I Got Your Number
by pari106

pari106@hotmail.com; http://www.geocities.com/pari106/damain.html (recently
updated); Rating: PG; Disclaimer: DA isn't mine. Code: Drabble (of exactly 100 words);
Alec/Asha-ish. Spoilers: "Brainiac".
Summary: Asha explains why she didn't "jot down" Alec's phone number. And
something more.

I Got Your Number
by pari106

"You got my number, right?"

Yeah…I got your number, alright.

I remember when you gave it to me, looking just as fine as you do now. If
possible…even better. I remember why I didn't write it down. You're a player, Alec.
And I'm tired of being played.

Tough words, huh? From someone who just got played by one of her own. Someone
who's chased a man, for two years, who's still chasing Max.

But I've gotta be tough with you. Cause you play a whole different kind of game. The
kind where…even if I win…I lose.

I lose my heart.