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She has not used drugs

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Renee is in her 40's still

Nor has she told anyone including the councilors about the rape she got the money from leftover at the place where she worked Newton's sporting Goods and the rest will be mentioned in the chapter I'll put a bold AN next to my point


"You're pregnant!" Jasper practically shouted and his jaw hit the ground

"What was your first guess" I muttered not happy about the situation I am in

"You're pregnant!" He said again in disbelief

"Yeah I kind of am" I stated getting somewhat annoyed

"You're.." He started to say in shock but I cut him off

"Please don't say pregnant again" I sighed wishing that this never happened I wish that I was still a size 3

"What How…?" He trailed on

"Please don't tell me I have to explain the birds and the bees to you" I snorted

"Come in" He urged and I looked at him weird I did not want to go into there and face anyone

"Don't worry I'm the only one here" He said I sighed then stepped in

"Here why don't you borrow some of Alice's clothes you're dripping wet." Jasper said very welcoming I wasn't surprised at his behavior he was the only one who was decent to me when I lived here he listened to me sometimes and asked what was wrong when I was on the verge of crying because, of Charlie.

"Yeah very practical like I could fit into her clothes when I am this big" I motioned to my stomach

"I'll get you one of Emmett's shirts that should fit you" He went up the stairs and came back with a blue and grey plaid button up shirt I went to the bathroom and changed it fit me almost perfectly it was a tad tight around the stomach area and a little bit too long but I wasn't complaining.

"Thanks you didn't have to do this" I said and he responded no problem Jasper hasn't really changed from when I last saw him his hair was a bit longer and darker than I remember but that was it.

"Do you want anything?" He asked as I sat down at the table

"Hot chocolate please I've been craving some must be the whole pregnancy thing" I said and Jasper laughed

"So what happened to the Bella that hated the world?" Jasper asked

"She got some help and hopefully is gone for a while" I said calmly Jasper had that effect with people whenever I talked to him it seemed like all my troubles went away. It seemed like he never hated me that we were friends again.

"That's good." he added

"So how's things with Alice?" I asked and as soon as I said her name he smiled

"Great I think I might pop the question but I don't know we're young but I love her. Just don't tell her I want it to be a surprise whenever I ask her"

"That's great and don't worry I won't" I exclaimed

"How is he?" I couldn't help but ask and there was some pain in my voice

"Who?" Jasper asked


"He's" Jasper said struggling for a word "Fine he's still going out with Tanya if that's what you mean." I felt like the wind was knocked out of me and looked down.

"How far along are you?" He asked changing the painfully awkward subject

"5 almost 6 months" I stated like it was a statistic no real emotion in my voice

"Wow I don't mean to pry but who's the dad?" He asked
(AN: The burning question you've all been waiting for)

"He's not in my life anymore" I lied my voice thick


6 months 6 months in this horrible place all they want me to do is talk about my feelings all this mushy gushy crap. They wanted me to do the thing that I did not want to do so I'm staying silent I noticed the window was still wide open that's weird. Oh well I'm not going to complain I wanted out of this place and I got my wish, I shimmied and climbed out the window I could not spend another day with visits from Renee and Phil they have been visiting me because, Phil might get signed to a baseball team in Alaska. I started walking wow I'm surprised getting out was that easy I just want to go to a bar or something. I walked what seemed to be forever until I saw the bar crap I don't have a fake I.D. I walked out of the bar and went to the parking lot it was pretty empty.

"Hey what are you doing here slut?" I heard someone's drunken voice ask I turned around to see Phil's goofy grin.

"I-I-I" I stuttered I didn't know what to say he swung at me he hit my head and I blacked out the next thing I knew he was on top of me in his car and I was screaming for him to stop but he wouldn't he just kept on going he didn't bother to use protection I think he was too drunk to notice. He raped me again it didn't hurt as much as the first time but believe me it hurt since it was only my second time. I was full blown crying when I was putting my clothes on.

"Well that was fun" He slurred then smiled then let me out I decided to go back to the 'depression' hospital he couldn't touch me there but he could outside.

End flashback (AN: check the last chapter the section where Bella describes the hospital it says "The 6th month I was stupid and found a way out but something happened and forced me to go back there I actually felt safe there. IMPORTANT PART: The 8th month I couldn't hide it anymore (The pregnancy) Jacob noticed the changes in me (Her stomach getting big). He stopped visiting her because, he felt betrayed and jealous that she slept with another man. Does that clear things up if not ask me and I'll explain it better…

I was braced for him to call me a 'slut' or 'whore' because he thought the baby's dad wasn't in my life.

"Sorry" he mumbled he didn't like that idea

"Don't be, you have nothing to be sorry for." I exclaimed

"Do you know what you are doing with the kid?" He asked genially curious

"Yeah I'm going to put him or her up for adoption" I spoke

"What?" He exclaimed

"Jasper I know that people especially you won't approve of my decision but it's my body my kid. I can barley take care of myself how am I supposed to take care of them. I'm broke do you know how much a baby costs? I live in my truck and I don't think that's a suitable place for a baby to live. I'd rather have him or her live with a nice family that can support and love them." My voice bubbled on the edge of hysteria and I ran my fingers through my hair and took an eager sip of the hot chocolate Jasper gave me.

"You're living in your truck?" He asked and I nodded since I got out a few days ago I don't have anywhere to go so I just crash in my truck.

"Is everything I say going to be a surprise to you?" I asked and he laughed

"Sorry it's just you show up a year later pregnant and bombard me with all this news it's hard to take in" He breathed

"Why don't you stay here?" I looked for traces in his face to see if he was joking but he was serious

"Jasper" I sighed then continued "I can't stay here do you know how many comments about me being a slut while I'm here no, no way."

Before he could speak I said "And we all know what's going to happen as soon as they get home you're going to go back to treating me like crap" I looked down and took a gulp of my hot chocolate.

"I've changed I don't like making fun of you it's rather cruel and after what you said to Rosalie I realized how true that was I was being immature like everyone else." He admitted

"Yeah I wish that everyone else thought like that" I said sourly

"Whoa" I said my hand flew down to my belly

"What happened are you in labor oh god oh god" Jasper panicked

"Relax Jasper he just kicked me. Here feel" I said and guided his hand to my stomach he smiled when the baby kicked.

"It's going to be hard giving him or her up" I exclaimed that was kind of a thought that I just blurted

"You don't have to" I sighed I had to he didn't understand I yawned I was sleeping more often since I got pregnant

"Hey earth to Bella" Jasper waved his hand in front of my face

"Sorry I'm just really tired" I yawned again

"Why don't you stay the night then you can decide if you want to stay here" He suggested I was too tired to argue and just nodded. I flopped down on the guest room's bed and kicked off my shoes my feet were killing me. I awoke from a vivid nightmare and glanced at the clock holy crap I've slept for 12 hours I sat up my body was unbelievably stiff. I started walking down the stairs but I froze when I heard Jasper arguing about me staying here.

"We all know how well that went when she stayed here the first time." Rosalie sneered

"Look she's not in the best medical condition and has been living in her truck."Jasper argued

"I. Don't. Care." Rosalie said fed up they must have been arguing for a while

"Emmett?" Jasper asked

"I don't know" He stumbled not sure of what to say

"Just let her stay" I was surprised when Edward spoke up his voice was strained, that's sweet I thought

"Pretend she's not here, ignore her if you wish. That's what I plan on doing my life is not going to be effected by Bella" Edward suggested ouch you know what I'm not going to stay here I continued down the stairs taking on step at a time I didn't want to fall. They twisted their heads to my direction and I heard a collective gasp of shock.

"Here Emmett here's the rent money I owe you and I'll send your shirt back via mail sorry I borrowed it my clothes were soaking wet sorry" I felt self-conscious I as I gave him the money hoping that no one would notice the obvious bump I tried to suck my stomach in but that was useless, I wish that I was still a size 4 that I wasn't pregnant anymore I wish none of this happened.

"So she's pregnant?" Rosalie said smugly all I could do was brace myself for what she was about to say

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