Aches prologue

[This is a sequel of sorts to My Girl this story is about Embry Call and Shannon Olsen aka Claire's little sister from my previous story. This story will follow Shannon's growing up and her relationships with Embry and Adam Leah's imprint. I don't own Twilight if I did I would be freakin rich. This story is rated mature for language and in future chapter's sexual situations thank you for reading please leave comments.]


She uses to just be this beautiful little girl. I missed out on nine years of her life because I was stupid and stubborn. I promised myself I would never let Shay down again. I wish she would just tell me what's going on in that pretty little head of hers. But now I've probably lost my chance.

How could I do this to her? I suppose to protect and love her. Will Shannon ever forgive me? Do I deserve her forgiveness? I've been so selfish. Now I've not only hurt her emotionally but physically. As I stare at her small naked body I wish I could just die for what I've done to her. How could I do this?