HEYYYYYYYY this is my 4th fanfic and I think this story has much potential I do not own twilight SM does but I do like peanut butter. Umm yeah woot woot Enjoy here's some back round information on the characters

Bella Swan: 19 sister to Emmett currently single ex boyfriend is Edward

Emmett Swan: 21 brother to Bella currently dating Rosalie

Alice Cullen: 19 adoptive sister to Edward currently dating Jasper

Edward Cullen:20 adopted brother to Alice currently dating Tanya ex girlfriend is Bella

Rosalie Hale: 20 sister to Jasper currently dating Emmett ex boyfriend is Phil

Phil Dwyer: 22 currently dating Renee(Renee is in her 40's) ex girlfriend is Rosalie

Bella's POV

My life sucks I said to myself I tried to drown out my thoughts by blasting my music which only helped so much. I received several dirty looks from people on the subway but they quickly turned away when I gave them the fuck off look. So here I am on the subway running away from my home running away from Renee and Phil I shuddered when I thought his name, to some town in Alaska to live with my Brother Emmett, I hope he's ok with my surprise visit, actually I don't give a fuck if he's ok with me moving in. We weren't on the greatest speaking terms when he left actually that was an understatement he was pissed off at me he took Rosalie's side of the argument.


Me and Rose were at 'the party of the year' as Phil Rosalie's boyfriend said

"To the two hottest bitches at this party" Rosalie said and we toasted our sodas and laughed

"I think Phil is cheating on me" Rosalie said and I looked shocked

"There is no way that hes cheating on you Rosalie I can see the way he looks at you he loves you." I said

"Your right" Rosalie said but I picked up the doubt in her voice

"Hey love" Edward said and gave me a kiss on the forehead

"I love you" I said to Edward completely forgetting Rosalie was there

"I loved you too" Edward said and kissed me the kiss was intense but Rosalie cleared her throat and I pulled away from the kiss. Edward was the most serious boyfriend I've ever had I loved him so much. We were talking about taking our relationship to the next level but I wasn't ready yet I was still a virgin.

"Hey Phil" Rosalie said and kissed him on the cheek I've never seen Rosalie so head over heels for a guy

"Hey babe, hey Bella" Phil said and sat down next to us

"Hey" I said and Edward put his arm around my shoulders

I got a text from Phil

Hey got a gift for Rosalie want 2 come with me and get it?

I texted back


"Babe I'm going to go get a drink I'll be right back Bella do you want to come?" Phil asked

"Sure" I said and gave Edward a quick peck and left with Phil to get Rosalie's gift

We went through the crowd of people inside and the music was way too loud to hear anyone.

"Its upstairs" Phil screamed but I barley heard him I nodded my head and we went upstairs I went in his room and he closed the door behind us and I gave him a questioning look.

"Where's her gift? I bet you got her a bracelet or-" I was cut off by Phil kissing me and I pushed him off of me

"What the hell?" I screamed angrily

"Come on babe lets have some fun" He said while wiggling his eyebrows

"EW no I'm getting out of here and telling Rosalie what you did to me!" I said

"Come on it will be fun you're way hotter than Rosalie." Phil said

"NO!" I said and walked to the door but Phil grabbed my arm and turned me around and kissed me angrily and pushed me down on the bed and pinned my arms at the front.

"Stop" I screamed but he just smiled and I struggled against his iron grip. Lets just say no matter how much I said no he didn't stop. He raped me and took my innocence. It was morning and I was a mess. Just as I was about to get up from under the sheets Rosalie walked in. Her expression was shocked and hurt.

"Rosalie its not what it looks like." I started but she cut me off

"You-you backstabbing slut!" She screamed

"Phil was cheating on me with you! You're a cold hearted bitch Bella wait until Edward finds out about this and how much of a whore you are!" Rosalie said with tears forming in her eyes

"I thought you were my friend Bella" Rosalie sternly said and took a water bottle and poured it on Phil so that he'd wake up Phil woke up and said "What the hell?"

"We're through" Rosalie said to Phil and left with tears falling down her face. I cried silently and put my clothes back on. And practically ran out of the room not wanting to see Phil's face but I heard as I left

"You know you wanted it. Your mine now a dirty slut no one will ever love you." I cried all of the walk home but I attempted to look like nothing happened so that Emmett wouldn't question me. Thankfully Emmett was still sleeping I could hear him snoring from downstairs. I got into the shower and turned it up to the maximum hotness trying to scrub the dirty feeling off of me but it didn't work even after I scrubbed my skin until it was red I still felt like a dirty whore. I dressed in sweatpants and a long sweatshirt to hide the bruises every part of my body hurt like hell. I collapsed on my bed and cried.

I would tell Edward what happened to me but he wouldn't believe me Phil set it up perfectly to look like we were having an affair. The text messaging the going alone places with him ugh. I cried harder and attempted to stop but every time I closed my eyes memories of what happened to me would play in my head over and over. I saw Emmett at my door way luckily he didn't see me crying.

"Good morning Bellsy" Emmett said and gave me a bear hug and I cringed away from him and tried not to hyper venolate.

"Morning Emmy" I said with no emotion

"What's wrong?" Emmett said damn me and Emmett are so close he always knows when something's up

"Nothing I just feel sick" I said with my eyes closed trying to stop the tears that were threatening to pour over. And Emmett left I could tell he didn't believe me that there was something deeper but he just shrugged it off. A while later I heard Edward and Emmett arguing outside my door.

"Dude she's sick I think you guys can last one day without seeing her." Emmett said wait Emmett said guys who else is outside my door

"Dude listen I need to talk to her." Edward said

"Emmett let Edward talk to her." Rosalie sneered when she said her I always thought that Rosalie would always end up with Emmett they were best friends. There was a knock at my door

"Go away I don't feel good" I said and my voice broke twice but Edward came in regardless and shut the door behind him when Edward shut the door it instantly reminded me of when Phil shut the door and locked me in the room my breathing was ragged. My head was still on the mattress.

"Bella" Edward said his voice full of anger and pain I sat up and looked at him his emerald green eyes were smoldering into my brown eyes.

"Yes" I said my voice was surprisingly calm I thought my voice would be in hysterics now

"Did you?" Edward asked and I instantly knew what he meant he was asking me if I cheated on him. I didn't say anything I just looked down to ashamed to tell him about my rape and he wouldn't believe me if I did tell him.

"Slut" Edward yelled at me

"What?" I asked

"Slut that's what you call someone who cheated on their boyfriend. We're done I never want to talk to you or see you again." Edward said and left slamming the door in the process. Tears in my eyes were threatening to spill over.

Apparently Emmett went out to dinner with Rosalie and Edward and took their side Emmett yelled how could I do this to my boyfriend and my best friend he blamed me for Rosalie being sad. Over the next couple of weeks Emmett and Rosalie were boyfriend and girlfriend. Emmett and I grew distant as him and Rosalie grew closer he didn't even look at me. I felt like everyone I needed abandoned me at my time of need I started getting into cutting myself and doing drugs Emmett doesn't know that I cut myself or do drugs. My wardrobe drastically changed to I wore black all of the time. I could tell that Emmett wanted me gone and out of his life. So I decided to leave I packed all of my stuff I went down the stairs and I could hear laughing The laughing stopped when I walked in the room I saw Emmett with his arm around Rosalie's shoulder, Alice, and Jasper, and what I saw that made my heart drop was Edward with another girl she had strawberry blonde hair. Everyone was glaring at me and I looked away and was about to walk out the door with my suitcase when Emmett asked

"Where are you going?" I was taken aback by his words because, that was the first time he talked to me in what seemed like months. I just ignored him and walked to my beat up truck I could tell he was following me. I was about to put my suit case in the back of my truck when Emmett grabbed my arm.

"Bella where are you going?" Emmett asked and I saw everyone listening to us at the door

"Hmm I'm surprised you know my name because, you've been ignoring me for so long." I snapped back at him.

"Bella what is your freakin problem?" Emmett asked I didn't know what to say I'm sure I looked stupid standing there speechless. Emmett took my suitcase and threw it in the back of my truck.

"Fine go I don't care you can come back when you can tell me what is wrong with you!" Emmett screamed at me and I got in my car and drove from Forks to Phenoix to live with Renee. Living with Renee was eventful I barley said a word to her but she talked to me for hours. I lived with her for about a year. She gushed about this one guy she started dating she said his name was Phil I didn't think anything of it until she asked him to move in and I saw Phil it was the same guy that raped me. I panicked when I saw him he beat me for a while but he made sure Renee wouldn't find out like he wouldn't punch or slap me in my face. One night it got bad and I packed a backpack of stuff climbed out my window and got on a plane to Alaska to runaway from Phil (I know Emmett's address now because, Renee was going to send a Christmas card to him) so here I am now on a subway on my way to Emmett's house

End Flash back

I got off of the subway and looked at myself in a mirror I was wearing black fitted sweat pants and a long sleeve dark blue almost black shirt. My hair was down and wavy. But my brown eyes were full of pain. I hated that I looked pretty even in sweat pants. I was nervous of how Emmett would react. I got a taxi and gave him the address when we pulled up to the house my jaw dropped the house was huge I double checked the address to make sure this was the right house and it was. I rung the door bell and Emmett answered the door the first emotion that flickered across his face was shock

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