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Nineteen Years Later…

Malfoy Enterprises

Hermione dropped her quill and lifted her head when she heard a knock on her office door. "Come in," she called out.

Her personal secretary, Melinda, popped her head into the room. "Harry Potter is here to see you, Mrs. Malfoy."

"Oh send him in," she replied excitedly.

Harry walked into her office wearing dark jeans, a blue button-down shirt, and a black suit jacket. His hair was combed and his glasses were a lot more stylish then the ones that he had worn during his school days. Harry had aged quite well, he was as handsome as ever and his green eyes were still as bright. He grinned as he took a seat in the chair across from her desk. "You've been married for seventeen years and I still can't get used to hearing you called Mrs. Malfoy."

She laughed, "Yeah, sometimes I can't either."

She usually met up with Harry and Ron once a week for lunch but sometimes Harry dropped by for a casual visit on his way home from the Ministry of Magic. Harry and Ron were still living their dream of being Aurors and now Harry had held the position as Head of the Auror Office for almost ten years.

Hermione had taken a position at the Ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures straight out of Hogwarts. She worked in that department for a few years where she continued fighting for the rights of house elves and other magical creatures before transferring to her dream department: the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. As a witch working in the Improper Use of Magic Office and then as the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol she had accomplished her goal of achieving equalization for muggle-borns. People told her all the time that she, Harry, and Ron had revolutionized the Ministry of Magic but they couldn't take all the credit. There were still a lot of great witches and wizards that worked in the Ministry, like Kingsley Shacklebolt and Arthur Weasley.

She had devoted twelve years of her life to the Ministry of Magic and trying to make the world a better place before she received a surprising job offer. Lucius Malfoy had been rearranging positions at Malfoy Enterprises because of retirements and promotions and he had offered her a high ranking position as the Head of Legal Aid and External Affairs. Draco had come to work for his father four years earlier and at first she had looked at it as Lucius' final, devious effort to separate her and Draco by forcing them to work together. However, she soon discovered that Draco and Narcissa had been the ones to suggest her for the job because of her credentials and reputation in the wizarding world. She accepted it when she realized that she would have more control of her working hours and more time at home then she would if she stayed at the Ministry. She actually enjoyed the work and found that she was still doing some good in the world. Malfoy Enterprises was now the number one supplier to hospitals and apothecaries in Europe.

She was just about to ask Harry how his day at work had been when there was another knock on her door. "Come in!"

Teddy Lupin opened the door with a wide smile on his face. The baby boy that had had the most eclectic and loving family was now a strapping, handsome young man of almost twenty years of age. Draco had hired him when he finished Hogwarts and he worked downstairs in the Potions Lab, and he seemed to enjoy working for the company. He sometimes complained about Draco's hovering since his cousin, who behaved more like an uncle, had taken on the task of being his personal supervisor but they got along marvellously and talked about potion making almost nonstop.

He walked up to Hermione's desk and handed her a stack of parchment. "We got a shipment of supplies in from Ireland that you need to sign for," he smiled.

"Still coming over for dinner tonight, Teddy?" Harry asked as Hermione signed all the necessary documents.

He nodded and responded pleasantly, "Yup." He lived in a London flat but between the time that he spent at his grandmother's, Harry and Ginny's, and Hermione and Draco's, he barely needed a place of his own.

"Bringing Victoire along?" Harry questioned impishly.

"Probably," the young man mumbled as he blushed scarlet. Teddy had started a relationship with Bill and Fleur's eldest in his final year of Hogwarts. They were two years apart but they owled each other almost constantly while Victoire finished her years at Hogwarts. This coming school year would be her seventh and final year and Teddy was very excited about it.

"Here you go." Hermione gave Teddy back the parchment that was now freshly signed. She smiled as she remembered something. "And you don't have to come in to work tomorrow until after lunch."

"Right," he nodded with a grin before leaving her office.

Tomorrow was September first and more than half of the company's employees would be accompanying their children to King's Cross to see them off to Hogwarts.

"September first already," she sighed.

"I know," Harry agreed. "I can't believe we're old enough to have children who are in Hogwarts."

Hermione laughed but she couldn't believe it either. Her and Draco's oldest, Scorpius, was going into his sixth year, Carina was heading into her fourth, and Aurora was just getting ready to start. Leo was their youngest and he was only five so he had plenty of time left home. She wondered if her parents had felt these similar feelings of both pride and dread as the first of September approached.

"We should probably get going and help pack trunks and all those things," Hermione stated as she stood and began to pack away some of the things on her desk. "Aurora is quite nervous for tomorrow."

"So is Albus," Harry chuckled. "But they'll be fine, they have each other."

Blaise and Daphne's youngest, Daniel, and Ron's daughter Rose were also starting their first year at Hogwarts tomorrow.

Hermione slung her bag over her shoulder and walked Harry out of her office, he Flooed home right away while she walked further down the hallway. She stopped in front of a closed door and knocked gently. She turned the doorknob after hearing her invitation inside and pushed the door open. She stepped into the room and quickly shut the door behind her. She smiled at the sight of her husband working at his desk. If Harry had aged well then Draco had aged incredibly. His hair was still that unmistakable pale blonde color and he was still lean and fit. Two Quidditch World Cups had given him a newfound appreciation for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

She was so proud of him, and not just for following his Quidditch dreams. He finished his two years of medical school before they got married and then took a job at St. Mungo's. He had worked at St. Mungo's on the third floor, potions and plant poisonings, for six years and absolutely loved his career before he felt that he was finally ready to work with his father. He had also recognized the benefits of a job at Malfoy Enterprises. He was initially given a position as Potions Lab supervisor and he is now Head of Sales and Personnel, and second in command. But he still spent plenty of time in the Potions Lab.

He is also a fantastic father.

"Are you ready to go home?" She asked smiling.

He smirked and beckoned her forward. She walked around his desk and stood in front of him with an eyebrow raised in challenge. He pulled her down into his lap and kissed her eagerly. They tried to keep their desire for each other in check while at the office but sometimes it was a near impossible task. Draco gripped her hips as she ground herself down onto his erection. Hermione was still as beautiful as she had been when they were teenagers. She still wore her curly hair long and pinned back from her face. Her breasts and hips had filled out a bit more thanks to four pregnancies and she liked it. She had always felt that her curves had been a little lacking and boyish and while Draco had enjoyed her body before they had kids, he certainly hadn't complained once since. It seemed as if their sex drives hadn't slowed down at all either.

Hermione pulled away from his lips and hummed in pleasure. She straightened his tie and laughed as he tried to reengage her by gently massaging her ass. "We should be getting home," she told him sternly.

"The kids are fine," he argued. "Mum's with them."

She kissed him chastely to appease him before saying, "But we have a lot of packing to do for tomorrow."

"Just one more kiss," he bargained with a pout.

"Fine," she laughed.

She obliged and the kiss quickly turned hot and heavy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought their bodies as close as the desk chair would allow. Draco slipped his hands under her skirt and was one moment away from ripping her clothes off when a knock sounded loudly on the door.

Hermione hopped off of Draco, wobbled on her heels, and almost tripped up in her feet. She furiously straightened her clothes and tried to tame her hair while Draco did the same thing. He pulled his chair into his desk and cleared his throat before he told whoever was at the door to come inside.

To their surprise, Scorpius entered and grimaced when he took in the appearance of his parents. "God," he groaned. "At work? Really?" At Hogwarts he shared a dorm with four other teenage boys and the amount of hormones in that room was belittled in comparison to when his parents were in the same room.

Draco simply grinned at his heir while Hermione ignored his comments. "What are you doing here, sweetheart?"

"Granddad offered to show me around the office," he explained.

"And what do you think?" Draco asked excitedly. He was happy that Scorpius had shown an interest in the family business all on his own. He had never once pressured his oldest son about his future career.

"I like it," he answered as he sat down in a plush leather chair in the corner of the room. "I really like the Potions Lab."

Hermione smiled to herself because Scorpius had inherited Draco's love for Potions. Actually, Scorpius was so much like his father that it was frightening. He was practically physically identical to Draco. Scorpius was tall and lean with pale blonde hair, grey blue eyes, and a slightly pointed nose. He even dressed like Draco, like he was going to close a business deal all of the time. Today he was wearing black trousers, a white oxford, and a black sweater vest. He had been sorted into Slytherin House, much to Draco's pride and amusement, and he was a Prefect. He had received ten O.W.L.s last year, just like his mother, and excelled at Quidditch. He was the Slytherin House Seeker and Draco and Hermione couldn't be more proud of him. He had a healthy dose of self-confidence, again from his father, but he was a sweet, tolerant, well behaved, and well liked boy. Carina once told her mother that because of Scorpius' striking and well put together appearance, intelligence, athleticism, and popularity he had the girls of Hogwarts falling all over him but as far as she knew he didn't have a girlfriend. Hermione sometimes wondered if he was hiding a relationship much like her and Draco had done.

Scorpius and Draco were deep in discussion about the business when Hermione interrupted them. "We were just about to head home," she announced with a significant look at her husband.

Draco grinned as he gathered the things on his desk that he needed to review and shoved them into his leather, over the shoulder bag. He knew that the look on Hermione's face meant that they would resume what had been disrupted later.

Scorpius got up out of the chair and walked out of Draco's office with his parents following close behind him. "I'm starved," he groaned as they proceeded to the closest Floo network access point.

"Me too," Draco agreed.

"Well, what do you want for dinner?" Hermione asked.

"Stew and biscuits…and lemon meringue pie!" Her son answered enthusiastically. She looked at him in disbelief but he simply smiled and said, "We're leaving for Hogwarts tomorrow Mum."

And that tugged at her heart enough for her to give into him.


Malfoy Manor

Anyone that had seen Malfoy Manor during the Second Wizarding War would not recognize it if they stepped inside the home now. When Lucius and Narcissa had decided to move into a smaller home in a quiet neighbourhood and allow Draco and Hermione to raise their family in the Manor, they had seriously redecorated. With Narcissa's help, Hermione had brought a lot of light and colour to the large house and Draco considered it to be a much warmer environment than the one that he had grown up in. Toys and their children's possessions littered the house and Hermione had brought so much muggle technology into the Manor that she was sure that purebloods everywhere were rolling over in their graves. Draco had even bought her a piano upon learning of her childhood talent. The portraits of generations of Malfoys still hung in the hallways and foyer but there was a very large collection of family photographs. Hermione and Draco had documented almost every important moment of their life together and it had started with a photograph of them at their Hogwarts graduation, after Draco had proposed.

Pinken still lived happily in the Manor. Hermione had quickly realized that the house elf did not want to be set free because this was her home and she had taken care of Draco since he was a baby. She still did small chores around the house and tended on the children but Hermione had made sure that her children were kind and fair to the small creature. She also helped Hermione prepare meals.

"Can Pinken set the table now Mistress?" The house elf asked excitedly.

"Yes, Pinken," she smiled.

Hermione magically amplified her voice and called out that dinner was ready. She heard a commotion on the staircase and Scorpius was the first one to appear in the dining room. He smiled at his mother and eagerly took his seat at the table.

Their two daughters took their seats next.

Carina took after her father's side of the family as well. She looked like the photographs that they had seen of Narcissa when she was younger. She had blue eyes and blonde hair but she had her mother's natural curly locks. She was only fourteen but she was already garnering a lot of male attention, which Draco was not too happy about. Her grades were just as good as her older brother's and she was a good flyer. She wanted to try out for the Quidditch team as a Chaser this year. She was very ambitious, clever, and goal oriented. Hermione figured that it was those personality traits that had also gotten her sorted into Slytherin House.

Aurora was the most like her of all of their children, both in looks and personality. She had long, brown, curly hair and brown eyes. She absolutely adored Pinken and she spent most of her time curled up with Crookshanks with her nose buried in a book. She was very logical and reasonable for her age and she possessed a soft, caring heart. Harry often told her that he saw so much of her in Aurora that it was unbelievable and he had no doubt that she and Albus would be the best of friends at Hogwarts.

Narcissa walked into the dining room holding Leo in her arms. The youngest Malfoy had just woken up from his afternoon nap and he seemed overly energetic. He wriggled out of his Grandmother's arms and raced towards his mother.

"Would you like to stay for dinner Narcissa?" Hermione asked with a laugh as she caught Leo.

"No thank you, dear," she smiled. "I should be getting back home to Lucius."

Narcissa babysat for them regularly and doted on her grandchildren so Hermione wasn't surprised when she kissed Scorpius, Carina, and Aurora. She wished them a good term and promised that she would write to them often before she Flooed home.

Leo wrapped his arms around his mother's neck and started babbling excitedly about his day. "I flew around outside and Grandma watched me! And then Aurora read me a story!"

"That's great sweetheart," she chuckled. He had always been a very pleasant child. "Now sit down and eat some dinner."

"Okay," he nodded multiple times. His mother placed him in his seat and he obediently sat there and waited for his father to arrive so that they could start dinner.

After Scorpius had had his third helping of his favourite homemade pie and Hermione had cleared the table, she walked upstairs and passed by the rooms of each of her children. Draco's childhood bedroom, which now belonged to Scorpius, was the first bedroom that she reached and she saw that everything was in order. His trunk was packed, the cage that held his owl was resting on top of it, and his wand was lying on his bedside table. He was ready to go. Carina's room was in a similar state. She was packed as well and even had her school robes lain out on her bed. She and her older brother were currently relaxing downstairs watching cartoons on the television with Leo.

However, Aurora was in her room and she was slowly packing her trunk. Crookshanks was sitting on the bed watching her complete her task. It turned out that because Crookshanks was half-Kneazle he was going to live a very long and fulfilled life. He was practically as loyal to Aurora as he was to Hermione.

"Do you want some help?" Hermione asked her daughter softly from the doorway. Aurora nodded and Hermione walked inside the room. She picked a pile of books up off of the bed and placed them neatly in her trunk. "You don't need to be nervous," she started comfortingly. "You'll have lots of fun, you'll make new friends, and you have friends going with you. That will help; I didn't know anyone when I left for Hogwarts."

Aurora looked at her mother nervously and bit down on her bottom lip. "Will Dad be upset if I'm not in Slytherin?"

Hermione's eyes widened in shock but she should have realized that Aurora would be worried about the Sorting, all first years were. She was about to answer but she was beaten to it by a voice from behind her.

"Of course not," Draco answered passionately. He swiftly crossed the room, sat down on the bed, and pulled Aurora into his arms. "You're Daddy's little girl." He gently tickled her side and she giggled uncontrollably. "If you're sorted into Slytherin like your brother and sister then that's great but I'll be happy with whatever house you're sorted into. As long as it's not Gryffindor like your Mum," he added teasingly.

Hermione slapped Draco's arm as she watched Aurora's face fall. "He's just kidding," she clarified.

"But Carina said that all Malfoys are in Slytherin," Aurora argued.

Draco pondered that statement for a moment before he replied. "Well, traditionally they are but sometimes change is good so if you're in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, we'll be proud."

Hermione rubbed Draco's back supportively. He had successfully put their daughter at ease and he knew that his outlook on change was for her as well; after all, their children are the first half-bloods in the Malfoy line.

"Thanks Dad," she beamed before placing a kiss on his cheek.

He smiled back before he lifted her off of his lap. "Okay, let's finish packing this trunk!"


King's Cross Station

Scorpius and Carina lead the way across the crowded train station and towards Platform Nine and Three Quarters. They each pushed their own trolleys while Draco pushed Aurora's and Hermione held on to Leo's hand. The three owls in cages hooted indignantly but garnered minimal attention.

Leo was fairly upset to see his brother and sisters go off to school for the year. "How come I can't go Mummy?" He asked sadly.

"Because you're too young, honey," she answered. "You'll be going soon enough." As she spoke she thought of how quickly her other three children had grown up.

Leo stopped walking, pulled his hand away from hers, and counted the number of years until he was eleven on his fingers. "Six years Mummy!" He exclaimed as he held up six fingers for her to see.

She laughed and picked him up as she watched the rest of her family go through the barrier to get onto the platform. "Come on sweetie."

Hermione went through the barrier with Leo in her arms and saw that Draco and Blaise were loading the trunks onto the Hogwarts Express. Blaise and Draco were as close as ever, in fact, Blaise was Draco's right hand man at Malfoy Enterprises.

Her children stood by Daphne and her two boys, both of who were going to Hogwarts too. Harry and Ginny weren't too far away and they made their way over with James, Albus and Lily in tow.

"Are you excited?" Hermione asked Albus.

He nodded timidly and then smiled widely at Aurora.

Another trolley pulled up next to them and Hermione smiled at Ron, his daughter Rose, who was a first year as well, his son Hugo, and his wife Katie. "Let me help you with that," Draco offered referring to Rose's trunk. Ron accepted the offer and took one handle of the trunk and Draco took the other.

Hermione smiled at their interaction. Ron and Draco were practically civil to each other now. It was no secret that it had taken Ron a while to get over Hermione. But after a few years, an unfortunate incident where Draco and Ron had duelled, and their wedding, it had finally sunken in for him that she actually loved Draco. He had started to casually date Katie Bell when she took a job at the Ministry and to a lot of people's surprise, the relationship had turned serious. Hermione was truly happy that Ron was happy with a wife and two lovely children.

Draco, Blaise, Ron and Harry had just finished putting all of the trunks onto the train when Theodore Nott barrelled onto the platform pushing a trolley. Theodore Nott III was behind him with his own trolley and he was followed by Luna and their twelve year old daughter, Grace.

"Bloody muggle car," Nott grumbled. "I couldn't find anywhere to park it."

Draco laughed heartily and then helped his oldest friend get his kids' trunks onto the train. He did keep a close eye on Nott's son as he sidled up to Carina and engaged her in conversation. They were in the same year and they were both in Slytherin so they knew each other quite well. But Theodore Nott III was too much like his father in Draco's eyes. He was a little rebellious, he loved to have a good time, and he fancied blonde girls. The young Nott liked his little girl; Draco could tell by the way that he looked at her.

"Okay, you guys should be getting on the train," Harry announced looking at his watch to see that it was almost eleven o'clock.

All of the children hugged and kissed their parents with promises to write and that they'll see each other at Christmas. Scorpius led the older children onto the train while the younger ones were a little more reluctant to leave the comfort of their parents.

Hermione and Draco leaned down to speak quietly to Aurora. "If you have any trouble finding anything or have any questions then ask your brother and sister or a Professor. If you forgot anything then just write us and we'll send it you." Hermione told her but she was certain that none of her children had forgotten anything. She had made a list of things that they needed and had gone over their trunks with a fine tooth comb to make sure they had everything. She and Draco had even given each of them a tin of homemade sweets and a bag of money.

"And," Draco grinned as he playfully patted Aurora's nose, "don't worry about the Sorting. The Sorting Hat will know what to do. Now go on," he laughed. "Have fun!"

Aurora hopped onto the train with Albus, Daniel, Rose, and Grace and poked her head out the window to wave to her parents. Many other children were doing the same thing as their parents stood close to the train calling out reminders.

"Don't forget that Hagrid will want to see you all for tea," Ginny said. "And give Neville our love!"

Some of the children hanging out of the train windows and many of the adults on the platform turned their heads at the sound of Ginny's voice and stared at the line-up of adults. It wasn't every day that they saw heroes of the Second Wizarding War, a two-time Quidditch World Cup Seeker, and some of the wizarding world's most successful businessmen. After all, Harry Potter was still the Boy Who Lived, and Hermione and Draco were still a highly publicized couple. As a matter of fact, when Scorpius was born they were followed for months by people hoping to snap a photo of the Malfoy heir.

"Why are they all staring?" Albus demanded.

"Don't let it worry you," Ron quipped. "It's me. I'm extremely famous."

The children laughed and Hermione hid her chuckles behind her hand. The train began to slowly pull away and she resisted the urge to run alongside it as she waved to Aurora. Her little girl looked excited now that she was actually on the train and it was bittersweet for her. The train rounded the corner and disappeared out of sight.

Draco wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her hair. "She'll be fine," he murmured.

"I know she will," Hermione smiled. She turned to look at her husband who held their son in his arms. Leo was still waving at the train that was no longer in sight. "Let's go home."


Malfoy Manor

Hermione awoke the next morning to her wand alarming. She quickly stopped the offensive noise and pulled herself out of bed. She walked to the bathroom and took a shower without awaking Draco. She spell dried her hair and put on a black pencil skirt and a pale, pink blouse for work.

She made her way down to the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot. She smiled as she thought of the first time that she had introduced coffee to Draco. The expression on his face had been one of disgust and disbelief but it had grown on him. He even had it made in the office now.

Draco came downstairs a half an hour later and found his beautiful wife leaning against the kitchen counter drinking her morning coffee. "Good morning, love."

"Good morning." She poured him a cup of coffee and offered it to him with a smile. No matter how many times she saw him in perfectly fitted trousers and a nicely pressed shirt the effect was always the same. He looked delicious and she instinctively licked her lips.

Draco noticed the minuscule action and stepped closer to her. He leaned down and kissed her soundly on the mouth. "You look pretty delicious yourself," he said with a sly smirk.

She rolled her eyes and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. She hadn't gotten used to him plucking random thoughts out of her head either. It still caused her to have feelings of wonderment and affection, and it still made her feel special. "You know you're less attractive when you open your mouth," she tormented.

He laughed, "I don't think you were of that opinion last night." They had indeed picked up where they had left off in Draco's office.

She felt her face flush and she gently smacked his chest. He started to place kisses down her neck and she softly moaned his name. He quickly picked her up and placed her on top of the counter. He stood in between her legs and kissed her passionately while kneading a breast through her shirt. She pulled away from his mouth and placed her hand over his to still his arousing movements. "Do you hear that?" She panted.

He immediately shook his head. "No." He tried to claim her mouth again but she moved away from him. "Granger," he growled. He only ever called her by her maiden name when he was frustrated.

She hushed him by covering his mouth with her hand. "Listen."

Draco did as he was told and listened carefully. He heard the faint buzzing sound that he was all too familiar with and then they both heard happy, excited giggling. He chuckled at his son's persistence. They had told him countless times that he should only ride his toy broomstick outside while supervised but the past couple of mornings he had been flying it around the house. "I think that we have another Quidditch player on our hands," he grinned.

"Great," Hermione sighed. She had never liked the many dangers of that sport.

"I'll go get him."

Draco left the kitchen and ran up the large, stone staircase. "Leo!" He called out. He heard a string of giggles in response and when he reached his youngest son's room, he was just planting his feet back on the ground. "What did we tell you about flying your broom in the house?" He tried to speak sternly but he couldn't keep the smile off of his face. His son was just too cute, he had his blonde hair and Hermione's warm, brown eyes, and he was showing an interest in his favourite sport.

"I'm sorry Daddy," Leo replied bashfully.

Draco lifted his son into his arms and placed his broomstick on top of his toy box. "Just try not to do it anymore and don't tell your Mum I was so easy on you," he whispered.

Leo giggled again before gasping loudly as a thought struck him. "Look what I found in Scorpius' room!"

He held out his hand and Draco watched in amazement as a Chocolate Frog Card flew into his waiting hand. Draco felt like it was an impressive display of magic for a five year old. "What were you doing in your brother's room?"

"He said I could have his cards!" Leo explained. He handed the card to his father and happily exclaimed, "Look, its Mummy!"

Draco chuckled; he was indeed looking at a moving picture of his wife on a Chocolate Frog Card and the banner beneath her photo read Hermione Jean (Granger) Malfoy. He flipped the card over and read the description that he already had memorized.

Widely considered to be the brightest witch of the age, Granger is a heroine of the Second Wizarding War and is a recipient of the Order of Merlin, First Class. Granger is the most famous Muggle-born witch of all time and is known for aiding Harry Potter in the defeat of Lord Voldemort, for eradicating pro-pureblood laws through her former position at the Ministry of Magic, and campaigning for the rights of magical creatures. She is currently a Senior Executive at Malfoy Enterprises and lives in Wiltshire with her husband and four children.

"Scorpius told me that you have to be really special to be on a card!"

"Your mother is a pretty special lady," Draco smiled. "Let's go down and see her."

Draco started to walk down to the kitchen, carrying Leo in his arms, and the young boy was full of questions. Leo could read fairly well for his age but Draco knew that a lot of the things on that card didn't make sense to him. "What did Mummy do? What was the war about? What's pureblood mean?"

"Slow down, buddy," he laughed lightly. "We'll explain it all when you're a little older but for now just remember that your Mum is an amazing witch and she's important to a lot of people, not just us."

"Okay Daddy," Leo answered contentedly.

When the two Malfoy men reached the kitchen, they faced the woman that they had just been discussing with a smile. Draco noticed that the family owl was perched on the window sill and Hermione was reading a piece of parchment.

"Is that from Aurora?" He asked with interest.

Hermione merely nodded and continued reading.

Draco placed Leo in a seat at the kitchen table and he began to eat the cereal that Hermione had set out for him. She finished reading and walked towards him with a satisfied smirk on her face. She handed him the letter and stated triumphantly, "We have a Gryffindor in the family."

Draco sighed, "Well I had four children with Gryffindor's Princess, I considered the unfortunate possibility of this happening."

She laughed because she knew that he was only teasing. She kissed him softly and spoke quietly against his mouth. "Looks like your genes aren't as dominant as we thought," she retorted.

"Yeah, whatever," he grumbled before kissing her back. "We still have Leo and you'll be a Slytherin, won't you bud?" He asked as he smoothed back his son's hair.

"I like the lion," he answered happily.

Hermione shot Draco a grin before sitting down at the kitchen table next to Leo and allowing him to read the letter that Aurora had sent them.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I'm in Gryffindor! Albus and Rose were sorted into Gryffindor too, and James is there. I'm really excited! The Sorting Hat recognized that I'm a Malfoy right away and that I would do well in Slytherin but then it said that I had my mother's mind and spirit.

Draco smiled; she definitely did have her mother's mind and spirit.

I think that Scorpius and Carina are a little disappointed that I'm not in Slytherin with them but I know that I'll still see them all the time.

Hogwarts is as amazing as you guys said it is! Hagrid brought us to the castle in boats and it was incredible. I love the bewitched ceiling of the Great Hall and I can't wait to start classes! I'm really looking forward to Potions, Dad.

I'll write again soon. Give Leo a kiss for me!



"She sounds settled," he commented.

"Yeah, she does," Hermione responded with a sad smile.

Draco leaned over the chair Hermione was sitting on and kissed her lovingly on the top of the head. "I'll Floo Leo to Mum's," he told her. "Are you done, big guy?"

He nodded and politely thanked them for his breakfast. He kissed Hermione on the cheek and scurried upstairs to get ready for his day with his Grandmother.

Draco grabbed Hermione's hands and pulled her out of her chair. As he kissed her, he absentmindedly ran his fingers over the rings on her fingers. On her left hand she wore her half of their matching wedding bands and the engagement ring he had given her nineteen years ago. On her right hand she wore the Malfoy family ring. He still wore his and now three of his children wore one too. "I'll see you at work," he murmured. "Love you."

"I love you too," she smiled.

Draco took Leo to the home of his parents and briefly chatted with his mother before he kissed his son goodbye and Flooed directly to the office. He sat down in the chair behind his desk and took a moment to relax. He looked down at the nineteen year old watch on his wrist and smiled. His very first Christmas present from Hermione told him that his family was safe and exactly where they should be. Hermione was at work. Scorpius, Carina, and Aurora were at Hogwarts, and Leo was at his grandparents' house.

He thought about Scorpius starting his sixth year at Hogwarts and remembered that during his sixth year the life that he was currently leading was the farthest thing from his mind. He was sort of thankful that the events of his teenage years had unfolded the way that they did or otherwise he may have never realized the life that he wanted for himself. He knew that he had worked hard to achieve his goals and regain respect in the wizarding world but he owed it all to the woman that had changed his life, bore his children, and occupied the office just down the hall.

His Dark Mark was now just a faded scar and he hadn't had a nightmare in nineteen years. He couldn't be happier with how his life had turned out.

The End

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