut as Troy pressed a kiss to the top of her head, "I love you."

Gabriella nodded, "Love you too…"

Five minutes later, Troy, for the first time in two and a half months, fell asleep with the knowledge that he would no longer be plagued with nightmares with the object of his dreams resting peacefully on his chest.