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There was a nervous feeling in the pit of Estelle's stomach, it had been growing since the moment they touched pavement. The longer it took to escape, the less chance they had of succeeding. She had no idea where they might be going, but wherever it was, it was sure to be well-guarded. This was a safe place for some, that she knew, but it wasn't a safe place for her, a selfish paranoia had settled over her actions. She was just property to these bastards, so she had to get smarter and stronger, fast. Noishe and Kratos had protected her all this time, but here, they were outnumbered. To be trapped in a place like this was an impossibility because before too long, Estelle knew she would simply stop breathing.

She ran her hand over Noishe's side, closed her eyes and tried to think. The protozoan stopped and gave her a confused look. She quickly opened her eyes and urged him to keep moving, she didn't want to draw attention to herself, but she wished it wasn't so loud. She shrunk away from a guard's gaze and climbed on Noishe's back, trying to seem less suspicious.

What did she have that these humans didn't? She had magic, the true, raw kind of magic that only someone with the blood of elves could control. But she wasn't skilled, she hadn't even been able to heal a small wound. Rael had been the mage in the family. The memory of her sister took her by surprise and she realized that she hadn't thought of her family in such a long time. It had been too painful, but at the realization, she felt guilty. She had forsaken her most precious memories because of their painful end. Who was to say that her memories didn't hold some helpful knowledge she hadn't thought to use.

Noishe had stopped, it woke Estelle from her thoughts, her ears picked up a rusty noise and, through her bangs, she made out the form of a gate. It wasn't large, but her heart squeezed violently. It was too late, she hadn't been able to do anything. She could see the everyone was going in. Kratos' small looking form had disappeared already. Noise tensed and walked faster and it only spurred on Estelle's fear. She was sure they would be locked out, abandoned to this cruel city, Kratos wouldn't like that, but he wasn't invincible here. Not with so many people against them...


As he was led toward that familiar townhouse, Kratos tried to convince himself that he was mistaken. He knew what he was looking at, but it didn't change the aversion. He couldn't go there, not now, not ever. But still he walked, one foot over the other, same blank expression as ever. A stray branch of hedge brushed his hair and he was three feet tall crawling on hands and knees. He could still remember the leafy, cramped passages of his backyard fort. To his right, he could hear the fountain and some morbid curiosity compelled him to look. That same statue of a nameless goddess solemnly watched as water poured over her shoulders. Someone had maintained the flowerbeds, the same nameless blue, gold, and pink one's mom had liked.

"Lord Aurion," Some faceless, well dressed monster was holding the door open now, "I hope you find this satisfactory, I'm afraid it took a great deal of work to get this place back in shape."

Kratos couldn't reply, he reached the threshold and he could smell furniture polish, dusty carpet and below that, something much more familiar, something much more painful. A portrait hung in the entryway and Kratos had to stop. Had they not even had the decency to clear out personal items? He couldn't look that portrait in the face, he could live here. She turned and looked back towards the street. Noishe and Estelle were watching him from far away. The girl looked just as stricken as he felt and that brought about that odd strength one feels from being a protector. He had to be strong for those he was responsible for.

Kratos mustered a nod and walked in. Though, this time, he did something new. He stood inside the doorway and waited. It felt wrong, but he was the master of this house, and these weasels were at least supposed to act like his servants. It shouldn't matter to them whom he associated with. When he was met with confused expression after confused expression he nodded them ahead, slowly each of the four soldiers and four stewards entered the house.

As Estelle came closer, She could see Kratos' face. The moment their eyes met, a warm smile played over his face. The confidence wasn't real, but when Estelle's look of terror softened and she returned his smile, it became real. Together, they walked in.


It was dark, the smell of blood was sharp in her nostrils, the control room was in shambles, the bodies of her men lay at broken angles. Eliza turned her gaze downward and she could see that her own blood was coloring the tiles around her. Though she felt no pain as the crimson liquid spilled. Whoever had orchestrated this must have known the ship inside and out. The imperial forces should be stopping them, but the ship was so big that it probably wasn't easy to tell there was trouble, even when they were docked, not with communications sabotaged...

Her vision started to blur and it occurred to that this might be the end. She supposed it made sense, after all she eked out a much longer existence than her sisters. It was even unfair that she had been able to live to this point...

She no longer had the capacity to be surprised when she heard the footsteps and a figure loomed over her. "Well?" They asked, "How loyal are you?" Her head seemed too heavy as she looked up, but she could make out the familiar uniform, so the slaves had revolted. It made sense, with how they were treated.


"Why?" She asked in reply. She had always thought herself to be loyal, but merely out of debt. "Why haven't you killed me yet?" That last bit of curiosity woke up her mind, but she was too weak to follow it. The world faded into final darkness.

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