Joss100 challenge posted on livejournal. I'm not a member there I'm just borrowing their prompts.

I'm following set #2. I needed something not series related and these seemed fun.


"Oh hell no," Buffy woke with a start at Faith's cursing in the darkness.

"Faith? What's wrong?" she asked groping around in the dark to find the light on the bedside table, its light casting a yellow glow throughout the room when she finally found it.

"Shoe shopping B! It is not fair for you to commandeer our Slayer dreams and use them to fulfil your fucking girly fantasies," Faith growled sending the blonde a death stare.

"I don't mean to do it, besides, you've been hogging them lately. I don't like watching reruns during the day Faith what makes you think I'd want to do it when I'm asleep?"

"Yeah but that's the Sox B, the fucking Boston Red Sox. It's like I'm treatin' ya to some classic catches in ya dreams, they're special."

"You want to talk special F? Louboutin's, they're special."

"I'd like to see a pair of high heels throw a pitch like Babe Ruth, guy was fucking gold man."

"That doesn't even make sense."

"Whatever B, I'm so gonna get to sleep before you and make the dream all mine baby, World Series here we come," Faith smiled smugly turning onto her side and closing her eyes.

"What! No way, that's not fair well if you think I'm gonna let you go peacefully, I'm just going to sing and make it so you can't get all relaxed."

"Sleep through ya snorin' B not like ya singing's gonna be worse than that."

"One, I do not snore and two I'd like to see you sleep through this," Buffy said breaking off into a rather off key version of Sweet Caroline.

"Aha!" Faith said sitting up a triumphant smile on her face, "I knew you liked the Sox dreams."

"Hardly, and I don't see how you got that from my singing."

"B! Sweet Caroline, Fenway. Come on it's like tradition."

"And now I know how it got in my head."

"Yeah, some classic Sox dreamin' baby."

"Not in the dreams, you sing it in your sleep."

"Damn, got style even when I'm unconscious. Knew you were with me for a reason huh B."

"Oh yes keeping me awake with sleep talk, you're such a charmer F."

"Admit it, I won."

"Won what?"

"The dream competition."

"What competition? This all started with you whining."

"B, I do NOT whine, take it back someone might have heard."

"Who? In our bedroom that contains only the two of us who else would have heard?"

"Ghosts?" Faith shrugged and snuggled down curled up on Buffy's side.

"Guess you can keep your shoe dreams if ya don't tell anyone," she mumbled sleepily her eyes drifting closed.

"I win," Buffy smiled happily her arms wrapping themselves around Faith, "and now I have that freaking song stuck in my head."

A/N: I challenge you not to be singing Sweet Caroline for the rest of the day, go on I challenge you!