I had finally waked up. The air was so dusty; I had a hard time breathing for a bit. "Gezz, what happen?" I asked myself in pain, even though I knew what happened. My eyes saw no sign of Po anywhere, I hoped he was ok. (Well I knew he would but still.) I then discovered some hair in front of my eyes. It was my human hair, I looked at myself, I even saw a reflection, it was none of Tai Lung's tricks, I was one hundred percent a human being again. I was filled with so much joy. But then I remembered something, right Shifu, he s still wounded. I had to go up to the Jade Palace to see if he s ok. I ran as fast as I could on my old human legs.

As soon as I got to the base of the stairs, Po's voice stated from behind, "Wait a minute! You can't go up there." I just continued walking up. Suddenly Po grabbed my wrist and calmly explained, "Look I just had a fight and I really don't want to cause any trouble with you." "I know you were in a fight because I was there...fighting Tai Lung with you, and I have the scars and bruises to prove it." I informed him, "It's me, Chrissy, Chrissy Mullins." "What are you...I've never seen you before in my life." Po wondered in confusion. I just remembered, he hasn't seen me in human form, no one has. "Would the Chrissy you know...have this?" I asked while giving him the drawing from my pocket. He looked at the drawing then at me over and over again. Then a sudden light bulb appeared above his head, I think he finally got the idea that I was telling the truth. "Wow, Chrissy...umm...I'm sorry for not believing in you." Po apologized. "There's no way I can accept now. No way, Jose" I stated. "But, wait! Chrissy I'm..." Po felt guilty until I chuckled, "I'm joking. I accept. Now come on, we got to see if Shifu's alright." "Oh right!" Po remembered as we ran up the stairs. "Don't ever do that again ok. You really had me there." Po told me. "Ok, but hey you're the one that didn't believe me." I reminded him as I ran faster than him.

Finally, we are at the Sacred Hall of Warriors (yet again.) this time wasn't so breathless. "Shifu! Shifu are you ok?" Po asked. "Po...Christine...you're both alive? Or we're all dead." "No Shifu, we're not dead. Po and I defeated Tai Lung." I calmly explained. "You did?" Shifu questioned, "You both did?" Po nodded, but I stated, "Mostly Po than me, but I helped." "Wow." Shifu exclaimed, "It is as Oogway...foretold you two...are the Dragon Warrior...and the Dragon Princess. You two have brought peace...to this valley. And-and to me. Thank you." Shifu was slowly fading away, in my head I was thinking, "No wait, y-you can't die. No! I screw the movie up."

"No! Master! No, no, no! Don't die! Shifu, please!" Po was screaming to Shifu. "I'm not dying, you idiot!" Shifu sprung up, it frighten me a bit. I shook my head, thinking with a smirk, "I should have seen this coming." "I'm simply at peace...Finally." Shifu explained as he was lying back down. "Oh! So umm...I should stop talking?" Po wondered. "If you can." I chuckled as I sat down. "What does that mean?" Po asked as an offence comment I made as he lied down. "Nothing. Nothing at all." I chuckled again. We all meditated for only a moment; Po's stomach wanted food, thankfully Shifu and I both agreed with him to eat something. (I haven't eaten in a while.)

Minutes when by when we were at the Peach tree's eating, but my mind stopped the time for I had one thought in my head, how was I going to get home? Isn't this the part where I would go home? "Chrissy." Po spoke. "Huh...what?" I asked when I got out of my thoughts. "You've been very quiet and barely touch those dumplings. Is something the matter?" Shifu wondered. "It's just...how am I gonna get back home? I mean don't get me wrong, I like being here. But I have a family, friends, school and a future. I can't stay here forever." I explained. "You are right, Christine. We can't take you away from your own life." Shifu agreed as he started to walk away. "Wait! How exactly am I going to get home? And please don't tell me it's clicking my heels three times, while saying, 'there's no place like home.'" I asked. "No..." Shifu told me, "It's nothing like that." As Shifu walked away, Po looked a me funny. "It's something from my world. It would be too long to expain." I started following Shifu. "Ok?" Po awkwardly stated as he followed me.

As all of us had entered the Sacred Hall of Warriors, Shifu was looking around the place for something. "Umm...Shifu, what are you looking for anyways?" I finally asked him. Nothing from him, he still continued searching. I looked at Po, hoping he would have any clue on what he was doing, but he just shrugged. "Here it is!" Shifu finally exclaimed. "Here is what?" Po and I asked. "The answer to your problem, Christine." He explained as he gave me a necklace. It was a circular brown pendent necklace with Chinese writing all over it. "What the heck is this?" I asked in confusion when I looked at it over and over again. "Wait...I know what that is...it's the World Portable. I've read about this." Po toke the necklace and looked at it. "Yes, it will take you anywhere in the world. All you have to do is wear it and think of the place you want to go." Shifu exclaimed, "It will also be a way for us to contact one another in need of assistance. You will be coming back here every once a while." "I can understand that." I agreed with him. As Po gave back the necklace, I was trying to think of how this works. "You gotta push the center of the necklace." Po pointed out.

I was about to push the center until I remembered one thing. "Before I go, I just have one question I need to get off my chest." I asked Shifu, "Before the fight...You said that there's a half of the secret to unlimited power...where or what is it." "Well what did you learn when you were here?" Shifu explained. "Umm...Kung Fu?" I thought. "What else?" Shifu asked. I thought harder. "What did I learn?" I stated to myself. "Wait Chrissy! Didn't you saying something to Tai Lung earlier?" Po reminded me. Light bulb was finally springing out of my head. "That's righct. When I came here, I've heard that the Dragon Princess was a brave and strong person from the heart. But I have the feeling there was something else. And there is...it was friendship. With Po's help, I would have never gotten through this." I responded.

"Well done. You have figured out our problem." Shifu stated. Now I figured that the other half was bravery, strength, friendship. "Well..." I sighed, "I guess I should get going. I've been gone for days and my family probably worried about me." I stated. As I bowed down I continued, "It was so nice to see you guys, even though I've known you since I was fifteen." "But it was a pleasure meeting you, as well." Shifu bowed as well. Then Po suddenly hugged me, thinking that he'll miss me the most. "Hope to see you real soon." Po hoped. I gave out a smirk, Hey, don't worry. I don't think I'll be gone for too long. All you got to do is call me when you need me." I then pushed the center and WOOSH! (again) I went through the same orange-yellow portal. I can't believe I was finally going home, but right now, I'm gonna miss that world.

I finally got out of the portal, dress in my normal twenty-first century clothing. "Chrissy!" my mom called from the kitchen. I looked at my digital clock; time hasn't changed at all around here. "Chrissy! I don't want you to..." my mom stated as she entered my room, "Chrissy...w-what happened to you?" I noticed that my scars and bruises appeared in this world, too. As I was about to explain, I stopped for a moment and realized, "If I told her what had happen, I would go to the nut house." "I kept on falling and scrapping myself at school by accident." I lied. "Oh...are you alright?" she worried. "Ahh I'm fine. Like Dad always says, 'love the pain.'" I quoted. "Ok? D-do you have Marching Band tonight for the game?" She changed the subject. "Uh no. No game, it's away tonight." I answered. (A/n: Yes I'm in Marching Band but I didn't mention it in the begining. Sorry about that.)

"Alright." Mom finally left. I now know one thing; never let no one know about this inc...uh adventure I had in the world of Kung Fu Panda. This is a promise for me, Chrissy Mullins, A.K.A. the Dragon Princess.

The End

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