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A Dying Wish

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'That person will lost everything without been given anything in return…' thought the silver haired Shinimegami. The only appearance that betrayed her inner turmoil in her otherwise blank face was the darkened tones of her silverish eyes.

'NO!!! NoNoNoNoNo!! I can't let this failed!! For that person sake…' She tightened her fist to try to ease her mind slowly.

'For that person sake… This will have to work! Else everything will go in vain; and I will _not_ tolerate it!!' her arms trembled slightly.

'For that person…'

' All of this happen because of that person's wish……'

'That one wish that matters most…'

'For those that been involved…'


Tada ano hito no tame ni dake…'




Neutral POV

The blond haired young man twitched lightly before he opened his eyes. The sight that appeared before him was a bit blurry because he was a bit dazed from the assaulted of his mind still. It takes a moment later before he regained his awareness. And when he had it, his eyes widen when he saw what was waiting before him.

He was back from his trip down on the memory lines, he realized. The first thing he noted that what was once only a void had became a place he had known so well in his life. 'Cape Cod.' supplied his mind silently. And he was standing before his old house, the one he had spend his childhood with Griffin. How?

"Have you remembered now?" asked a light voice from behind that startling him from his wandered mind. He cursed his inattentivement before quickly spun himself to face off the one who made that voice.

It was the girl before, he noted. She said her name was Momo, a Shinimegami. Wait…. 'Shinimegami? Hadnt he heard that term before? But where?' pondered his mind silently.

Oh. Right. Eiji did. He told him when he explained about his native cultures. Megami means Goddess; so it means she was a Goddess of Death, huh? Make senses. He had died afterall. But what did she meant about 'searching' him?

He stared at the silver haired girl that now standing before him, staring at his former home with attentive eyes for a few seconds before turned her gaze at him with indifferent pale lavender eyes. He blinked once again when he saw those eyes. Eyes that make him so uncomfortable because of its uncommon colour and the usual empty 'dead' eyes that stared back at him on otherwise beautiful eyes. It truly was unnerving him.

When the silence had become too unbearable for him anymore, he suddenly realised that the girl had waited his response for her previous question. He racket his brain to remember about her question before hastily answered her.

"I have." was his flat answer. An annoyed looks crossed on his face before he said, "Though I would prefer that you could do it painless for me or warning me before about those side effect." added the teen drily.

The girl whom he spoke with just shrugged a little while answered, "It's the easier way with the least price to return what was yours. Your soul has never forgotten. You just need a trigger to regain It." said the girl with the now familiar indifferent tones.

"Let me guess, the trigger was my name?" asked the teen sarcastically.

"Of course." Was her flat reply with a definite tone like she was talking that fishes can swim and birds can fly. Her gaze on him had changed from the blank look to one that questioning whether or not he was an idiot for asking that.

'AARGHH!! Damn it!!! This girl's really an immpossible!!' thought the young man annoyedly while gritting his teeth a little more forcefully. 'No! Calm down! There are other pressed matters than getting mad at her! Like… say, The Hell Am I Doing Here?!!' ranted his mind darkly. He scowled at the girl who had just raised her eyebrow as if she could heared his mind's rants. And perhaps; if she was what she said, she did able to heared him. –hrmph-

"Then; what are we waiting for, dear Lady? Didn't you came here to pick me up to whereever souls go to whenever they died?" the young man bowed mockedly in front of the Shinimegami and throwing a sneer towards her before add, "Well… Shall we?" the challenging eyes that's always present there when he was alive had returned in full force when he stared determinedly in those silverish pale lavender eyes.

Silence fall between them after the blond haired young man had added his pieces. The Shinimegami didn't seem to be offended by his thin veiled insult. Instead; she just stared at his eyes blankly, making the young man felt quite uncomfortable.

The silence was dragged for a few more minutes before the silver haired girl opened her mouth to reply the young man's inquiries byone simple words, "No."


"What the HELL did you mean by NO?!!!" was my outburst reaction after her answers. Really, what game did she play at now? It was clear that I did die that time. And the only reason she would be here if she was indeed the Shinigami was because she need to collect me to my last destination, right?

'Heh… With all the things that I did on my lifespan, the only place that would gladly accepted me was probaly only the Hell it self.' I thought bitterly in silent.

I glanced silently to this annoying little bitch that had declared herself that she was to be my reaper. 'Really, what's with all this nonsense? Why did she introduce herself firstly to me? Why didn't she just pick me up, thrown me to wherever she must, and be done with this? Why must she bother her self to return his memories in spades? Were there any hidden motives for all this? But why? What could possibly she gained from all of this?' was my turmoil mind's questions for this being's questionable actions.

Neutral POV

The girl had observed this soul since the first time she found him in this place. This place; -for all intent and perpose- was what the human would called 'the limbo'. A place where once in a while some poor souls who had gotten lost was trapped within. The reasons varied however; depends on what circumstances the souls have gotten at the end of their mortal lives.

Every soul that trapped here usually had some unique tales to be told, and this particular soul was not an exceptions. She had seen glimps of his memories when they were returned to him, and what she saw had given her enough convictions to proceed with the task she had planned before.

It was no wonder that that person held him in such high regards. Despite what had happened in the past; this particular soul was still managed to stay whole where many would succumb in either despair or other negative view, in which resulted in a broken soul and/or a twisted one. He was strong, no doubt about that. But even then, he had almost been reached his limit of breaking. It was most fortunate of him that something happened at the right time and the right place before it happens.

That's why she had reached this point. She was glad with this because it would means that she could given what that person so wished without breaking too much of the sacred laws. Yes. The soul of Aslan Callenreese had passed the Trial and will be given the chance for a 'Choice'….

"No. You're not quite dead, yet." replied the girl flatly. "Because You didn't exactly 'passed away' completely." explained the girl plainly. 'Unless; of course, if you 'choose' to. Which I'm sure I would likely deliberately feel the need to make sure that you'll suffer as much as possible.' murmured the Shinimegami's mind darkly.

"Huh? Pardon…………?" was the blonde haired young man cluessly. It promptly made the silver haired girl sighed exasperatedly before deciding to give him a more detailed answer.

"You are what us; - Shinigami- called a 'bound soul'. The title 'bound souls' refers to souls that had been chained down by something or others in the land of living so that s/he cannot truly leaved the mortal plane; but because their 'time' has reached their end, was trapped in a place between death and life." The Shinimegami then waved her hands to the scenery around them.

"This… is a representative of yours. The 'Limbo'; as some of your kind may called, was a projection of a place where you felt safest in your entire whole life. But the one that manifested here was the _place_ only. You cant manifest a living being here…" trailed the silver haired girl before she stared at the house before them again.

"Now… normally; it wasn't a hard feat for the other Shinigami to find such lost souls, but you're somewhat of a special case when curiously they couldn't found you. That's why I am called for…" she turned her pale lavender eyes to the blond young man beside her, noting that his eyes were still clouded with confusion and made her wanted to explain more to him.

"Do you remember what this place look like when the first time you came to awareness her?" asked the girl, which answered by a nod from the young man.

"The reason that it was such a barren void white land was because you didn't remember your own name at that time. And that's also the 'whys' the Others can not find you. No matter what they did." Said the girl lightly while rolled her eyes when she remembered of her kinds antics when they realized that they couldn't find one of the lost soul. 'Like the ducklings who lost their mother…' scoffed the girl resentfully. She really dislike those bunch as much as they dislike her because she was different.

"My kind's job was usually based on those names each soul had been marked for. No soul had the same as the others. That's the rules the One had been established since we came to be. Each soul held their name zealously, even only subconsciously. But curiously; it looked like that somehow you managed to lose yours."

Here she paused for a while before continuing, "And since you lost yours not long before, your very existences had seemed like vanished just like that without explanations." She then smiled coldly to a distance and her tones became more rigid than before.

So... Did you understand now how much troubles you have caused to the Others? Especially if they even forced to contact me in the process, when normally they wouldn't bothers…. at all????"



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