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Summary: Jim's day couldn't get worse. He gets sick, that freaky spider thing is at him again, and to top it all of, nothing he seems do is right. Can Silver show Jim that he isn't alone and can always come to him for help?


Jim Hawkins was one of those 17 year old teenagers that seemed troubled, rebellious, and just too darn stubborn to come to those who are willing to help him out. Well that wasn't to shocking to Silver. When Jim first arrived on the ship in order to change his life around, he seemed rough around the edges. But the reason Jim was like that Silver soon discovered when Jim let his guard down, was due to his father's absence in his life. Jim never had that father figure that most boys needed. Silver had a soft spot for Jim. Maybe because he felt pity for the young lad. Or maybe because Silver saw a little of himself in Jim. That's why Silver decided to take the young pup under his care as the cabin boy. One to keep a close watch on him and two, because he always wanted a son to teach things to. But Silver had to be careful around his fellow "Shipmates." That was because for the exception of the captain and her second in command, he and the others were pirates who were looking for Captain Flint's treasure. Silver had to be especially careful around that spider mutant. He was a very crafty being and getting too soft wasn't was Silver wanted...or was it? Like he thought before, Jim was a great boy. He had the makings of greatness in him. But right now as morning came and Silver was making sure everyone was doing what they were suppose to be doing, he couldn't help but worry about the boy who was mopping the deck. Something was just off about the boy more than usual. Even Morph, Silver's pink and gooey friend noticed...

Jim woke up feeling awful this morning. When he got up for his grueling chores, his entire body ached and his throat was sore. Coughing was both a pain to his body and the others who heard it because while the other members of the ship glared at him, the spider freak had to start something.

"Watch it cabin boy!"

That's what he had said to Jim and also added a little push just to make sure Jim knew his place along with an evil glare. He groaned silently to himself as the Spider freak walked away. Jim just knew it. He was sick. He hated being sick because it meant pity and that's the last thing he needed. Jim's throat was really becoming sore by the minuted. Suddenly as he was putting some more water into the bucket to mop with, he then sneezed...

"A-achhoo! heh-shhhhh!" "Ugh!"

He tried to muffle the sneezes so the others wouldn't hear. Fortunately for him, they didn't except Silver and Morph who didn't make any indication to alert Jim. Jim went back to mopping the deck and coughed a few times on the sleeve of his jacket. Jim swayed a bit due to a fever he was developing but again none of the others noticed this...except Silver and Morph. Silver had just about enough. The young lad had to get some rest, the stubborn fool! Maybe the Captain wouldn't mind plus Jim was his responsibility anyway. Silver limped over to Jim acting as though to see the progress he was making.

"Oi Jimbo ya nearly done here laddie." replied Silver as he eyed Jim's body posture but not to much to draw attention.

"Yea, as soon as I'm done here, I'll clean below deck." said Jim but the way he talked wasn't his spunky, rebellious tone.

Jim hoped that Silver didn't realize the tiredness in his voice Or the congestion. Deep down, Jim didn't want Silver to be disappointed in him and approval was the one thing Jim truly wanted. Although sleep was in his head, that was the last thing Jim wanted to do. That showed weakness.

"Well Jimbo, you can take a little rest for a wee bit. You'vre done a lot already." "N-no that's just stupid! You gave me a job to do and I'm going to follow it through." replied Jim a little weakly than he wanted.

Morph noticed that Jim was trying to hold back a sneeze by the way he rubbed his nose and lied about dust in the air. Morph took a huge liking to Jim just as he did with Silver. Morph well... morphed into a feather and flew toward the inspecting teen and tickled his pinkish nose. Jim who was so weak because of his ailment, couldn't fully shake Morph off.

" Morph, what the hell are you-y-you A--hahchoo! ugh!" After he sneezed a little more after that, Jim's entire body became so weak that he nearly fell over but good thing for Silver because before Jim fell over on his face, Silver caught him.

"Well, this young pup is ready for that little break of his ain't he Morphy?" Said Silver who had an unconscious Jim in his arms bridal style. Morph just flew around Silver and look around to make sure the rest of the crew didn't see what happened. Fortunately, they were to busy talking amongst themselves to notice or care. Morphy flew back towards his two friends and chirped to Silver that no one saw. When all was confirmed, Silver looked at the sleeping boy in his arms. Jim's face was extremely pale saved for his nose which was a shade of red and the dark pink tint on his cheeks that indicated a really high fever. Silver made on last look to make sure no one saw his fatherly actions and went below deck with Morph close behind. Silver took off Jim's jacket, boots, and socks and placed him on the hammock. Silver then went to look for a heavy blanket for Jim since he was shivering really badly. Silver then went to get a bucket with some cool water and cloth to try and reduce Jim's fever as much as he could. When he was satisfied, he told Morph to look after the sick teen so he could go back to do his usual chores of mopping the deck and etc. It was very hard for Silver to stay away from Jim because the time period that they were together, Jim had become a son to him. Before he had to leave, Silver looked at his "son" one more time and smiled a soft smile at him and said:

"Sleep well ya little pup and get better."

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