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Summary: In hopes of gaining publicity for his studio, Mr. Condor orders the biggest stars of Condor Studios (and a few others) to spend Halloween weekend at his brother-in-law's new murder mystery mansion to test it. Murder, Clues, and Romance- oh my! Sonny/Chad

~*Mystery Hallowee-kend*~

Chapter One

After a long night at the Condor Studio's Halloween party, Sonny sat in front of her vanity, attempting to clean off the glittery gold make-up that was now caked on to her face. She had so badly wanted to win the costume contest, and thought that by going as something original, she might have a chance. But Tawni had to waltz in, decked out as the perfect princess, crowning her the winner instead. Sonny agreed that Tawni looked pretty, but there was nothing original about her costume. Nevertheless, she hastily wiped off the make-up, and changed in to her regular clothes.

She picked up her golden sun costume (yes she went as the sun- which Chad had delightfully mocked her about all night) and placed it back on the hanger. After doing so, she grabbed it and her other items, ready to enjoy a relaxing Friday night at home. She definitely did not want to leave her costume there; for Halloween was actually tomorrow night, and she looked forward to wearing it while passing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

As soon as she touched her hand to the doorknob, a crackling noise shattered over the intercom. "Mr. Condor would like to see the cast of So Random and Mackenzie Falls in his meeting room in exactly five minutes. Thank you."

Sonny groaned at the announcement. "Just when I was ready to leave," she mumbled. She set her things back down on the chaise lounge in her dressing room, and left to see what the spontaneous meeting was about.


Sonny walked in to the meeting room, and took a seat in the chair next to Tawni. The rest of her cast was there, along with Marshall, Josh the mail guy, and Mr. Condor himself.

"Where is the cast of Mackenzie Falls?" Mr. Condor grumbled to no one in particular.

"Oh, we're right here Mr. Condor," Chad announced arrogantly as he and some of the other Mack Falls cast fluidly entered the room.

"Why are there only three of you?" he barked, scanning the room only to see that Chad, Portlyn, and Chastity had shown up.

"Everyone else already left sir," Chastity piped up softly, wincing in anticipation of a lashing.

"Alright, that's fine," he responded, waving his hand carelessly for them to take a seat.

Of course Chad plopped down next to Sonny, (probably only to pester her) smirking widely as he did so. She narrowed her eyes at him and began scooting her rolling chair closer to Tawni. Chad noticed, and retaliated by shifting his even closer to her.

"Stop it," Sonny mouthed silently at the three-named heartthrob.

"Make me," he mouthed back obnoxiously, a sly grin glowering across his face. So Sonny decided that she would. She swiftly kicked at his foot, causing him to let out a whimper. Sonny retracted with a smug smile, and turned her attention to Mr. Condor.

Once everyone was seated, Mr. Condor began to discuss how some of the show's ratings were plummeting and how they needed to be boosted.

Sonny tried to listen to Mr. Condor, but she lost her concentration when she felt a foot lightly kick hers. It wasn't hard to anything, but she kept feeling it. She glanced out the corner of her eye and noticed Chad watching her intently. She nonchalantly looked down and saw his leg swinging back and forth; he had been kicking her. Sonny decided to kick back; slightly harder than he had, but not hard enough to cause an outburst during Mr. Condor's spiel.

This continued for a while; Chad would kick Sonny, she would return it… on and on and on.

Tawni grew annoyed; as she was sitting close to them, she noticed the shuffling feet. She turned to face both of them and whisper-yelled, "Would you two stop playing footsies?" Red creeped up on both Sonny and Chad's cheeks. But they did finally stop.

Sonny caught the tail-end of what Mr. Condor was saying: "So that bring us to why you all are here," he said, gesturing to the actors (and Josh) who sat around him.

Did I miss something? Sonny panicked, wondering if her distraction with Chad made her miss the reason they were there. Luckily Mr. Condor's booming voice continued, notifying her that she hadn't missed all the news.

"Mackenzie Falls and So Random are the two highest rated shows here. But even your audiences are losing some viewers. And therefore I have a project that all of you will participate in."

Josh raised his hand up in the air. "Yes Josh?" Mr. Condor questioned.

"Um, sir, does that include me?" Josh asked nervously, pointing at himself.

"Yes it does. My daughter Dakota will also participate, (Sonny felt Chad cringe next to her at that name) as well as my two nephews."

Portlyn raised her hand. "Yes Portlyn?" Mr. Condor asked, obviously annoyed by questions.

"So, what is this project?" she asked.

"I was just getting to that," he replied. "My brother Malcolm has retired, and for fun he has decided to open a murder mystery mansion; some dream he has always had or something…" he trailed. "Anyway, you all are going to spend a weekend at the mansion for a trial run; so he can work out all of the quirks of the game and everything. Not only will you as celebrities draw publicity to his new attraction; it will also earn you publicity."

"Excuse me sir, but how will this gain us publicity?" Chastity asked.

"Well, all of the proceeds for admission goes to charity. All of you teen celebs get a word out that you're participating in something for charity; via blog, twitter, whatever way you can. This means more publicity for you, which means more for our studio, higher ratings, etc."

Sonny noticed how all of her cast shut their mouths and just let Mr. Condor speak. It was all of the Falls cast that asked so many questions. Just as she thought this, she saw Grady raise his hand.

This time Mr. Condor just pointed at him, rolling his eyes as he waited for the question.

"So, when will we be staying at this mansion?" Grady asked.

"This weekend," he responded. "You will be staying there tomorrow night and Sunday."

"So we're going to spend Halloween night at a scary mansion?!" Zora asked excitedly. After Mr. Condor replied with a nod, Zora exclaimed, "Cool!"

Sonny gulped; she was somewhat upset that she wouldn't get to wear her costume again, but also because of nervousness. She wouldn't admit it, but she liked Halloween for the costumes and candy. She wasn't a fan of the scary aspects of it; haunted ghosts, blood, guts, etc. This was not her idea of fun.

"Yes, so everyone needs to meet here at 2:00 pm tomorrow with your bags packed. We'll have a limo transport you all over there. That is all; you are dismissed," announced, leaving the room quickly.

"This sounds so cool!" Nico and Grady agreed, happily racing out of the room.

"Ugh, I could care less about this thing," Tawni stated to Sonny with an hair flip. "But, maybe there will be cute guys there," she added.

"Doubt it," Sonny said loudly, shifting her eyes over toward Chad.

"Oh you're such a liar Monroe- you know I am ir-re-sistible," he gloated.

"Whatever Chad, I can't deal with you now," she huffed, trying to make her way out of the room.

"Something's up; normally that would have charmed you," Chad retorted, placing his arms on the door frame and blocking it so that she couldn't leave. "What is it?"

"It's nothing Chad, I just don't want to go to this thing," she said, placing her hands on his chest and trying to gently push him out of the way.

"Why? Is little Miss Sonshine scared?" he teased.

"No!' Sonny denied, sounding like a small child that had been accused of something they did.

"Yeah you are," Chad smirked. "It's okay, I'll protect you," he said huskily with a wink.

"Chad?" Sonny said sweetly, softening her stare.

"Yes?" he asked happily, hoping that she was finally going to admit her undying love for him.

"Move!" she demanded. Then Sonny kicked him in the foot, but much harder this time, causing him to jerk back from blocking her exit.

"You trying to play footsies with me again?" he joked as he gripped his aching foot, hopping after her down the hallway.

"In your dreams sucka!" she shouted over her shoulder as she blazed down the hall and back to Studio 3.

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