Of Insects and Illness

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Author's Note: This is my first Thunderbirds story and was written as a birthday present for the incredibly talented Criminally Charmed~~~ Happy Birthday My Friend. I hope you enjoy the story!


As Scott walked by his brother's room on the way to bed himself, he could hear the sound of soft sobs coming from his baby brother's room. Wondering what could have Alan so upset, he pushed open the door to the kid's bedroom to see the six year old sitting on his bed with his knees hugged tightly to his chest. "Allie, what's wrong?" He questioned as he sat down beside the blonde headed youngster and wrapped a comforting arm around him. He knew Alan had been acting a little off this evening, but put it down to the fact that they had spent most of the day down by the beach and that it had made Allie tired.

"I don-don't feel so good Scotty." Cried the little boy as he threw himself into his older brother's lap and wrapped his small arms around Scott's waist.

Scott became immediately concerned as he felt the slight shivers running through his little brother's body. Placing a palm against Alan's forehead, it was obvious that his brother was running a fever. "Looks like you might be coming down with something Sprout." Stated Scott as he wrapped a small blanket around Alan and then lifted the sobbing youngster into his arms. Carrying his little brother downstairs, he entered his father's study where Jeff was working on some Tracy Industries business.

"Scott, is something wrong? Jeff inquired as he looked up upon hearing the door open to see his oldest cradling his youngest to his chest.

"Yes Sir, I think Alan is getting sick" Scott replied as he traipsed over to their father's desk where Jeff was waiting to take the baby of the family into his arms.

"Hey Allie, what's wrong, why are you crying?" Jeff queried as he wiped away the tears that were coursing down Alan's fevered cheeks.

"My head hurts daddy and I feel funny all over." Alan whined before turning his head into his father's chest and beginning to sob in earnest.

"What do you mean you feel funny all over Sprout?" Scott questioned with concern as he kneeled down and placed a comforting hand on the little tyke's back.

"I hurts all over Scotty." Alan answered, the words muffled by his father's shirt.

"Dad, you want me to get something to reduce his fever?" Scott questioned, hating the way that his baby brother was hurting. He had basically taken over the father role to Allie when their dad had immersed himself into work after their mom had been killed in the avalanche.

"No, I think I better call his pediatrician and see what he want's us to do." Jeff answered, concerned with the fact that Alan was 'hurting all over.' This sounded like it could be more than just a childhood cold and he didn't want to take any chances. "Scott, I need you to get a wash cloth and give him a sponge bath to cool him off while I call his doctor."

"Sure dad, come on Allie, let's see if we can't make you feel a little better champ." Scott cooed into his baby brother's ear as he cradled Alan to his chest once again. Confidently striding out of the room, Scott carried Allie into the small bathroom on the lower level and sat him on the toilet seat. Grasping a soft washcloth, he held it under the stream of cooling water. Removing it, he wrung out the excess water and began to wipe down his little brother's face.

"You know, I was thinking that tomorrow, maybe you and I could play a game Spout, anything you want to." Scott voiced as he continued to wipe down Alan's arms.

"Could I have a story instead?" Alan questioned with pleading eyes as he looked up at his brother, feeling a little better from the cool cloth touching his hot skin. He still ached, but he didn't feel as hot now.

"Sure Spout, you just let me know which book you want me to read." Scott replied continuing his ministrations. He had just started to rub the washcloth over Alan's legs when Jeff walked into the room.

"Dr. Singer should be here in in a little over an hour." Jeff informed Scott as he stood at the entrance to the small bathroom marveling at the gentleness that Scott used in taking care of Alan. "The pilot for Tracy industries is going to fly him over."

"As long as he gets here soon, I'm worried about Allie." Scott told his dad as he pulled off Alan's shirt to wipe down his chest and back. As soon as he removed the shirt, he couldn't help but notice the mosquito bites on Alan's stomach area. "Hey dad, have you seen these?" Scott questioned as he pointed to the small raised bumps that looked just a little irritated.

"No, when did he get bitten?" Jeff inquired as he bent down and examined the area closely. He was pretty sure they were mosquito bites, but wasn't one hundred percent certain. Living on an island, he knew Alan could have been easily bitten by some other small insect or creature.

"It could have happened while we were all down at the beach enjoying ourselves. I'm sorry dad, I should have taken better precautions and Allie wouldn't have been bit." Scott said a little despondently. Alan was his responsibility and he should have made sure the kid was well taken care of.

"Don't blame yourself Scott, there's no way you could have known he was being bitten. I'm sure you applied insect repellant before you left." Jeff said immediately noticing the way that Scott was blaming himself for what happened.

"Yeah I did, but still, I should haveā€¦"

"No buts Scotty, you did fine. Besides, Alan could have been bitten at anytime within the past few days so stop blaming yourself." Jeff ordered knowing how hard Scott would be on himself if Alan's illness was related to the bites. In the back of his mind, he couldn't help but worry that Alan could have some kind of mosquito borne infection.

Nodding his head, Scott wrapped Alan in a warm towel and then hoisted him up into his arms. "I'm just going to take Allie to his room and change him into some fresh pajamas."

"Don't worry Scott, I'm sure Dr. Singer will find out what's wrong with Alan and he'll feel better soon." Jeff said as he gave Scott's shoulder a firm squeeze in support before allowing his oldest to pass by.

"Yea, I guess." Scott answered before carrying Alan up the stairs and to his room. Placing his little brother on the bed, Scott opened the middle drawer of the small dresser beside Alan's bed and pulled out his favorite pajama's. Quickly dressing his brother, he lay against the headboard of Alan's bed and pulled his baby brother into his arm's. "You're going to be okay Sprout." He whispered as he felt Alan snuggle against his chest seeking the warmth of his body. Closing his eyes, he relished in the soft breaths he could hear coming from the baby of the family.


Knowing that he wouldn't be able to focus on work with one of his son's sick and the other blaming himself for it, Jeff paced the floor in agitation waiting for the doctor to show up. He prayed that nothing was seriously wrong with Alan or he would have two sons to worry over. Glancing towards Lucille's picture which sat in a silver frame on his desk, he wished his wife were there. She would know what to say to Scott to make him feel better about things. Those boys desperately needed their mother and he just didn't know what to do to make it better. He was drawn out of his musing as he heard a knock upon the door.

"Hello Robert, thank you so much for coming on such short notice." jeff stated upon opening the door. "Alan is upstairs, Scott is with him" Jeff said as he shook the doctor's hand.

"It's not a problem Jeff. I was more than happy to come, you know how much I enjoy seeing the boys. I just hate that this time it's because one of them is sick." Robert retorted as he followed Jeff up the stairs. He knew how protective the family was of their youngest and would have dropped everything to make sure that the little one was okay.

Knocking on the door slightly, Jeff pushed it open to see Scott asleep against the headboard with Alan held protectively in his arms as he too, slept against Scott's chest. Smiling at the sight, he wished he could allow them to sleep peacefully. Walking over to the bed, he gently shook Scott's shoulder. "Son, Dr. Singer is here to check on Allie." He whispered as he watched Scott's cobalt blue eyes open.

"Sorry, guess I feel asleep." Scott mumbled as he raised a hand to rub at his eyes. Scooting to the side of the bed, he stood up and then gently lay Alan on the bed. He's still running a fever." Scott informed the doctor as he felt the heat coming from Alan.

"I'll see what I can do to take care of that just as soon as I examine Alan." Dr. Singer voiced with a smile as he pulled out his stethoscope to listen to Alan's heart and then wrapped his fingers around Alan's wrist to take his pulse. "His heart rate and pulse are fine, but he's obviously fevered and I don't like the pallor of his skin. What can you tell me about his symptoms."

"He was complaining earlier of a headache and that he was aching all over. Scott gave him a sponge bath to try and cool him down a little and he noticed some bites on his stomach area." Jeff answered as he swiped a palm across his mouth.

Taking note of what Jeff said, Robert immediately lifted the pajama top and became concerned by the look of the bites. Grasping Alan's small hand, he checked the nailbeds to see that they were so pale they were almost white. "Damn, this isn't good." he thought right away. "Jeff, I'm afraid Alan's going to have to be taken to the mainland for some blood tests. I can't be sure without taking some blood tests, but it looks like Alan could have malaria."

"Oh God, no." Scott groaned as his face turned a deathly shade of white knowing how dangerous malaria was for small children just before his knees buckled and he started collapsing towards the floor.

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