Chapter 1: Please don't do this

Bella POV

I wonder what's wrong with Edward he's been so distant lately. Every time I come over to his house he is always hunting, and whenever he comes over he only stays until I fall asleep. I mean sure, I just saved him from the Volturi and I told him to give me some space, but I didn't mean for him to completely leave me alone. So I jumped into my truck and headed for the Cullen's. When I arrived there, I surely expected Alice to open the door, but instead Edward did. When I looked around him, all the other Cullen's had frowns on their faces. What's up with them?

"Bella, can we go take a walk?"Edward asked. Well, this doesn't sound good.

"S-sure," I stuttered. As soon as we were in the woods, I demanded to know what was wrong.

"Edward, what's going on?" I asked.

"Look Bella, after we came back from the Volturi I met this girl. She was the reason I stopped seeing you. I fell in love with her Bella and she's not as breakable as you. I can kiss her without being afraid of killing her and we can most definitely do more than what you and I can do," he said.

After hearing those words, I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I tried to stay strong, but traitor tears began to slide down my face.

"Aww my little human is crying. Get over it Bella, just to let you know I never even loved you. I only stuck around because you were so unpredictable and because my family loves you," he said in an evil voice. My mood just changed from being heartbroken, to completely livid.

"Don't you dare to ever show you face to me, do you understand?!?! If you do, I will make sure to kill you!!" I said.

"Yeah, whatever bye Bella," and with that he just left me in the middle of the woods.

After he left, I suddenly broke down. I was sobbing uncontrollably. That was when I decided that I would go to the Volturi to have them change me into a vampire. I am pretty sure they won't refuse me; after all I am a mental mute to most vampires. Well, that's decided. I went back to my house and gathered all the money that I could and headed straight for the airport. But, I did leave my dad a note saying that I needed a new start and that I would visit him soon. This is most likely not gonna happen after I become a vampire. During my ride to Volterra, I decided that I would never cry for that pathetic excuse for a vampire anymore.

"We will be landing in one minute," the speaker announced.

After a minute, we finally landed and I was off to go find the Volturi. I jumped inside the manhole and walked straight ahead. When I reached the end of the hallway, I was met by a girl. I realized that she was human, I mean I would have expected for her to be a vampire, but oh well.

"Umm….excuse me can I please talk to Aro," I said.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Oh I'm Bella Swan," I replied.

"Oh of course, come follow me," she said in a rather sickly sweet voice. She led me through the corridors and ended in front of two large doors.

She opened the doors, and I thought 'here we go, again'.