I saw Envy stab stab brother right through his chest. If I was in my body my heart would skip a beat, but I wasn't. I felt scared. I know it sounds a bit weird, but I scared of losing him, being all alone.


He coughed up blood then was tossed on the floor by Envy. Rose seemed to snap out her trance. She screamed his name and tried to go over to him, but Dante grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"That was to easy, humans are so pathetic" said Envy.

"Brother no, you can't die! It's supposed to be me!"

"He's dead?" asked Wrath.

"That's right he's setting the pace, for every human to follow. Now we'll kill each one of them until only Homunculi are left" said Envy.

Envy let out an evil laugh and Rose looked terrified.

"Brother can't die, that's ridiculous! He wouldn't let that happen, he couldn't!"

"That's reality for you. All the effort he gave got him nothing in return. You can pay all you want, it's never enough" said Dante.

Then I saw Gluttony running towards me with a look of hunger on his face.

I ad to do something, I had to bring brother back. I clapped my hands together to activate the stone. Gluttony seemed to notice it because he backed off.

"He used alchemy, with the stone" said envy.

The red glowing transmutation circle was all over my armor, but I didn't care and began to stand up.

"You stupid boy, look at the damage you inflicted on yourself!" said Dante.

Dante gave Rose her son back and walked over to me.

"Sit down before you're wasted completely!"

"STAY BACK!" I yelled.

She stopped in her tracks.

"You can't make me do anything!" I said.

Then I walked over to brother.

"And what do you think you can pull off?" she asked.

I knelt down next to brother.

"Brother hasn't been dead long, look there's still some color in his face. His soul's probably still at the gate. I just have to pull it back, the same way he did for me"

"Don't be a fool, you know what would happen to you-

"Yeah I do. A lot of people died to make this stone, and I'd be dead too if not for them. It's time I gave my own share, and make my own choice"

Rose whispered my name.

"Goodbye Rose"

Envy charged at me and I clapped my hands together.

"This is for you brother"

Red glowing transmutation circles appeared around us.

"I'll miss you"

The last things I remembering seeing is a strong light, and then brother's soul in front of the gate.