AN: Just a little Dean/Jo vignette for all Jo/Dean fangirls out there, especially to you, Nikki! xD

Stealthily Dean waited behind the door, and the moment she passed (hopefully looking for him), Dean pulled her roughly inside the storage area at the back of the new Roadhouse, and quickly closed the door behind them. "OK, this has got to stop." He said 'stop', but actually, he wanted to go, he thought with much anticipation.

"What the hell...!" Jo looked at him incredulously, the damp rug dangling from her hand. "Dean?"

"You and I, we need to talk," Dean said quickly, nervously, he never knew when Ellen would walk back from her little trip to the groceries. Why were people so hell bent with pretzels!? He met her gaze, but her eyes were set on a deadly glare. "You want me that bad, sweetie?" he half-expected her to be startled, a little out of breath –this was him making a move on her for crying out loud, but she was serious, and now she folded her arms across her chest and started tapping boot impatiently on the floor. "Maybe not."

Jo rolled her eyes and raised a cynical brow at him. "Are we done talking?"

Dean gaped at her. He then made a face of mock wonder. "No way. You like my sissy brother?!" He was supposedly joking, and mid-laugh, he paused, to realize that the angry look on her face was replaced by a look of... astonishment. "You do…?"

Jo started giggling with such girlish glee. "I always had a thing for those brooding types…!"

"You ain't kidding?" Because the last time he checked, she was giving him the sexy talk… or had she been trying to make Sam jealous…? Fuck the whuuut… And he did brood once in a while... when no one was looking.

"I really like Sam –despite the bull I put up with in Duluth," Jo said poignantly, and stared the rug that was now crushed under Dean's biker boot. "Besides, I think my mom likes him."

"You really ain't kidding," Dean repeated, feeling his soul slither out from his mouth; he felt like he was going to die… of embarrassment. But he was hungry again and, his stomach protested with a loud growl, very much guarantying that he was quite alive. He never let women come in between him and Sam, unless that woman was a demon (Ruby, to be specific, but she was dead), and though he most of the time pushed Sam to 'get some lovin', he was frozen in place, just like the wads of meat in the cooler. But Jo was supposed to be his (there was this unwritten law somewhere between him and Jo), he angrily whined in his head, and if Sam heard it, the pansy ass would finally label him a bitch. Damn it, the jerk.

"Dean!" Jo hissed impatiently, and jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck, knocking Dean backwards against the door, and kissing him hard on the lips. A minute later, she breathed, "You idiot."

"Apparently, a lucky idiot," Dean groaned, breathless because of the kiss, and traced her swollen lips with his thumb. He was about to lean forward and lick those strawberry lips again when she covered his mouth with her palm. His eyes glared 'WHAT THE HELL!?' as his brows met in a furious frown.

"After this we've got to eat two bags of pretzel, by the way."

Dean bit her hand playfully and smiled. "This is me we're talking about, sweetie; I'm always hungry." His stomach grumbled in agreement, thank the heavens for support group -this was his body. And now he wanted more Jo strawberries, more Jo, but there'd be always room for pretzels.

AN: Hope I sated even a little bit of the Jo/Dean we crave. xD