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Target Practice

"How good's ya' shot McGeek?" Dinozzo asked loading his firearm in his booth.

"Does it really matter Tony?" McGee answered as he stood awkwardly besides Ziva who was itching to start shooting at all the targets!

"Yes McGeek! It does matter!" Dinozzo replied looking at him with a raised eyebrow, "When you're in a Mexican stand-off with a suspect your extensive geek knowledge won't save you from a bullet!"

"It is alright if you are a bad shot McGee, as long as you can hit the target somewhere!"Ziva said as she took the next vacate booth next to Tony.

"I never said I was a bad shot, I just said I don't like using guns." McGee sighed, he was feeling annoyed and hurt that his team mates thought he couldn't shoot straight!

"Still gotta use them McGee." Gibbs said as he appeared next to Tony, giving Dinozzo a shock.

"Yes boss." McGee complied by taking the last vacant booth on the other side of Dinozzo, pulling out his side arm as he did so.

"HEADSETS!" The NCIS firing instructor shouted at them, the teams all donned the orange ear-mufflers before grabbing their side arms and aiming for their respective targets.

Gibbs grinned and waited in anticipation for the instructor to shout-


* * *

A steady stream of shots rang out from all of the assembled agents' guns as they fired almost simultaneously. There were another 10 agents as well as Tony, Ziva and McGee firing in the annual firing range competition.

Gibbs wanted to laugh as he watched most of the targets getting blown away!

Ziva shot in rapid succession but with a controlled, meticulous edge to her aim making her bullets count – a lot! Dinozzo was firing in the typical I'm-a-cop way of continuous shots without stopping until there are no more bullets in the mag.

* * *

After a couple of minutes – five in total – the instructor called for them all to stop before walking along the line of holy targets checking the accuracy of the various agents aim.

After surveying them all he began walking towards the middle of the range calling out, "AGENT AT BOOTH 9, THIRD PLACE!"

There was a quiet round of applause from the agents and the crowd watching as the agent grinned.


Once again there were applause as the agent bowed for the crowd and laughed with his team mates.


There were applause from the crowd, but from the two agents on the same team as the agent who had won there was shocked silence.

Gibbs stepped towards his team with a grin on his face and clapped McGee on the shoulder saying, "For someone who doesn't like guns you sure have a good aim McGee!"

He laughed at Tony's expression of disbelief before watching McGee be awarded with a certificate showing his brilliant aim.

"Couldn't have done better myself McGee," He muttered as the crowd applauded McGee and the other agents.


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