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Forks Washington, December 2009


The rest of this year seemed to pass in a blur. It's hard to say exactly what happened simply because I was so caught up in getting to know Bella again.

We couldn't exactly go back to the way we used to be. We've both changed and grown into different people in all the years that we've been apart. I'm amazed at how independent Bella's become. She's changed so much but there's still that little piece of her that I will always love and adore. Now, there's more to her than I could have ever even imagined.

I sat musing by the window when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Are you going to stand there looking at nothing or are you going to come and join us?" Bella teased, slipping her arm around my waist.

I smiled and wrapped my own arm around her shoulder, pulling her closely against me. "Sorry. It's snowing. I guess I got caught up in everything that's happened this past year."

The smile faded from her face and she looked sad.

"What is it, Bella? Why are you feeling sad?"

"Do you ever feel guilty?" she asked, staring up at me.


She nodded and rested her cheek on my chest. "You killed Alice. And Seraphina. You nearly killed me. Doesn't that make you the least bit guilty?"

I sighed and nodded. "All the time." I moved behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Alice may have been a lot of things but she didn't deserve her fate. I swore when I left Maria, that I would never kill anyone again. And look what happened."

She turned in my arms and looked up at me. "You didn't have a choice, Jasper. You were under her spell."

"I know. But I wanted to kill, Seraphina. How does that make me any better than her?"

She didn't answer. "It doesn't."

I tried not to wince at her words. Despite my attempts, she knew.

"Wait. Let me finish." She cupped my face in her hands. "Jasper, you may have wanted to kill Seraphina but you were under that spell. The difference is she never had a heart. Even if that spell hadn't been broken, I'm sure at one point or another, you would have felt guilty for their deaths. She didn't know what it felt like to love and be loved in return. She thought Daniel loved her." I tried to look away but she wouldn't let me. "Jasper!" she cried, exasperated. "For God's sake will you listen to me?"

I stared at her. "Do you know how many people love you?" she asked. "Did you know that when you left with Seraphina, Charlotte and Peter called the Cullens? They came immediately to help get you back because they love you. Can you understand the differences?"

I nodded. "It was my love for you that broke the spell. Seraphina created a wall around her heart to keep out all the pain. The betrayal that Daniel caused her wounded her heart beyond repair. She was so focused on wanting revenge — first him for his infidelity, and then me, because I killed him before she had the chance — that she iced over."

Finishing her little rant, Bella huffed and sagged against my chest. "God, you're such an idiot."

I couldn't help but chuckle at that. "How many times are you going to tell me that?"

"Until you get it through that thick skull of yours that no matter what you've done in the past, you are not the same man you used to be. Even now, you're not the same man I fell in love with as a child. Jazzy, why do you always think you're not worthy?"

That was a good question. I didn't have any honest answer for that so I stayed silent.

She sighed and shook her head. "You are worthy of everything you have. You don't realize just how lucky you are."

We stayed silent, simply staring out the window.

"God, it's so beautiful." Bella whispered, pressing her hand against the glass. "Do you remember our first snow fall?" she asked, turning to look at me.

I nodded and pulled her against me. "It was just after we were married, when we went to visit your grandmother in Boston."

"It was so beautiful, then."

"Do you remember the last night before we left?" I asked, pressing a kiss against her neck.

"The sleigh ride." She sighed and leaned her back against me. "That was amazing."


"All right you love birds. It's time to decorate the tree." Esme called from the living room.

I sighed and pulled away from Bella. She was pouting. I chuckled. "Come on, Bella. It'll be fun."

Walking into the living room, I felt Bella's amazement as she stared up at the tree. It was huge. The tree was larger than most traditional trees.

"This is beautiful."

"Wait till Esme decorates it." Edward chuckled.

"We all decorate it." Esme argued.

Everyone but Bella and Esme laughed at that. "Esme, dear, we try to decorate it together but you always have specific places for each ornament." Carlisle said.

She glared at him.

Bella was feeling confused. "When we don't put it in exactly the right spot, Esme gets irritated and kicks us out of the room so she could decorate it herself." I explained.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Esme said.

"Just watch." Emmett whispered to Bella. "Within five minutes, she'll have us kicked outta here."

Bella chuckled and smiled widely at Emmett.

Emmett was right. Within five minutes, he accidently smashed one of the ornaments in his big hand and Esme shoved everyone out of the room so she could finish.

Bella was still laughing as we left the room. "Is she always like that?"

"Only around Christmas," Carlisle said. "But we're used to it by now."

She nodded and slipped her hand into mine.


"Bro, when are you going to ask her to marry you?"

I looked at Emmett in surprise. "What the hell are you talking about?"


"What about Bella?"

"You are going to ask her to marry you, right?"

"What gave you that idea?"

"Well, you two are pretty much glued at the hip. You were married once before. Why not do it again?"

"I don't think Bella's ready to marry me again."

"What gives you that idea?" He sounded surprised. "Seriously, dude. If you don't marry the girl, Edward probably will."


"No one wants to see Bella leave. You'd be surprised how much the rest of the family loves her." Emmett was joking about Edward marrying her. Right?

"Why would Edward marry Bella?"

"He likes her, dude. You're gonna have some hefty competition if you don't snag her soon."

"That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard."

"Say what you want but that's the truth."

I looked up at the sky while I thought. Lord knows how badly I want to make Bella my wife. "Do you think she'd say yes?"


"Great help, Emmett."

"Thanks, man." He grinned widely, apparently missing out on the sarcasm.

I chuckled at my brother. He could be such a dope sometimes. "Will you help me pick out a ring?" I asked.

"You're going to do it?"

"I've actually been thinking about this for a while."

"Course, Jazz. Whatever you need, I'm there. I'm great at picking out jewelry for women."

"Bella isn't like Rose, Em. Bella would want something simple, but classy."

"Dude, no one is like Rose."

The lust coming off him almost made me gag. "Dude, tone it down a little."

"Sorry, man."

I rolled my eyes. "So when do you want to go?"

"This afternoon,"

He nodded. "I'm driving!"


"How about this one?" Emmett showed me another one.

"Emmett! I'm supposed to be picking it out."

"You are. I'm just offering suggestions."

"No, you're being annoying."

He huffed and put it back.

I turned back to the sale lady. "I need something simple. Nothing too extravagant."

"You sure you're girl will like that?" She asked with a flirty smile. "Most girls tend to like the expensive rings."

"My Bella isn't like that." I said patiently, though it was wearing thin. "Can you just bring me something else?"

"Yes sir." She said.

"Do you know when you want to purpose?"

"Christmas Eve." I said. "The first time I purposed to her, she was about to be raped. It wasn't exactly the most romantic setting."

"Bella was raped?"

"I said almost, and keep your voice down, you idiot."

Emmett frowned but I could feel his anger bubbling up. "Em, she's okay. It happened a long time ago."

"But still,"

"I know."

I sighed, my own anger brewing at the memory of that jackass.

"At least tell me you beat him to a bloody pulp."

I nodded once.


Simon was sitting in the parlor at Bella's house. He had a smug smile on his face when Claire invited me inside.

"Good afternoon, Master Jasper. How are you?"

"I'm great, Claire. Is Bella here?"

"She is getting ready. She will be down shortly."

I nodded and looked over at Simon.

"What are you doing here, Whitlock?" Simon sneered, standing up.

"I'm coming to take my fiancée out for a carriage ride."

"Fiancée? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Haven't you heard? Bella and I are engaged. I asked her the night you tried to rape her."

He recoiled at the word. "I didn't try to rape her." He hissed. "Bella wanted it as badly as I did."

"Really? It didn't seem that way to me. Usually when a girl says no, they don't want what you're giving them."

"Bella's father would never have agreed to this."

"Why not?"

"Because you're nothing more than a farm boy," he hissed.

My hands clenched in a fist. "Farm boy or not, Bella loves me. As for her father, he would rather see her married to someone she loves than someone who would harm her to get what he wants. Mr. Swan has seen enough about arranged marriages and what they lead to. He wants his daughter to marry for love, not money."

"No father wants to see their daughter married for love."

"Yes well, Mr. Swan is different."

He didn't have the chance to say anything because Bella came down, dressed in a red dress. My breath caught. "Bella, you look beautiful."

She blushed and came over to me, kissing my cheek lightly. "Thank you, Jazz. You look quite nice yourself."

I smiled and looked at Simon. "It was nice talking to you Simon. But now I'd much rather spend time with my fiancée."

I enjoyed getting under his skin. What I didn't realize was that provoking him probably wasn't the smartest idea. He followed me out and tackled me to the ground. Bella screamed.

"You jackass!" he punched me in the jaw.

I groaned, elbowing him in the face. I rolled over and got to my feet and rubbed my jaw. "Dame that hurt,"

"Are you okay, Jasper?" Bella asked.


Simon came at me with another punch but this time I ducked and punched him with enough force that it knocked him out.

Bella stepped over Simon and came over to me. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked.

"No. I think I need ice."

She rolled her eyes and laughed once. "Come on. I'll get you some."

I smiled at the light that sparkled in her eyes.

The sales lady came out, ending my memory and I saw the perfect ring. "There. That's the one." I said, pointing at it.

Christmas Eve

"Jazzy?" Bella called from upstairs. "Where is everyone?"

"They went hunting. They won't be back until morning."

She came down the stairs and into the living room. I was standing in front of the tree, staring at it. Esme did a fantastic job decorating.

"How come you didn't go with them?" she asked.

"I went this morning."

"Oh." She leaned against me and sighed. "It's so beautiful."

"Yes." Bella seemed to glow from the lights that were reflecting off her skin. "Bella, I need to talk to you about something."

She whipped around, looking panicked. "What is it? Is something wrong?"

I immediately realized how bad my words sounded because I started soothing her. "No, no. Everything's fine. There's just something I needed to ask you."

She swallowed, nervously. I led her to the blankets that I laid out. "Bella, you don't have to be nervous." I pulled her into my lap and wrapped my arms around her waist. "You know how much I love you, right?"

"Of course," she looked at me. "What's wrong, Jasper?"

Might as well get this over with. "Bella, I realized I've done a lot of stupid things since you came back into my life. But I never truly realized just how much you meant to me until you left me that first time. I knew that I couldn't live without you and I don't think I have it in me to try." Realization began to dawn on her but I put my fingers over her mouth to keep her from speaking. "Just wait. I will do anything you want to make up for everything. It doesn't have to happen any time soon but I want to know that you'll be mine forever." I pulled the black velvet box out of my pocket. "Marry me."

I opened the box, revealing the ring. The ring had a twist design with a .75ct princess diamond cut.

Bella gasped. "Jasper! This is beautiful." She looked at me with tear filled eyes. Tears that will never fall. "It's perfect."

"I know you, Bella. You don' like over extravagant gifts." I brushed my lips against her cheek.

"What do you say Bella? You haven't given me an answer yet."

She looked down at the ring, then at me.


Rochester New York, June 2034







Twenty five years before Bella finally agreed to marry me. It seemed to pass to slowly for me. I was dying for Bella to finally wear my name again. Was I that bad? I told her I would wait until she was ready. And apparently, that's now.

Staring down at the invitation, I wondered why I agreed to let Esme send out invitations. It seemed kind of pointless but Bella agreed to let Esme have her fun.

I just can't believe the day has finally come. Bella and I are finally getting married.

Only a few hours left.

I paced the little room impatiently. "Okay, Jasper. Really?" Edward came inside, looking annoyed. "Between you and Bella, I'm getting a migraine."

"She dropped her shield?"

"Probably subconsciously." He said. "She's nervous."

I chuckled. "Where's Carlisle?"

"Trying to keep Bella calm." Edward chuckled. "Bella's freaking out that Emmett's going to mess up the ceremony."

"Wouldn't put it past him." I grumbled. Emmett was going to be officiating. He got a certificate online and begged and pleaded for us to let him do it. I couldn't exactly say no.

"No, Emmett knows how much this means to you. He wouldn't mess it up." Edward said. "He may be a jokester but he can be serious."

"I know."

An hour passed before Carlisle came inside. "Hey, son. Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be." I looked at Carlisle. "How does Bella look?"

"Like an angel." He smiled. "I'm happy for you son. You deserve this."

"I just hope I can make her happy."

"Bella doesn't seem like the type of person that's hard to please. Rosalie, yes. Bella, no."

"Do you know who's walking her down the aisle?"

"Adam." He seemed saddened by that. I knew he loved Bella like a daughter but he understood that Bella would have liked to have Adam walk her down the aisle.

"She'll be your daughter soon enough, Dad."

Carlisle chuckled. "Yes, I suppose she is."

"Jasper, dude. We're going to start soon." Emmett said.

"Good luck son."


I looked around the room. I saw Edward, with his mate closely beside him. Georgina was found in the middle of the forest bleeding out when Edward found her. He was out hunting when he came across her. He didn't have time to bring her to Carlisle and changed her himself. It's hard to say what gave him the strength to stop but he did and they've been inseparable ever since. Georgina smiled at me.

When Canon in D began, I looked expectantly over at the entryway. Bella walked slowly down the stairs with Adam at her side. She was dressed in a beautiful white floor length gown with thin straps. There was beadwork across the top half of the gown. It was simple and totally Bella. Her hair was curled and hanging down her back. She looked magnificent.

The ceremony began and Emmett, thankfully, didn't screw anything up. Bella and I decided to write our own vows to save us from embarrassment.

"Bella, you have filled my world with meaning. You have made me so happy and more fulfilled as a person. Thank you for taking me as I am; loving me, and welcoming me into your heart. I promise to always love you, respect you as an individual, and to be faithful to you forever. Today I choose you to be my partner, and commit myself to you for the rest of my life."

I could tell Bella would be in tears if she could be. When she spoke, it was as clear as a bell.

"Jasper, what can I say to you that I haven't already said,
What can I give you that I haven't already given,
Is there anything of me that isn't yours already,
My body, my mind, my heart, even my soul,
Everything that is me belonged to you long before this,
And it shall be yours long after this,
I will follow you anywhere and everywhere you lead,
Hand in hand and heart in heart."

I smiled. Slipping the wedding band on her finger, I sighed, knowing she'd be mine for the rest of eternity.

"I know pronounce you husband and wife. Jazz, you can kiss yer bride."

Bella shot him an irritated look. And he was doing so well. With a laugh, I kissed Bella for the first time as husband and wife. Again.

"It's my honour to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Whitlock!" Emmett's voice boomed and everyone cheered.

I grabbed Bella's hand and brought it to my lips. "I love you, Bella."

"I know." She smiled. "I love you too." She wrapped her arms around my neck. "Promise me something, Jasper?"


"Don't ever leave me again." She whispered against my lips.

"Never." I vowed. "Never again."

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