For those of you looking for only sex, you're gonna be disappointed. Sex will merely be a factor in the death of the contestants. Anyway, this is just an intro. I plan to have 1,000+ word chapters in this story, unlike my other ones. Enough rambling.

"Let's start the killing. Start the killing." ~ Avenged Sevenfold

As the cold, metal platforms rose, the twenty-four contestants had to adjust their eyes. For some, the sun was like fire on their skin. For others, the sun was merely just a form of light. Why was this? Because this year, on the sixty-ninth annual Hunger Games, the arena had been split into four different sections.

Earth. The vast forest that stretched on for miles with trees that reached the sky.

Water. The clear-blue ocean that went to the horizon and beyond.

Fire. The deadly desert that had no elevation, water, or any form of life.

Wind. Another desert. But this one contained a sand dune that constantly blew the sand up the side of it, causing miny cyclones to form.

And in the middle of it all was the cornucopia that all of the contestants knew and feared. They were all equidistant from it; about thirty feet or so. From the opening, you could see arrows, pentamortes, BBB's, and many other instruments of torture. Surrounding the cornucopia were sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and things needed to survive, not to kill.

There were four arena sections and twenty-four contestants, so there were six in each. The tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 3 were in the Earth section. Districts 4, 5, and 6 were in Water. 7, 8, 9 in Fire, and the rest in Wind. We'll get more in depth with these contestants after the initial killing spree.

The announcer's voice came on so loud that it made the water tremble.

"Hello contestants! Before we start the sixty-ninth annual Hunger Games,"-several of the tributes snickered-",there is a matter that must be discussed. Last year, Panem was given a strict order from President Snow himself."

They all thought back to last year. A fourteen-year-old from District 4 had won. She knew where all the vital arteries were in a human body; if she got close enough, she could bleed someone out within seconds.

Right as the ceremony was coming to an end, President Snow took the stand. "Attention Panem. As you know, next year will be the sixty-ninth Hunger Games. And yes, I am very aware that the number can be mistaken for something else. However, the Hunger Games are no joke. If I hear that anyone is making fun of these games, there will be punishments." And then he left.

But people did make fun of it. There were jokes of all kinds from the Hunger Games turning into a porno to every contestant forced to be naked. Word travels fast through Panem. Thus, the president got word of these jokes and made a special arrangement for the games.

Back to the present. "Many of you disobeyed this order. As a result, there will be a slight modification in the rules this year."

Many eyes grew wide with fear. Goosebumps started to rise. Several mouthfuls of saliva were swallowed. They all knew that nothing good came from disobeying a direct order from the president. They all stood in dead silence and listened for him to finish.

"Every day - not including today - and a 'day' being described as from midnight to midnight, each of you will have to have sex."


Some were outraged. Others shocked speechless. Several were overjoyed. And the small twelve-year-old from District 7 was confused. She didn't know what sex was.

"Now, sex will be defined as having an orgasm that another player has physically caused. Other than that, it's the same as any other year. Last one standing will be crowned the victor. So let the sixty-ninth annual Hunger Games begin!"

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