See in You
by pari106;
Disclaimer: DA is not mine; Rating: PG
Code: Drabble (of exactly 100 words); Slash! (yes. I don't know where it came from, but here it is!)
Spoilers: "Brainiac"

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See in You
by pari106

"What do they see in you?" I ask, although I see it, too.

Sure I see the eyes…the body; that do-gooder streak that's so damned annoying, but somehow contagious.

But that doesn't explain why Asha and Max make such fools of themselves. There's nothing special about
you. About eyes that blue…except that they seem to see so much more than the average norm's.

Max and me…we were made special. And Asha? That little thing versus the big, bad government? With
no secret identity to hide behind? She's special.

So why are they so hung up on you?

Why am I?