Distant Voices

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The twelve year old Hobbit Maiden smiled as the chilled breeze ruffled her curly brown hair. Small patches of sun and light crept through the thick foliage of the trees, creating specks of shade on her skin and clothing. There was slight warmth on her skin, like the feeling of having a candle an inch or two below your hand.

She held a worn leather bound book in her hands, which had speckles of light and dark on the pages from the sunlight. The book itself was pale forest green, and the pages yellowed from white with age. The leather was thin and smooth, feeling slightly rubbery against her pale and delicate skin.

The girl sat in a high branch on a tree, enjoying the rough feel of the bark slightly embedding itself into her back through her thin cotton shirt. The shirt had two parts, an over shirt that was low-cut, with a neckline that swooped around her shoulders and barely above her chest, and a long- sleeved shirt with a neckline near the base of her neck which had baggy sleeves that were clasped with small silver buttons at the wrists to keep them from moving up her arms.

The over shirt was tightly fitting, lacing up like a corsette in the back, with short sleeves, and a pale pink tint. The pink shirt went over her under shirt, which was a white, and had baggy sleeves that were clasped with small silver buttons at the wrists to keep them from moving up her arms. Like most young hobbit maidens, she wore a pale pink skirt that fell right below her knees, and laced up in the back.

The skirt tucked into the shirt slightly, giving the illusion that she was wearing a dress. Her body was very slender, something that was unusual for a hobbit. most girls her age were chubby or thicker, whereas she was thin and petite.

She was in no way, to her own eye, beautiful. While almost all hobbit maidens were taller and chubby, with hair of silver, gold or dark brown, she was short, though curvy and slender, with light brown curls that cascaded down her back and around her shoulders to her elbows like waves of silk when loose.

Today, her hair was pulled into a neat braid and tied off with a white ribbon. It was things like these that made her different from the others. Her eyes, and feet were also unlike any else in the shire. Her feet were smaller and hairless, being the subject of much ridicule and teasing. She often wondered why out of everyone in the shire, her feet weren't large, and had no hair. After being tormented by her would-be friends for a long while, she simply sewed a pair of tan slippers that had no heels, so she could run just as well. The slippers were made of leather, and they were very well fitted. They stopped right below her ankles, and clung to her feet comfortably.

The only other things that were different about her, were her eyes. Unlike the small, green and blue eyes most would have, she had wide eyes, that were a deep cerulean blue shade that seemed to lighten and darken with her mood, sometimes appearing to sparkle with laughter or joy. Her dear friend Sam would often tell her that her eyes were like the raging seas, waves of emotion changing colors to crash and collide with each other.

Her eyes, while somewhat large, were proportioned nicely with the rest of her face; a small, rounded nose, and tiny heart-shaped lips that were almost always curved into a gentle smile.

"When you smile," Sam would say, "It reaches your eyes."

Closing her eyes, cutting off the deep pools of blue from view, she sighed contently. Birds chirped around her and leaves rustled. The scenery was just plain beautiful. There were grassy hills that were graced with all sorts of flowers. Some had five petals, others had two, some swept up into upside-down bells, some stuck straight out. All of them were colorful, dipping in the breeze as if bowwing to the trees near them. Here, she was in peace.

Her eyes snapped open suddenly, as she heard a strong voice on the wind, singing a tune that she could not quite make out. But she recognized the voice. She jumped down from the tree and landed gracefully, making a soft thud in the grass. Wasting little time, she discarded her book carelessly, like a toy that was replaced and forgotten, near the base of the tree, and ran to the edge of the hill to see a cart with an old man inside going down the road.

The man was clothed in grey, with a pointy hat and loose robes. His silvery beard was quite long, reaching slightly farther than his wavy grey hair.

"You're late," The girl said, crossing both arms over her chest.

The man stopped the cart and looked up at her slowly, a dead serious look on his face.

"A wizard is naver late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to."

Both stared at each other, holding their positions, before the both began to laugh.

"It's wonderful to see you Gandalf!" Frodo cried, as she jumped forward and hugged him, laughing.

Gandalf hugged her back, smiling and chuckling at her childish behavior.

"You don't think I'd miss your uncle Bilbo's Birthday."

Frodo playfully pouted as she settled into the wooden seat next to him.

"And what of me? It is my birthday as well. I will become a teen tomorrow. Finally, I will near the age group of Sam and Rose. Am I not as important?"

Gandalf chuckled again at this, and smiled gently.

"Of course you are. Congratulations on entering your teens, young child."

Frodo smiled up at him, then turned to the road ahead of them.


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