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La Bella Italia Chapter 14

"Dad, we need to talk…" I stood by the entrance to the family room observing Charlie as he watched a baseball game.

"Yea…what…is it …Bells?" his response came out distracted as his gaze never left the TV screen.

"Dad this is serious," I folded my arms across my chest as Charlie finally gave me his undivided attention.

"What is it? Did you hurt yourself? You're not pregnant are you?..." I went to shake my head but he fired off again. "You're pregnant aren't you? I will kill Edvard?"

"Dad," I fought back laughter at his overwhelmed expression. "I am not pregnant and it's Edward not Edvard" I rolled my eyes at his antics before sitting down beside him on the couch.

"Okay, now that the worst is over, what's on your mind, baby girl?" I smiled at the nickname before sobering up on the topic I was about to address.

"Remember when I asked you if you had a partner on the force?" I started, waiting for Charlie's nod. "Well, I asked you because there is a guy who always…" I struggled to find the right words. "Pops up whenever I'm out."

"What do you mean by "pops up"?" Charlie questioned.

"I see him almost everywhere I go."

"He's stalking you?" Charlie exploded, running a hand through his hair. I hesitated before nodding my head, finally admitting it to myself.

"Yes, I guess he is," Charlie held a finger up to me before getting up off the couch and going into the kitchen. A few seconds later, he returned with a pen and piece of paper.

"I need you to explain to me how this guy looks, his name if you have one, and when you first saw him." I nodded my head, spending the remainder of the evening describing Jimmie in the best-detailed way possible.

"So, how was your night, Bella?" Rose snapped to get my attention since I was currently focused on the small patterns engraved on the picnic table. I glanced up at the concern faces of my friends.

"Sorry guys, I told Charlie about my stalker," I explained running my hand through my hair. An unfortunate trait learned from a certain Cullen. Alice eyes grew big.

"You did? What did he say? What is he going to do?" she fired off question after question.

"Alice, please slow down," I blew out a breath before explaining. "He was pissed as hell. He wanted every single place I've seen him, every single word he has said to him, every detail pertaining to his looks…I spend the whole night explaining Jimmie."

"The fact that you can say his name without squirming makes you unbelievably weird," Rose deadpanned raising an eyebrow. I shrugged.

"Well he has never touched me, so I don't really have a reason to fear him,"

"The hell you don't, he STALKS you…that should give you reason enough to fear the shit out of him," Rose argued.

"I'm not letting it get to me." I leveled her glare as the bell rung throughout the campus.

"Whatever, let's get to class." Rose let the topic drop as we quickly gathered our things together. "I'll see you bitches later," she waved before going off to her engineering class. I smiled in her direction as Alice looped her arms through mine, directing us toward the placement of the English wings.

"I think we should make it official," Edward's velvet voice broke me out of my thoughts. I glanced at him from my relaxed position on his comfortable recliner in the corner of his room.

"Make what official?" I sleepily mumbled out before closing my eyes again.

"Us," his voice came out much closer than before. I smiled, feeling his body hovering over mine.

"We are already official," I got out before my lips were covered by his.

"Okay, officially official," he pampered my face with small pecks. I squinted one eye open before giving in.

"Alright," I started before a scream came out of my throat. "Edward put me down," I giggled against his body as he changed our positions, sitting me down on his lap. He captured my lips again before digging something out of his pocket.

"I want to give you this," he stated, holding his large green class ring out in front of my face.

"You want me to wear this?" I smiled up at him, taking the ring out of his hand and holding it in the two of mine. He even placed it on a chain because he knew it wouldn't fit my finger. "Can you put it on?" I turned my body so that he could connect the necklace around my neck.

"Beautiful," his lips found their way to the skin around the clasp, warming it and sending pleasure signals down to my bleeding heat . "Now you are officially…officially mine," I turned back to face him.

"I will always be officially officially yours," My words were cut off by his lips as his hands wondered up to my waist.

"You can sure as hell bet that," he got out before connecting our lips once again.

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