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Severus Snape, a fifteen, going on sixteen, year old wizard attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his fifth year, woke up in a generally brilliant mood. It was a gorgeous and sunny May morning, the very morning, in fact, that he would finally pluck up the courage to ask his best friend Lily Evans on a date.

The two had been friends since the summer before Hogwarts began, having lived practically next door to each other since the early years of their existences. Once it was divulged that the two both shared in magical ability, they had taken to each other quickly, and throughout Hogwarts thus far, the bond between the two had grown stronger.

There had only been one problem with their friendship. Lily was growing up. She was, and Severus had struggled long and hard for the wording, developing quite nicely, and more and more classmates of the male persuasion were taking notice. And at the top of the food chain of popularity, James Potter was trying harder than ever to win Lily over. Severus wasn't concerned about the conceited black haired boy, however, since Lily despised Potter with every fiber of her being.

There were others, however, who had been seeming to catch Lily's attention as of late, and the thought of her accepting one of their offers at a relationship worried Severus, who had developed a crush on his best friend throughout the years. What would happen to his friendship once she had a boyfriend? Would he be able to control his feelings of jealousy, as long as the relationship made her happy?

No, of course he wouldn't. That's why Severus Snape had developed a plan. Sure, they had classes today, but after that, he would give Lily the most relaxing day she had ever lived, and at the end of a perfect day, he would ask her out. It would be perfect.

"What are you smiling about?" Lily inquired her voice a gentle whisper as they walked to their first class of the day. She had her books hugged to her chest and was staring in front of her to watch her footing, but her head was tipped slightly to the side.

This only made Severus grin wider. For as long as he could remember, Lily had always tipped her head to the side when she asked a question. It was a habit she hated, and at one point, she had trained Severus to always warn her about it so she could correct herself, but he had stopped alerting her. It was incredibly adorable, one of the many quirks of hers that he loved.

Loved. He hesitated in step, eyes filling momentarily with confusion before brightening again. Yes, he did love her. He knew he did, he just knew it. After spending five years as her best friend, he knew it had to be true. He wasn't just crushing on her anymore, like he'd always thought of it. Severus Snape was in love.

"Sev?" she prompted gently, turning her head now to look at him. "Are you even listening to me?" she scowled a little, and he laughed.

"Yeah, sorry, Lils," he smiled. "Just caught up in my thoughts, that's all. Why am I smiling?" he repeated. "I don't know," he answered with a casual shrug as they entered their first classroom. "It's just one of those days, I suppose."

"Good," she smiled sincerely at him. "I don't get to see you like this enough, Sev. You know, the way you are when it's just me around, when you don't have to try and impress anyone," her eyes darkened suddenly as the two took the table in the middle of the classroom.

It was always like this. The two always served as the dividing line between the Slytherins and Gryffindors, a symbol of disharmony if ever there was one. Neither of them minded much. Severus just enjoyed sitting beside Lily, and Lily enjoyed a reason not to be stuck with Potter.

Severus made to speak, but quickly thought twice. He wasn't going to chance doing anything to get Lily in a bad mood, not today. Today was going to be perfect.


"Sev, you go on, I just have to talk to Professor Slughorn for a few minutes," she murmured, touching his arm lightly. Heat shot up that arm and rose to his cheeks.

"Ok, sure, Lils," he nodded quickly, shoving his books in his bag. "Meet me outside," he smiled lightly at her and the two went their separate ways.

Before Lily could reach the Professor's desk, James Potter managed to intercept her, smirking widely.

"Potter," she gritted her teeth together, eyes narrowed. "Get out of my way."

"But Lily flower," he whined, running a hand through his hair. Lily watched uninterestedly. "I just wanted to ask you something."

"The answer is no," she declared, pushing him off to the side. "Professor?" she inquired before Potter had a chance to annoy her further.

As she and Slughorn began discussing the upcoming quiz, Potter rolled his eyes and signaled to the other three Marauders. They trouped from the room together, Potter and Black in the lead, as usual.

Lily thanked the Professor, about three minutes later, and left the room, eager to meet up with Severus again. She made her way outside to the tree by the lake, eyes widening slightly at the sight she beheld.

An argument between herself and Potter ensued, and flustered and irritated, Severus cut in.

"I don't need a Mudblood--"

Lily didn't hear the end of the sentence. Nobody really needed to in order to understand the ramifications of Snape's actions.

The friendship was over.