A fan fiction net Jem poem

By Shana Elmsford

Rated k

You. Would have been my husband

You. Would have been my husband and a dad for our kids

You. Would have been my lover in the night and my friend in the daytime.

We could have been so. Right

As husband and wife

You. Would have been giving our baby girl a way as she walked down the I'll

We could have witness our grandkids grow up.

You. Should have kissed my sorrows a way when sadness.

Would come into my heart

My arms would have been holding you. As my lips said.

I love you.

And when the days got old for us

We could have laid down and closes our eyes as we join god in the sky

But. That's what would have been

What should have been

What our love could have been

Good bye Anthony Julian

jem is not mine. and the pen name

NOT! Mine. I Just love the show .

Don't kill me.

That's it. For now ^_^