I couldn't help but write a story about Misaki being sick and have Usagi-san be the one to take care of him. One shot! Enjoy!


"I can't believe its 6:30 already. I thought I had more time to sleep." As I tried to adjust my eyes to the brightness in the room, I couldn't help but feel dizzy when I got up from the bed. I had to place my hand on the wall to keep my balance.

"What was that just now? Am I coming down with something? I hope not. I have exams this week."

I took a shower and got ready. It took me longer than usual since I was having a hard time concentrating on what I was doing. I didn't like the feeling of being sick.

I walked out to the kitchen, very slowly, and started to make breakfast. I had to make sure that I acted completely normal around Usagi-san, because god only knows that he'll force me to stay home if I have the slightest cough or ache. Just then, Usagi-san came out of his room.

"Hey Usagi-san. Did you sleep ok?"

"Yeah. But I would've slept even better if you were sleeping by my side. I felt so lonely."

Usagi-san put his arms around my waist, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I pushed him away.

"Don't start. It's too early for that. Go sit down and eat your breakfast."

"But I miss my Misaki. You're like my caffeine in the morning. And since I'm not fully awake, I need more."

He pressed me against the wall, kissing up at my neck and then at my lips. I kept trying to push him away but he wouldn't budge. Normally I would give in because I loved how his lips would feel against mine, but I felt something rising up in my throat. Oh man I think I'm going to throw up! I pushed Usagi-san off of me with full force that he almost tripped backwards.


I ran from him to the nearest trash can. I knew that I wasn't going to make to the bathroom so the trash can was my safe bet. As I threw up in the can, feeling like I coughed up my lungs, Usagi-san was beside me, rubbing my back.

"Misaki, are you ok? Are you sick?"

After taking a few breaths of air I told him I was fine.

"I think the dinner from last night made me this way. You know, after eating, my stomach was a little upset. I feel much better now since I threw it all up. No worries! Hahaha….." I laughed hopefully he would buy it. Bu by the look on his face, he didn't quite believe me.

"You should stay home. I don't want to have to worry about you passing out in class or on the street."

"Don't be ridiculous! I'm fine Usagi-san. And plus I have an exam today and I definitely cannot miss it." I walked away from him and started to put my shoes on.

"Aren't you going to eat breakfast with me?"

"Uh…can't. I'm afraid that my stomach is going to be upset again. I'll eat something at school. Bye!"

Usagi-san caught my wrist, pulling me to him. I couldn't help as his violet eyes hypnotized my green ones.

"Misaki don't lie to me."

"Why would I lie to you? If I were sick, do you think I would still go to school?"

"Yes," he said point blank.

"Usagi-san, come on I'm going to be late for class. Let me go already!"

"Then let me drive you to school today. I'm really worried about you Misaki. I love you."

"Baka! I said not to worry…" just then everything started to shift and I felt like I was getting dizzy again. I had to get away from Usagi-san. So I pulled my hand away and ran out the door.

"I see you later!" I yelled, trying my hardest to concentrate to get where the elevator was. When I walked inside the elevator, relieved that no one was in it, I slid to the floor, trying to catch my breath.

"I gotta shake this off. I can't feel like this. I have exams, lots of chores to do, my job…."

Maybe this is why I'm sick. I'm freakin stressed! He thought.

Fifteen minutes passed, finally arriving at the university, Sumi-senpai yelled for him.

"Wow Misaki, you don't look so good. Maybe you should go home."

"I can't do that. I would only worry Usagi-san and if my brother finds out, he would worry too. I'm fine, really." I passed Sumi-senpai, trying to escape his questions, and arrived at Devil Kamijou's class.

I took my seat and couldn't help put my head on the desk. It felt so cool against my cheek.

Do I have a fever?...

Next thing I knew I felt a book hit my head.

"If you going to sleep in my class, then I suggest you go home Takakashi."

"Sorry sensei."

After an hour of lecture, the class was finally over.

"Hey Sumi-senpai. Go ahead without me. I have to talk to the professor about something."

"Ok. See you in class." As Sumi-senpai left the room, I laid my head against the desk again. I felt sweat go down my forehead and my throat was suddenly dry. I was getting that dizzy feeling again.

"Oi Takakashi, class is over. Is there something you need? If no, then leave the classroom."

"S-Sensei. Can you do me a favor please."

"What is it? I have to go."

I heard Kamijou-sensei walk up to my desk, arms folded across his chest.

"C-Can you m-make a phone call for me?"

"Why can't you do that yourself?"

I picked up my head from the desk and looked at him. His eyes grew wide.

"Hey are you ok. You don't look so good."

"N-No I'm not but that's ok. You were right. I should have stayed home."

I got up from my seat, swinging my bag over my shoulder. I lost my balance and the professor caught me.

"You should really see a doctor. I know someone who can take a look at you."

"That's ok. I just need plenty of rest. Sorry to have bothered you."

"But wait! Takakashi!...."

I ignored him as I walked out of the classroom. I decided to skip class, even though the professor would give me a zero for the day for not showing up, I couldn't help but feel like crap.

Walking home, I think it took me like 30 minutes. At the pace I was going, I thought it was going to be night time soon.

I finally arrived at the penthouse. I put my key in the lock and opened it. I didn't even bother yelling for Usagi-san. I went straight upstairs and changed into my pajamas. I soon realized that Usagi-san wasn't even here. Probably went to the publishing company today or was running errands.

For some reason, I went to Usagi-san's room. I went and laid on the bed, hugging Suzuki-san close to me. Not even a minute passed before I doze off.

After what seemed like hours of sleep, I woke up to Usagi-san slamming the door shut. From the way that door slammed, I'm guessing something went wrong, but didn't have the energy to get up and ask him what's wrong. It took a lot of effort for me to open my eyes as it felt I had glued my eyelids together. Once I opened them, the room was spinning, so I shut them closed. I realized that my body was shaking as well.

I heard Usagi-san coming up the stairs, opening the door to his room. He was surprised to see me lying on his bed. He had a smile on his face.

"I guess you couldn't wait for me to get home huh?" he walked over, probably going to kiss me.

"No Usagi-san, please," I said in a weak voice. He stopped and looked at me with worry eyes.

"Misaki, what's wrong?" he sat next to me, taking his hand and cupping my face.

"Oi! You have a fever!" He glanced down at my body and saw that I was shaking.

"You're shaking too." He looked angry.

"I knew you were lying to me. Why couldn't you just listen to me and do as I say. I told you to stay home if you weren't feeling well."

"I know, I'm sorry Usagi-san."

"Let's take you to the hospital. I want you to get checked to make sure it's nothing too serious. I won't tell Takahiro if it's nothing."

I couldn't argue with him as I had no energy for it. He picked me up, bridal style, and we walked out of the penthouse. I kept shaking in his grasp, and I couldn't help but feel his grip tighten around me.

"I love you Misaki. If something ever happens to you, I don't know what I'll do."

After spending sometime at the hospital, the doctors said it was nothing and that I had a bad cold. And after I explained everything that was going on, they said that I had a lot of stress, that I had to take it easy for a few day. The doctor said to take some medicine and to get plenty of rest.

On the way home, Usagi-san apologized to me for making me work so hard around the house.

"You don't…have to…apologize. It's my job… to take care of….the house. We agreed that that was how….. I was going to pay my rent." My throat hurt from talking too much.

"I know but….I can't help but think that maybe I could've done more chores around the house so you wouldn't feel so overwhelmed."

Usagi-san stretched his hand and ruffled my hair. I loved it when he did that; makes me feel warm and safe.

When we got home, Usagi-san carried me up the stairs and laid me on his bed. He took off his clothes and had put some pajama pants on. He climbed in the bed with me, pulling the blanket over us.

He slid his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him.

"How's that?" Usagi-san asked.

"Feels good." I said and drifted off to sleep.

(Usagi-san's P.O.V.)

My poor Misaki…didn't you trust me enough to take care of you? I would do anything for you. I love you so much that it hurts if something were to happen to you.

I decided to call Hiroki. I wanted to know how Misaki was feeling in class today.

"Well at first I didn't know what was going on with him until I saw his face, and it looked horrible. Is he ok now?"

"Yeah. I took him to the doctor and they told him to take some medicine and to get plenty of rest. I just….I was so afraid Hiroki. When I came home, he had a really bad fever and was shaking."

"Wow, now I feel bad."

"Why? What did you do?"

"Well, I thought he was sleeping in my class and I threw a book at him. Then he asked me to make a phone call and I got angry because I had to leave."

"You idiot!" Usagi-san whispered loudly. He didn't want to wake Misaki up, "how could you have done that! What if I were to treat your lover like that!"

"I'm sorry Akihiko. I wasn't thinking."

I looked at Misaki's sleeping face, which looked like he was having difficulty breathing.


I reached across and touched his forehead.

Oh god, he's burning up!

"Akihiko, you still there?"

"Hiroki! Misaki's fever is going up! What do I do?!"

"The hell should I know! Wait a minute…"

I heard another man's voice talking from the other line.

"Usami-san? It's Nowaki. What's wrong with Misaki? I'm a doctor so I think I could help."

"His fever is going up. And the hospital too far for me to take him."

"Ok what you need to do is turn on the shower and fill it up with cold water. Place Misaki in it and just let him stay there until his fever is broken. I would do it now if I were you. "

"Ok I'll do that. Thanks Nowaki."

"No problem. Call me if anything."

I hung up the phone and went ahead to wake Misaki up.

(Misaki's P.O.V.)

I didn't know what time it was, but guessing that there was no brightness in the room, it was still the middle of the night when Usagi-san woke me up.

"Oh god. Misaki wake up," he said over and over.

"What is it?...Hey Usagi-san, why is everything so blurry?"

"It's because you're burning up!"

Usagi-san got out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I heard the shower go on, full blast.

"Usagi-san, please…." I felt so scared because I didn't know what was going on.

"It's ok. I'm going to put you in the bathtub."


"Because your fever is not going down and I don't know what else to do."

He took me in to the bathroom and started to place me in the bathtub. When I felt the cold water hit my back side, I gripped onto Usagi-san's neck, not wanting to let go.

"Misaki please, it's the only way."

"N-No! it's cold." I started to whine.

"I know but it's the only way to bring your fever down."

Suddenly I felt Usagi-san shift under me and he began to lower his body in to the bathtub.

"Usagi-san don't…"

"Shhhh its ok," he said as placed both our bodies in the tub.

I squirmed and whined as the cold water covered my body, but Usagi-san kept his grip around me making sure I couldn't get out.

After an hour or so, I couldn't really tell, Usagi-san placed his hand on my forehead.

"It l-looks like y-your fever w-went away. H-How do y-you feel?" Usagi-san stuttered.

"Cold. Can we get out of here please."

I turned around and saw that Usagi-san's lips were blue and his skin was pale.

"Oh god! Usagi-san! Come on, let's get you dried up."

I tried to get up but his grip on me tightened.

"I'm ok, really. I just want to make sure your better."

"Yes I'm fine. But your just making me worry more for your health."

"Alright let's get out."

It took him a minute for him to stand up. I told him that I could stand up for myself but he carried me anyway. After changing our clothes, going to bed, I couldn't help but watch Usagi-san curl up in his blanket, shivering.

"I'm so sorry Usagi-san. This was all my fault." I started to tear up.

"Do not blame yourself. You have to understand I would do anything for you. You are my Misaki and I love you."

As we were both under the covers, I didn't care about hiding my feelings from him. I snuggled up to him, wrapping my arms around his waist. He watched with wide eyes. He knew that I would never do something like that. I saw that his lips were still kind of blue and I did something that really shocked both of us. I kissed him. I felt a tingle from his cold lips, but I kept kissing them to make them warm. Finally Usagi-san was out of his shock and started to kiss me back. It felt so good to feel him against me. He placed his arms around me and we held each other close; keeping each other warm for the rest of the night.

In the next couple of days, I was much better, slightly achy and tired, but was still able to go to school and make breakfast and dinner. Usagi-san was better too, and was making sure that I was feeling ok too. After reassuring him a million times that I was totally fine, he was satisfied.

"Good because it's been days since I've had my fill on Misaki. I need to have you now."

"W-Wait! I'm just now getting better and already you want to have sex! ….Hold on," I said, pretending to cough, "I feel faint Usaigi-san. I think I need some rest now."

I walked passed him, pretending to cough some more but that didn't help. I felt his hands go around my waist and pull me up over his shoulder.

I protested and yelled at him but he wouldn't listen.

"I was thinking that maybe we should do it in the bath tub. The other night, it felt really good just holding you close. Also it's just the right size to fit both of our bodies, don't you think?"


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