Legend has told of a legendary warrior, whose skills were so powerful that this warrior

was stronger than even the strongest warrior in the world...Ok so I made that up, but

hey it's my mind. Anyways, morning slowly dawns over a small, mystical village. It

was quiet, too quiet. I constantly looked to my right and left side over and over again,

trying to keep a close eye and ear to my surroundings. Then I heard a male's voice

from behind greeting me, "It's so nice for you to come, Dragon Princess."(A/n: you

will know later on why i used the "Dragon Princess" title again.)I turned around to find a

mysterious animal warrior and bowed to him, "Not so much as I, Dragon Warrior."

"I wish we could talk more, but there is danger near. He told me. I excitedly stated,

" Alright, lead the way to protect this village." Then out of the mist, hundreds,

maybe thousands, of evil bandits surrounded the both of us. We fought them

with our amazing skill of Kung Fu; both of us have an equal strength for this skill.

After a few minutes, only half of them were defeated, but then five animals came

to me and the Dragon Warrior just at the nick of time, they were known as the

Furious Five.

I then pulled out two light-blue fans from my black pants pocket and the seven of

us charged to finish the battle and be known as heroes in this village once again.

But then everything around me was slowing down and some were frozen solid.

I heard a familiar female voice questioning, "Chrissy, can you please focus?" It

was weird because it came from the Dragon Warrior's mouth. Oh no, am I?

"What s the answer to 2x=22?" The female voice asked again, but it came

from one of the Furious Five's mouth. No...I'm daydreaming again.

I finally woke up from my daydream to find myself in my boring, too normal Algebra II class. "Uh..." I stuttered for a moment until my teacher, Mrs. Johns, asked, "Miss. Mullins, what's the answer to 2x=22, and please don't daydream again." I was embarrassed and trying to think of the answer, "Uh...10?" "No. Miss. Mullins its x=11. If you weren't daydreaming then you would have gotten the answer right." Mrs. Johns told me. Now I was more embarrassed than ever. I literally turned red. RrrIiiNnnGgg! "Alright class, have a relaxing weekend. And Miss. Mullins, try to focus in class next time." Mrs. Johns told us, but it was mostly at me. What is it, "Embarrass Chrissy in Algebra II Day?"

I waited outside of the classroom for a little bit for my friend, Leena to come out of the classroom across the hall. She had brown hair like mine but she had a lighter shade of brown than me and she had blue eyes with silver framed glasses around them. "Daydreaming in class again?" She wondered for I had the face for being embarrassed so much. "Yeah and Mrs. Johns totally embarrassed me in class today." I complained. "Well, I hate to say this, Chrissy, but I think she is right. You need to turn down the daydreams." She thought. "Well I can't help it if I have K.F.P. on my mind. And what about you...Miss. Additive to Twilight." I told her. "Hey, hey. Mine's a different story." She explained. "Uh Huh...sure." I sassed.

We went our separate ways to go to our lockers. Hers was farther down the main hallway than mine was. I quickly put my Algebra II stuff away and grabbed my hair color backpack and placed my dark purple purse inside it. No homework for me this weekend, Yes! I raced thru the crowds of people and went out to the chilly fall air of Lapeer. Oh I wish I had my sweatshirt with me right now. Burr! But at least my bus wasn't that far from the doors. I entered the warm bus and sat at least three seat's in front of from the middle. I grabbed my IPod from my jean pocket and placed the ear buds in my ears and listen to some random music for the fifteen minute ride home.

Oh, how I hate this bus ride to home, but at least I had some music to keep me company. But something was happening to my music, was hearing a weird message from it; I had no idea on what it said. It was some strange language that I have never heard before. But then it stopped like it never happened. I was very confused with this situation, but now I was at my bus stop that leads me home.

It toke me at least one and a half minute to get to my house. When I went to open the front door, I heard the sound of barking; at least I knew who it was, my dog's Sara and Sidnee.(A/n: they are actually my real dogs) " Alright girls. Back, back! Let me in girls." I kept on telling them for they were blocking the doorway, they are so anxious for me to get home. After I finally closed the door, I crouched down and petted my dogs. Sidnee really wanted the attention, so she pushed Sara out of the way but ended up pushing me down. I could tell that I was wanted. I let them outside for a little bit and spend my day, drawing my adventure that I wish I could have.

After hours of drawing and watching K.F.P., my mom came home and she was tired from working at the flower shop in town. I could tell that for her curly dark brown (with some grey hair in it) hair was in twist and turns of stress, also, bags were forming under her eyes and her clothes were untidy and loose. "Hey mom! Rough day?" I finally asked. "Like you would never believe." She answered. I didn't pay much attention to what she said but I knew it was about job. She would always complain on the customers or the employees at work.

"So, Chrissy. What have you been doing?" Mom finally asked about me. "Oh...umm...drawing and watching K.F.P." my mom was giving me a look like, "Oh no, she's doing it again." "Chrissy, you need to let your imaginations go. It was fine when it was at home, but now it's spreading to your school work." She told me. "You've seen my grade's, haven't you?" I mumbled, I hate it when she nags about my grades. "Yes and your grades are at a 'C'. A 'C' on the fifth week of school..." "Mom! Can you just leave my life out of your business? It's my life, my mind, not yours." I interrupted, I just couldn't stand it anymore that people are telling me to let go of my thought's, but I feel that it's a part of me. "Christine Ray Mullins..." She silently said. I ran out of scene to go into my comforted of a room. As I was about to cry I silently stated to myself, "I wish I was somewhere else, somewhere better than here."

Then all of the sudden my TV was flashing orange and yellow. I was puzzled with this situation, first the IPod, now this. I came closer to the TV and WOOSH! I flew through the TV and was in some kind of an orange-yellow portal, I think the IPod and TV were up to something but what was going on and where was I going.

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