Ch9 Going Home

He got off the plane at the PC Airport and hopped into the limo waiting for him ordering the driver to speed. He ran out of the limo and to the house, he went to open the door when he realized it was locked. Then he realized he didn't have the key, god he hoped he hadn't missed her. He ordered Johnny, Frankie and Tyler (yea odd name for a mobster, Sonny thought so too) to knock down the damn door. They all looked at their boss as if he was crazy, but did it anyway. He ran all throughout the house looking for her. He ran up and down the hallways, in and out of rooms calling her name, but he didn't get an answer. He walked to the kitchen to try to think of how he could find her. When he noticed the door to the garage, he opened it. A small, silver BMW was there, that meant she was still there. Where though? He'd been through the two main floors and he didn't think she'd be in the basement. Then it hit him, she'd wanted the attic to be made so their children could play in it when it was too cold outside and so that one of them could have their own floor when they were older. That was where he found her asleep on the window seat she'd asked him to include. She was in a pale long blue skirt and a white tank top; her hair fell down around her shoulders. He walked to her so slowly, so afraid any sudden movement would make her disappear. He touched her warm cheek with his hand and her head unconsciously moved closer to it, then her eyes opened. "Sonny" she said her voice filled with sleep.

"Yea baby, it's me," he says with a smile

"Took you long enough" she says smiling back

"I know, I'm sorry. I didn't believe it was you. I couldn't go through losing you again." He said this as he took her in his arms; she pressed her face against his chest.

"How'd I finally convince you?"

"The last line of your letter. "I just wish more than anything that Melissa had a chance to be born." It was in my dream."

"Mine too, see I told you we're soul mates. You really need to start taking my word."

"I always believed that and you know it." He turns her around in his arms so his back is against the wall, luckily he'd built it long enough so an adult could stretch out.

"This feels so good, I've missed being in your arms"

"Me too."

A few minutes pass when a question pops into his mind

"Did you fake your death?"

Brenda laughs "No, not even I could have pulled that off. I just took the opportunity that presented itself."

"Oh" he smiles again

A few more minutes pass and another one pops into his head

"How come you only said you wish Melissa had a chance to be born? What about Stone?"

"I think you know the answer to your question"

"The only one that left" thinking of the brunette who'd left his room as he puked in the bathroom.

"Very good darling"

"We're gonna stay here right?"

"Uh huh, it's the only place that's ever been truly home."

"That's good. I'm really tired."

"So sleep"

"Promise you'll be here when I wake up?"

"I promise"

She kept her promise.

The End…Scratch that, it's just the beginning.