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"Hi welcome to La Bella Italia, My name is Bella, what can I get for you?" I asked for the millionth time that night.

"Bella?," one of the adults in the booth I was taking asked out loud. "Does your father own the restaurant?" I fought the urge to roll my eyes. This happened almost every time. I introduce myself then that question comes up. Man did I hate that question.

"No," I tried to sound as nice as I could but even I could hear the annoyance in my voice. "It's just a coincidence," That was my response for today. I change them up every now and then, making up something interesting but today I was not in the mood.

I had to work today, even though I asked off, and couldn't go to the homecoming game- the biggest game, other than the championship in Forks, Washington. The Forks Wildcats played against one of our rivals the Bears. Not everyone was going but I felt like I was the only one who wasn't. I really wanted to see Edward Cullen in action. He was a part of Fork's High Golden Boys if not the highest golden boy in the school. He was popular, smart, funny, and an all around nice guy whom I observed from afar.

Anyway, back to the game which started at 7 and the fact that I worked in Port Angeles and didn't get off until 11, long after the end of the sport day had my mood salty for a better half of the night…my tips will not be as bountiful this go around. Actually now that I think about it, my ending hour is at 11:30pm since it is a Friday night and after the football game people want to eat. Why Italian? I don't know but they came here. I just hope we don't have the whole football team again. That was a long night especially with Edward's brother Emmett. He ate so much food the last time that our cooks were running in the kitchen with their heads cut off trying to get everything together on time.

I finished taking the couples order and went to the back to give it to the kitchen.

"Hey Bella," my friend Angela smiled as I made my way into the drinks station. She was on her break. "Having fun?" I rolled my eyes.

"I'm having the least bit of fun. I just want this night to be over with," I groaned as I made ice tea for my table. Angela chuckled before we heard loud noise coming from the seating area of the restaurant.

"Please don't tell me," I groaned again. Angela peaked her head out a little to look into the main dinning room.

"Yup, today is our lucky day, The Forks Wildcats have arrived," she sighed as she threw out her cup of juice. " and they had to sit in my section too," she mumbled before picking up her order booklet and going out the door. I quickly finished up with my order and took it out to my table.

"Two ice tea's with lemons," I smiled politely as the couple thanked me before Angela called my name. I knew what she was going to ask even before it came out of her mouth.

"Can you please help me Bella," she asked looking helplessly around at the many tables now occupied with yellow and dark blue jerseys. They had to pick tonight. Since I only had one table in I had no choice but to help Angela. We quickly took the orders of the smaller tables first before conquering the big ones.

"Hi I'm Bella, What would you all like to drink," I repeated absentmindedly as I looked up at my last table. I stood frozen for a while. His eyes swoon right into mine brown ones, observing and searching before someone started laughing.

"Bella? As in La Bella Italia?," the big guy I recognized as Emmett grinned up at me as I broke contact with Edward. "Do you own the restaurant or something," he asked. A blond hair supermodel I remember named Rosalie smacked him upside his head.

"Emmett just order," Jasper, the blonds' twin brother told him, rolling his eyes.

"Coke," Emmett ordered. "And a water for the two ladies," I nodded my head writing it down before turning to Jasper.

"Ice Tea," he smiled at me. I smiled back before timidly glancing toward him again.

"Raspberry Ice Tea," he told me a small smile also gracing his features. I lost my train of thought for a moment before jotting down his drink and telling them that their drinks would be up in a moment. Edward's eyes were subtly observing my face before I rushed off into the beverage station before my cheeks could turn any redder.

"Now are you having fun Bella," Angela asked as she poured chocolate milk. I groaned, my blush spreading even further across my body.

"So much fun," I answered quickly, fulfilling my order. The faster I could get it out the faster I could be back into the nice, safe, un-god like beverage station, trying not hyperventilate. I balanced the glasses on my tray, giving myself a mental motivational speech before carrying the drinks over to the large occupied table.

"That was fast. Couldn't wait to see us again huh Bella?" Emmett joked earning him another slap. I laughed with him.

"Of course I couldn't wait," I agreed and asked for their food orders. Emmett being the large bear that he was, ordered two large pizzas. I soon realized that if I didn't look at him while taking the order I would be fine and hyperventilation free. I could look at Emmett all day…well not when Rosalie was watching.

"Hey Bella," I turned to a girl with short black hair. "Aren't you in my English and Spanish class?" she asked, a thoughtful look on her face. I suddenly remembered her as Alice.

"Yeah I think so," I answered.

"Isn't she in your biology class Edward?" Alice asked him. The guy I tried to avoid. I turned to look at him now, smiling slightly even though my heart was beating a million times fast. I was his partner in biology not that he needed one. We didn't talk that much due to the fact that his girlfriend or wanna be girlfriend, it was never made official, Tanya was also in the class and sat right behind us, along with her minions the twins Lauren and Jessica. They weren't really twins but they acted so much like each other we might as well call them that. A part of me hoped he remembered but then another part hoped that he didn't because if he did he would be aware of how much I try not to stare at him. Yeah, not going so well.

"Yeah she's my lab partner," he answered glancing up from his menu to flash me a smile. "Pretty and a good lab partner if you ask me," Did he just call me pretty. I think my mind was messing with my hearing.

"So what would you like to eat?" I asked, my voice a little shaky. I could see Emmett trying to hold in a laugh which meant I wasn't the only one who could hear my voice.

"What do you say is good here?"

"Umm," I was caught off guard for a moment like when you are put on the spot and all the thoughts in your head are gone leaving crickets. I instantly recovered in a second. "Definitely the mushroom ravioli," I smiled at him. It wasn't that hard to talk to him after all...from a far.

"I'll take that," he said as I wrote it down and collected all the menus except for Emmett's. He wanted to keep his in case the pizza wasn't enough for his "grown man appetite"-his words not mine. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and told them that their orders would be out soon.

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