The Evil Behind The Secrets!

Chapter 8!

Summary; Edward left and Bella returned to her rightful home, what happens when she starts to find new love in an old crush and then the Cullen's come to Hogwarts and everything changes. Who will she choose? The Vampire or the Wizard?

Disclaimer: I don't own The Twilight Saga or the Harry Potter Series and I never will! But I do own Ryan (Ry), Becky (Beck) and Lucas (Luke)!

Edward's P.O.V

It has been 2 months since Carlisle got everyone to vote whether or not we move to a special boarding school and everyone apart from me voted yes while I voted no, turns out both Esme and Carlisle went to Hogwarts when they were human. So here we are, the teens sitting at the Gryffindor table while the adults are at the head table, everyone knows we are vampires and are planning to stay away from us. As usual most of the male population of the school are staring at Rosalie and thinking innapropiately about her while the female population watch on with jealousy but even though most of their thoughts are clouded with lust and jealous anger there is still one thought lingering at the back of their mind which makes me curious. The thought that seems to be in the back of most students minds is;

-Where are the Golden Gang?

Which makes me think that some people are late but there must be something more than that, I mean if the whole student body have that thought lingering in their minds then they must be some pretty special people.

Dumbledore had just finished his speech when the doors opened and 4 boys and 3 girls walked in. At the front of the group was a boy with black hair and emerald green eyes covered by glasses and a stunning blonde, with curly hair, holding his hand, her eyes were a shocking violet but it wasn't the colour that shocked me the most, it was that within the violet there were ice blue specks, behind them are two twin boys, who look older than the blonde haired girl and the black haired boy, they both were identical right down to the last freckle with flaming red hair that stopped at the collar of their shirts and bright brown eyes that twinkled with mischief, in the middle of the twin boys is a girl, who looked younger than all of them, with the same flaming red hair and bright brown eyes but they shined with knowledge and love instead of twinkling with mischief, behind the twin boys and the girl is a boy with the same flaming red hair but instead of the bright brown eyes he has clear blue eyes, he is holding hands with a girl who has really curly brown hair and warm brown eyes.

They seemed to be laughing at the blonde's antics, she practically danced into the room and twirled around with the emerald eyed boys hand still connected with hers, he looked like he was fighting off a headache, so did the violet eyed girl but she was hiding it more successfully, she touched his arm and he calmed down a lot and relaxed while smiling at her. It's obvious who the couples are. Once the group had stopped laughing they smiled with joy in their eyes. My family and I are curious so we turn to the girl sitting next to me and Alice is the first to ask the question that is on all of our minds.

"Who are they?" -Alice

She doesn't even look to see who we are talking about.

"That's the Golden Gang, they all have powers that no other witches or wizards have" She paused "the black haired, emerald eyed boy with the glasses is Harry James Sirius Potter, if you look closely you'll see a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, the blond haired, violet/ice blue eyed girl with the curly hair is Isabella Ara Lily Black-Weasley, she was adopted by the Weasley family when she was young, They're both the chosen ones, he's totally hot and nearly every girl wants him but he only has eyes for one girl, Bella, she's really weird but she's also really caring, she has the looks of a goddess, a motherly air about her, she has the energy of the energizer bunny and she is hyper nearly all of the time but everyone loves her and some of the boys have done something with her, she's only been back for a couple of months but she seems really happy with Harry, the twins are Fred and George Weasley, the mischief makers, in other words the pranksters of the group but very overprotective, if you piss them off it won't be with a hex or a fist that they'll get you back with but they'll get you back with a prank, the girl in the middle of them is their younger sister Ginny Weasley, she is shy until you get to know her, when you get to know her you'll find out that she is a confident girl who can handle herself, the red head that came in behind her is Ron Weasley, the twins younger brother but Ginny's older brother, he is very overprotective, he's the kind of guy that acts first but asks questions later and the girl holding his hand is Hermione Granger, she is a very shy, compassionate girl who loves everything to do with school but she is very protective of her friends and with her reading a lot, she knows a lot of spells. Practically everyone wants to be them." She finished explaining as they walked past us and we caught a scent that made us all stiffen in our seats.

BELLA - was screamed in my head by myself and my family. While we were sat in shock the doors opened again with a bang, I looked over to see that a little boy with golden blonde hair and ice blue eyes, there was a violet ring around the iris', had ran into the hall. I was still in shock as he stopped to look around and smile when he found who he was looking for. He again started to run but as he ran past us I noticed that I couldn't read his mind, that was enough to put me into shock again but seeing the little boy running into Bella's outstretched arms nearly made me die from the shock.

What the hell?


Who is he?

Is the main thought in my family's and my thoughts as she smiled at him and kissed the tip of his nose which caused him to giggle.

Bella's P.O.V

I smiled as I sat down with my son on my lap. It has been a short 2 months. Me and Harry are stronger than ever, the Cullen's are here and our scars (Mine and Harry's) are hurting which means that Voldemort is getting stronger and maybe even closer to Hogwarts. We should talk to Dumbledore soon.

I gasped as I was sucked into another vision.


Ryan, my brother, is walking down the hallways and walked into the Great Hall with a big smile on his face.

~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~End Vision~

I came out of the vision with a big grin on my face and I started to bounce up and down in my seat causing my son to start laughing, I was also squealing on the inside very loudly, I think I would have gave someone a headache if they were in my head at this moment.

I passed Luke over to Harry, who was sat next to me, I stood up as the door to the Great Hall opened. In the next second I was a blur to everyone but the newcomer, my friends and the Cullen's, I launched myself at Ryan, I clung onto him as he picked me up and twirled around with me in his arms, I giggled uncontrollably.

"RYAN!" I screamed happily.

"BELLA!" He yelled back with a smile.

As soon as I yell his name everyone in the Great Hall knows who he is except the Cullen's.

"I've missed you!" We both say at the same time causing the both of us to laugh at our Twin moment.

We sat down with my friends and most of the students stared but we ignored it. Ryan still hasn't noticed Luke, who had just crawled up into my lap, because he's too busy talking to the others.

"Momma?" My little boy enquired softly.

"Yes baby?" I asked.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ryan's head snap up, so fast he could get whiplash, when Luke called me Momma.

"Who is that?" Luke asked with a curious look on his face while pointing to Ryan who was now staring at the both of us intently.

"That is my twin brother Ryan, which means that he is your Uncle Ryan, but I'll introduce you tomorrow, we both need to have a talk, 'Kay baby?" I asked looking at him lovingly with a smile.

" 'Kay Mummy." He yawned.

"Go to sleep." I murmered in his ear.

I started singing softly in his ear while rocking him back and forth. he smiled, he fell asleep a few seconds later with a peaceful look and a smile on his face. That is his favourite way of falling asleep, in my arms while I sing to him and rock him back and forth. Ryan gave me a look that said 'we need to talk', I gave him a look back that said 'later' and he nodded in agreement.

I just listened to the conversations around me while looking at my baby boy, but here and there I joined in on the conversations of my friends. Once dinner had finished we all headed to the common room. Once we were in the common room we all sat in our usual places, except Ryan, our usual seats/places is on some comfy couches next to the fire. Before I began I decided to take Luke up to his bed that is right next to mine in my, Ginny's and Hermione's dorm room. I tucked him in and kissed his forehead before teleporting myself into the common room. Only Ryan and the Cullen's looked startled while everyone else just carried on as if it was a regular occurance, which it is. I placed a silencing shield around me, my group of friends and my brother so I could tell Ryan about the rape without the Cullen's overhearing.

"Well, a year after you and Becky supposedly 'died', I was raped by someone who had been a close family friend all of our lives, Josh, he was sixteen while I was thirteen, the next morning Mum (Mrs Weasley) walked into my room and found me lying in a pool of my own blood, I screamed, I screamed so much, but no one heard anything, he had put a strong silencing charm on the room, she asked me who did it and I only just managed to choke out his name, Josh, before I fainted." I explained "and that is how Lucas Ryan Leo Weasley-Black was conceived."

I can tell that he is angry but he is also touched at the same time that I named Luke after him, where Luke's full name is Lucas Ryan Leo Weasley-Black, Ryan's full name is Ryan Lucas Leo Black-Weasley.

"Oh, Baby-Bells, I'm so sorry!" Ry apologised with tears in his eyes.

"It's not your fault Ry, there was nothing you could have done besides he's in Azkaban now, where he belongs." I said firmly.

Ry is what I used to call him when we were kids and to him I was always Baby-Bells or Baby Girl to Becky and Ryan because I'm the youngest, I called Becky Beck or Bex, I was also known as Bell-Boo to Becky.

We just talked until midnight in the common room catching up and talking about when we were kids, like all the trouble we would get into, the pranks we used to pull, there's a reason why I'm the daughter of a Marauder after all.

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