A/N: Not yet edited but it's been a very long time and it's time. This is it: the last chapter.

Chapter Five: Sidewalk

I've broken into Fisk's office before. It no longer holds any challenge. Daredevil was right in one respect: I do crave the excitement more than anything. But the skyscraper holds none of it. I'll wait until he comes out.

I do not lurk. To hide in the shadows is to except weakness. And I am not weak. I sit on the gum-splattered bench across the street from the giant, glass doors that glare daringly at anyone reckless enough to challenge their authority.

The streets are starting to slow down, but the city is still rumbling. I feel the subway churning away and the people around me keep their heads down as if they know what's about to happen.

Fisk is a smart man. He rarely leaves his polished building. But I know his weakness. He likes the darkness. He will come. All I need do is wait. And I am a patient man.

I stare out at my city. The smoggy wind echoes between the twisting allies carrying all my favorite sounds with it. Far in the distance, I hear a car alarm blaring. I close my eyes and let all the joys of my home play around me.

I wait in my welcoming darkness for hours. Fisk must be waiting for the streets to clear, at least as much as they ever would in the city that never sleeps.

The doors open like the gate of Muldor in the last Lord of the Rings movie, slowly and with expectations. It's a little dramatic for my taste, but then again, Fisk's not me and therefore without my excellent opinions.

I watch as his long train of attach├ęs follows the huge man. They look like baby ducks following their big, feathery mother.

While I'm watching, I let my swift fingers drift toward my belt-clasp, where the shuriken I bought reside. The cold touch of shiny steel makes me smile; I always forget how much I enjoy this.

This time I do aim. I only have one chance, but I'm not worried, I only ever need one. I never miss.

Fisk is almost to his stretch limo and I am about to let it fly when a flash of red appears at the corner of my eye.

My hand freezes.

There is a moment in everyone's life when time stops. Some people say it's when you see your true love, others it's just before you die. But I can tell you it's not either of those. It's when you first feel complete and utter terror.

I'm not talking about the fear you have for spiders or the dark. I mean the terror that leaches into your every bone. The feeling of empty lead and burning from the inside out. I'm talking the feeling that makes the world mute. The terror I'm feeling right now.

I can't breath. My heart has stopped along with the world. One thought punctuates the haze of terror: I can't do it.

Then suddenly the world is playing again, but this time the seconds are split in half. The Kingpin is almost in his armored limo. I have to release the star now if I'm going to do it at all.

I let it fly. Once again, time ceases to be. I watch the elegant weapon tear through the air in a graceful arch and watch it embed itself into the car's interior.

I missed.

My body won't move. Fisk has probably seen me, but even if he hasn't, the shuriken is a dead giveaway. But that doesn't matter now. I need to see him. I need to see the man who made me miss.

But I know I won't find him tonight. No, he's too good for that. I clasp my cold paperclip chain for warmth and comfort, but it gives me none. I have missed. They show me no pity.

"The devil will get his reward," I promise my shining weapons. "One day, I'll met him again and then I won't miss."