Walking into this apartment building never felt so good. Especially since he wasn't coming in with me. When i mean by he i mean my father, Ray. Ray Harrington is the name of the horrible man that for now on use to

beat me everyday. He was usually never this abusive, but ever since he lost his job he's been going hard core. When i finally got the letter from my mom to come live with her, i was so excited that i finally get to live

her instead. Oh by the way, my parents got a divorce when i was about 3 and my father just took me and i don't know why my mom didn't take me to court, but i forgive her. I am now 14 years old and i'm going to

turn 15 in about a month or so. My dad can't even remember my birthday, isn't that a shocker? When my father took me away i didn't know what was going on at first until i figured out that he cheated on her with

a whole lot of women. i looked that up when i was 9. By the time was 10 my mom had sent me 3 letters. One about one day coming to get me, another about taking my dad to justice once she saves up money and

finds a lawyer. I got this one letter that was from this really nice boy. His name is Michael Evans. I have been talking to him since i was 6. He is about 2 weeks younger than me and he is awesome. We always talk about

different things every week like school, or polotics, and our families. I never did tell him about the beatings. The only one who knows is my mama. "Sydney get back here!!" i hear my father say. "Dang" i say quitely. I

start to run down the hall of the lobby. I try to get up the elevator but it has sign that says 'out of order'. I start to panic when i see my dad at the front door. I look around and see a door with a sign that says stairs.

I struggle to run to the door. Stupid luggage. "Sydney, Sydney!!" i hear him say as i open up the door. I rush up the stairs to the 17th floor. When i finally make it i slam the door and try my best to lock it. No lock. I

look around and try to find my mom's apartment. She told me that it was apartment A3. I see it across the hall from apartment A5. I knock on the door at least a hundred times. "Come on Wilona, open up." i yell to the

door. I hear someone struggling to open the door. I hear them say ugh a couple of times then i hear them curse. That was my dad alright. I looked up adn down the apartment and tried to find a place to go. I settled

for apartment A5. I didn't even bother to knock, i just barged right in. I opened the door then slammed it. I started to breathe heavy. I put my hand over my chest to try and make myself calm down. I couldn't help but

look at the floor. My boots that looked at the floor and it looked familar. I couldn't help but wonder where i was. "Um." i heard a female voice say. "Can we... help you?" i heard another. i looked up to see three people.

A very tall boy that was really ugly. He had on a hat and was wearing red pants and a purple turtle neck with a mysterious look on his face that made him look even uglier. A girl who looked about my age and was

really pretty. And then there was him. A light skinned boy that had looked really cute but short. He had looked familar. They had all looked familar. I start to look calm down and take my weight off of the door. "Um."

I start to say. I folded my arms acrossed my chest. "Um, I don't know if you... if any of you really can help me." i say pointing at them. "Hey, you look familar." the ugly boy said. "Um... yeah so do you. i start to say. "Do

any of you know a Wilona Woods?" i asked. They all had a relived look on their faces. "OH yeah, she lives across the hall." the girl says. "Yeah, and i was wondering where she is. Do any of yall know?" i said still

standing in front of the door. "OH, well she's at work right now." The cute boy starts to say. He takes a few steps towards me. I feel like i can't breathe. "So what's your name?" he asked me smiling. I started to blush.

OH no. This can not be happening. I am starting to have feelings for a boy that i just met. "Um... I'm Sydney." i said smiling back. He shook his head looking at the floor. "And you are?" i say pointing at him again.

"OH... well i'm..." i started to say. The door slung open. I was pushed into the boy. I expected him not to catch me but for some reason, he did. He had seemed so strong. When he caught me i looked at his upper arm.

The vains in his arms were visable. It made me smile. I swore i saw him look down at me and smile. "Hey get off my daughter!" i heard someone say. Oh no, this can't be happening. I felt someone pull me to my feet

and he made stand right next to him. "Who are you people and why do you have my daughter?" He started to question them. There wasn't any answer from anyone in the room. He let go of my arm and moved me to

the side. He looked at me up and down. That wasn't a good sign. "And you, where's your mother?" i started to speak but none of the words could come out. "huh?" he said. "Um..." i couldn't think of another lie. If he

knew that she was at work then he would take me home and say that we would do it another day. I was not going to let him do this, not this time. I can't stay with him anymore. I just couldn't. "She's in the bathroom."

the tall boy said. Dad and i looked at him and exchanged looks then looked back at him. "Oh yeah, and you the hell are you?" he said pointing at him. "Well the names JJ and i am here at your service." he said while

walking towards us. He extended his arm and used the other hand to hold his hat. He was smiling, which made me laugh. Dad just looked at it and looked back at JJ. He looked down on me. "yeah alright, now Sydney

you be good ok?" he said. "Yeah, bye dad." i said waving as he opened the door. "Yeah bye." he said eyeing all of them. When he finally closed the door i jumped up and down in the air yelling yes. They all looked at

me. I stopped. "Well sorry about that." i said. The boy looked at me and laughed. "Well i guess i better get going." the girl said. "and where are you going?" the boy asked. "to school. Ma said classes are starting today.

and i got to go pick up my books." she grabbed a bag and her coat off the rack near the door. "Seeya." she said. "bye" JJ and the boy both said. "bye Sydney." she said. All i could do was wave. I really didnt know her

name. "Sydney, Sydney, why don't you have a seat?" JJ said sitting on the couch and patting the seat next to him. "Hey, hey, hey, watch it that's my bed." the boy said. I laughed and sat next to JJ on the couch. The boy

sat on the other side of me. "I'm Michael by the way." The boy said. I shook my head. I gasp. I finally remember who he was.