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Sometimes the things we want in life, are the things we do not think about in death.


A cool breeze, a starry night that guides a sailor to his place in the world. That and more were not the thoughts of both pirates that used to be one crew. They had one thought in their minds. Only one thought that would make other feel better:

To kill the other where they stand.

To say that both liked each other was like saying that Jim enjoyed cleaning the deck. Not a chance would that happened. Both Scroops and Silver were ready for each other. Silver never like Scroops methods. Especially when it came to getting a job done clean. Silver was more of the patience type who used reason and logic. Something Scroops was not born to do. The cool night air blew Silver's black trench coat backwards in a dramatic way. Somehow, he felt at peace. He did not know why but he did. Scroops drew out his claws and flexed them back and forth ominously and he glared down his "so-called captain." Silver turned his mechanical arm in to a laser gun and held it out in front of him.

His target, Scroops… Scroops target, Silver. One would leave here alive.

It seemed like hours before a word was spoken. Back and forth, side to side, flowing each other's movements and watching each other's eyes. It seemed like two cowboys were ready to battle and was waiting for the other to make their move. Silver smiled his trademark smile. One that always took Scroops by surprise. It was a smile that made the battle already in Silver's favor. Scroops would slice it off his pathetic face. Silver calmly spoke as if they were just old friends…

"So what brings you here out so late? Fancied a stroll on the deck? Ya know, I've always loved the stars. Specially these. Maybe their shinin' is a sign for my fortune." Scroops only scowled as Silver walked around calmly…

'That arrogant bastard thinks he's won. He hasn't won for I have his weakness in y very sights.'

"So, you think you've won Silver? Sorry, try again… I've already won this battle because I know your weakness." At first Silver looked confused but then his eyes, widen as realization hit him…


It was Silver's turn to scowl. He did not want the pup to get hurt but he had to keep his emotions in check. He could not care for the safety of the boy. It is the reason he is in this mess. However, deep down Silver knew better. It is because of Jim that he found a reason to live. Nevertheless, the treasure… it was so close. He had to choose. His life long dream that caused him his leg and arm or the love and support of someone he has to know and care for, for a few weeks… He was stuck in a difficult situation.

"What's wrong? Is that boy on your mind? Well let me tell you something. When I'm through ripping you to shreds, you can see each other in death!"

"I'd like to see ya try!" Both ran at each other, none of them holding anything back. The sounds of painful yells and metal clashing with strong skin alerted the rest of the crew below deck. Silver stabbed Scroops in the arm, while Scroops used his sharp pincers to slice a hole in Silver's metallic leg pinning him down. Silver may have been down but he was not out yet.

The rest of the crew that sided with Scroops, yelled in an encouraging banner as they screamed for Scroops to take out the traitor that was once their captain.

They kept at this for the entire fight. One that seemed to be in Scroops favor… for the moment. Silver transformed his metallic gun into an even bigger laser gun and shot Scroops in the shoulder.


Scroops could only scream out in immense pain as he rolled around on the floor, crimson blood flowing from his arm. Scroops was weakened by the attack. He knew of only one thing to do and that is what made him superior to Silver. He knew how much Silver loved the boy. Scroops turned to one alien with big teeth and big arms to match it. He nodded for the pirate to below deck and the pirate smirked, as he understood what was asked of him. Silver did too. Panted from both fatigue and exhaustion, Silver cried out in pure anger.


"NO! Correction, it has everything to do with the boy. I want him to see his precious friend, die by my hands. Aww… do not worry though. He will join you soon after! Then you both will join the stars! NOW BRING THE CABIN BOY!"

As Scroops smirked at how Silver's emotions played out on his face.

'Pathetic fool! He let that cabin boy deter him from him goal… Well I will stop that right here and now! That human will not come in the way of what I rightfully deserve and that goes for Silver to!'

Suddenly everyone's attention was turned from the battle and on to the pirate who had a confused and feverish Jim in his gigantic arm. Silver heard Jim's pleas to let him go. That only fueled the hold on Jim to tighten. Jim was cold and this was not making his illness any better.


Jim could not breathe and tears were falling from his tired eyes. As Jim looked to Silver's direction, he took in how battered the cook was. Scratches and ripped clothing were what he took note of. Not only that but Jim realized that Silver was not doing so well physically.

'He's tired. Nevertheless, that freaky spider was not fairing off to well either. If I wasn't so…so helpless, I could help him! DAMN!'

Jim thought bitterly as he struggled to get out of the grasp of the brolic pirates grip. All he could do was kick the behemoth, using his bare feet. Jim started coughing violently as the rest of the crew just laughed.

"Aw…. So poor little cabin boy can't even save his friend. What good are you to anyone?" Scroops laughed manically as he watched Jim's tears flow from his face. These were not from the illness but from embracement and fear.

'What good am I?' Jim thought to himself sadly. 'Was this why dad left? Because of me and took it out on my mother?'

Jim's thoughts were soon placed on a back burner as he heard painful cries coming from Silver as the red arachnid punctured his claws in the cook's leg but not his metal one. Jim screamed as he saw blow from the deep wound seep out on the deck.


"That's right cabin boy! yell out to the one you can't help!" Said Jim's captor for the first time since he encountered him. Jim was still sleeping with Morph by his side when he was violently awakened to someone grabbing him from his bed. Jim remembered throwing reachable objects at the pirate to try to get away but the illness made him weak. Before leaving below deck, Jim called out to a scared Morph who was lucky enough not to be caught but watched as his friend was being taken away.


'Morph… Please… We need you to come through. Silver needs you!' As Jim continued to watch as his friend was getting beat more and more, he realized that help was not going to come. Silver was beaten to the point where he was gasping for air, his leg was badly bleeding, his real eye was swollen shut, and his arm was swollen. Not to say Scroops looked any better. Silver put up a great fight. Scroops right arm was broken, while he was bruised and breathing just as heavily. Blood spewing from his wounds as well.

Scroops was not one to give up as he staggered to the fallen man below him and was about to strike the final blow. With a menacing smirk, Scroops spoke with pure malice and hatred in his voice.

"I guess you have the makings of greatness in you… foolish man! The greatness I see is that boy is your greatest weakness… You could have had the world, but you decided to play "Daddy" and look where it led you…. Oh well! Goodbye Captain…"

Everything seemed like it was working in slow motion for Jim. The sounds of yells and cheers of Silver's life about to end seemed to slow down as he screamed in horror. Scroops claws were about to reach into the heart of the fallen cook when Jim turned his head in pure surprise and joy as he saw someone he was happy to see again.


"What is with all of this foolishness aboard my ship gentlemen?" Captain Amelia snarled…

'I never thought I would be happy to see her and Dr. Dilbert… Silver, you're going to be alright…' Jim thought in sheer joy as tears flowed from his eyes. He didn't care. Silver wasn't going to die.

'You'll be alright… my friend…'

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