Title: Beginnings and Ends 1/2
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: K/S slash. The timeline changes even further when Amanda brings young Spock to Earth for a visit – and straight into the path of his destiny. But the course of true love doesn't always run smooth…


Amanda stepped off the shuttle and onto the hard packed dirt of Earth – of Riverside, Iowa to be more specific.

"Mother," Spock said, wrinkling up his nose in distaste – and then realizing what he was doing and smoothing his features back into Vulcan calm. "Earth is much cooler than Vulcan. And much…bluer."

Amanda smiled, shuffling her son towards the next shuttle. Spock walked stiffly alongside her while she told him about the beauty of Canada.

Just as they were about to step onto their private shuttle, a blonde woman burst out of the door, running down the stairs.

"The engine!" the woman exclaimed, grabbing Spock's hand and pulling him away from the shuttle, gesturing for Amanda to follow.

The next second, the sound of an explosion filled the air. Amanda was thrown roughly to the ground, hitting her head.

The last thing she saw before she faded to unconsciousness was the blonde woman laying over her son, protecting him with her body.


Amanda opened her eyes, blurrily taking in the white walls of what she assumed to be a hospital. Memories came back to her – and she remembered the explosion.

Her elevated heart rate brought a doctor into the room, and Amanda roughly demanded to see Spock.

She could not help the breath of relief that escaped her when her son sedately walked in after the doctor, perfectly fine except for a small bandage on his forehead.

"Spock," she said in relief. "I'm…so glad."

The doctor explained her injuries to her, and said that she should be released by the next day.

"Wait," Amanda called before the woman left. "The blonde woman who led us away from the shuttle – is she all right?"

"Unfortunately, Lieutenant Commander Winona Kirk is in grave condition at the moment," the doctor informed her.

Amanda nodded her head, feeling sick to her stomach – before pulling Spock into her arms.

Amanda owed that woman her son – and she didn't want Ms. Kirk to pay for it with her life…


True to the doctor's word, Amanda was released from the hospital the next morning. She was told that Lieutenant Commander Kirk was still in grave condition, and they did not expect her to survive the next few hours.

Amanda thought it fitting that she and Spock go to the woman's bedside to say goodbye – and thank you.

When the human and her half-Vulcan son walked into the lieutenant commander's private room, a middle-aged man and a small boy of perhaps three or four were already there.

The boy turned large blue eyes to her upon her entrance, and Amanda resisted the urge to cuddle him to her chest at the pain and fear she saw there.

"My name is Amanda Grayson," she said softly to the little boy, sparing a glance for the man sitting silently at the lieutenant commander's bedside.

"Momma said I'm not s'posed to talk to strangers," the boy muttered, not meeting her eyes.

"This is my son Spock," Amanda told him. "We just wanted to say 'thank you.' Your mother saved our lives – she's a hero."

"Just like Daddy," the boy murmured sadly, little fingers clenched tightly into fists as a few large tears dripped from his eyes.

Amanda gasped, connecting the dots – Acting Captain George Kirk of the U.S.S. Kelvin…and his wife who gave birth during his heroic sacrifice – Winona.

"J-Jim?" came a weak voice from the bed, and the small blonde boy quickly moved to his mother's side.

"Mom…" he cried. "Don't leave. Please. I promise…I'll clean my room and take baths and do everything you say. I love you."

Amanda could not help the tears that fell from her eyes as the woman raised a weak hand to stroke her son's cheek.

" 'M sorry, Jim," she muttered, her eyes falling closed. "I'm gonna be wit' your daddy, now. Love you, baby boy."

Doctors and nurses flooded into the room as the machine monitoring her heart blared to life, but there was nothing they could do. They let Jim press one last kiss to his mother's cheek before shuffling them all out of the room.

"I guess yer going to foster care now, boy," the man muttered with a sick grin, roughly grabbing the little boy's arm.

Jim looked up at him fearfully, tears clouding his eyes as he tried to pull away.

"Excuse me," Amanda interjected. "Who exactly are you?"

"I am…I was Winona's fiancee," the man said. "And I'll be damned before I take care of her little brat."

Spock looked down at the scared little boy who had just lost his mother – and he imagined losing his own.

Decision made, he reached up to deliver a Vulcan nerve pinch to the human male, watching with some illogical satisfaction as the man dropped to the ground.


Jim stared up at him with wide blue eyes – and then threw his little arms around the older boy's neck for a hug.

That was their first beginning…


Four years later…(Spock is 11, Jim is 8)

"Spock!" Jim exclaimed loudly, running down the halls towards his older brother's bedroom. "Spock!"

The half-Vulcan opened the door, staring down at the blonde with no emotions on his bloody and bruise face.

Jim gasped, raising a hand to his mouth in shock.

"Oh, Spock – I hope you gave it to them good!" Jim told him, reaching forward for a hug.

Spock stepped back before they could embrace, looking down at his coolly.

"The fight was concluded to my advantage," the young half-Vulcan said evenly. "Now if you will excuse me, James, I need to proceed with my studies if I intend to be accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy."

Jim could not help the tears that pooled in his eyes, though he refused to let them fall – Spock would doubtless call his emotions illogical and irrational.

"B-but…But I thought we were going to join Starfleet together!" Jim protested.

"My plans for the future have changed," Spock said simply, before closing the door in the younger boy's face.

Jim stared blankly at the closed door, before running back down the halls and outside into the scorching Vulcan heat.

He was not found until many hours later, dehydrated and suffering from heat stroke.

And after that, Amanda no longer had a choice but to allow Commander Christopher Pike guardianship of the young boy – and Jim found himself shipped to Earth without so much as a good-bye from the older brother that he idolized.

That was their first end…


Seventeen years later…(Spock is 28, Jim is 25)

Jim walked into his Advanced Xenolinguistics class, dragging Bones and Nyota along with him.

"This class is going to be great, you guys!" he said exuberantly. "My dad said that we're going to be learning Vulcan and Romulan and Andorian and…"

"Can it, Jim," Bones grumbled, though the fond smile playing at his lips betrayed him.

And Nyota was too elegant to betray her own enthusiasm, of course.

"I hear that the professor is Vulcan!" she gossiped – all right, so maybe she wasn't too elegant to be enthusiastic over the class.

With Jim Kirk bouncing all over the place like an energetic puppy, all wide blue eyes and ruffled blonde hair, it was hard to keep a straight face.

"Vulcan?" Jim asked, uncertainly.

"Don't you look up which professors are teaching your classes, kid?" Bones asked. "You dragged me into this class and you don't even know who's teaching it? Jim? Jim, are you all right?"

Jim had swallowed roughly and all the blood drained out of his face as he looked towards the front of the classroom.

"I know who's teaching it, Bones," he said flatly, before dragging them to the chairs in the very back of the lecture hall. "And I'm switching out as soon as I can."

Bones and Nyota looked to where Jim was staring, and they found two dark brown eyes staring back out of an emotionless Vulcan face.

And that was their second beginning…


"Father!" Jim shouted, walking into the office of Captain Christopher Pike – normally known as "Dad".

It reverted to "Father" when Jim was pissed off.

"Yes, son?" the older man asked, looking up from his paperwork.

"Why didn't you tell me Spock was on Earth? He's a Commander in Starfleet! How long has he been here and you didn't tell me?"

Pike sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Jim…" he trailed off. "Commander Spock joined when you were in college, rebelling against the idea of Starfleet. I figured there was no reason to tell you he was on Earth if you were never going to see each other. And then you graduated business school and decided to join, and I was afraid telling you about him would change your mind again."

"I've been here for three years!" Jim protested. "You thought I would quit after I joined? I'm James Tiberius Kirk – I don't quit!"

His father looked up at him sadly.

"I'm sorry, son," he apologized – but Jim didn't want to hear it.

He stormed back out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

He would show them all…


A few months later…

"I believe I have the right to face my accuser," Jim said, back ramrod straight as he looked ahead, refusing to meet his father's eyes.

Jim swallowed back his bile as Spock stood up, walking down to the other podium.

Jim had just wanted to show his father and Spock that he refused to give up – that he refused to believe in no-win scenarios.

Instead, his former brother accused him of cheating and humiliated him in front of the entire academy – bringing up his father's sacrifice as a low blow.

It was their second ending…