It was a sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom, full of..


Ok Ok, It was a BORING sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario smacked his lips after quite an embarrisingly loud yawn. The days seemed to mock him, streching on and on.

Hey lay on a dusty couch in his house.. The boredom was getting to him.

"Luigi.. did the princess get kidnapped today?"

Luigi, in the next room over stopped to accept what his brother asked.

"MARIO! I know your bored, but stop thinking such things! She'll be fine now that she took those fighting classes. You-a remember what she did to that Hammer Brother?"

"Im wondering how she did it.. She charged at him and-a BOOM! Where did she get those explosives?"

"She wont tell me... either. Oh well, that must have been SOME teacher she- a had."

Mario sat up. "Luigi, im-a going out SOMEWHERE.. this doing nothing business is getting to me."

"Okay Mario, but be back for dinner.. Im-a making a special recipe with mushrooms!"

"Luigi, remember your last SPECIAL recipe with mushrooms? I was in the washroom for about-a 3 hours!"

"Mario, Mario, Mario it was a mistake!! Poison mushrooms look alot like the real-a thing! Give me another chance!"

"I dunno Luigi.. Im going regardless. Ill talk to you later."

Mario fastened his now trademark hat onto his head and exited the house with grace.

Actually more of a stumble. Once through the door, Mario fell flat on his face. He dusted himself off and saw a bob-omb staring at him.


Luigi ran out to see what the problem was all too late however.. Before Luigi got to the door the Bob-omb clicked and there was an explosion. Luigi leaped out of the way, out of the explosion's radius.

"MARIO? Are you ok?" As the words left Luigi's mouth, he already knew that that would not be the case. After a search through the smoke, he saw no body.. no nothing. Tears began to well up in his eyes.

" Ma..Mario? "


"LINK hold up a second!"

Link stopped his dash. He had places to go.. He already said his goodbyes to the Kokiri people.

His good friend Saria approached him. It was quite possible that she was falling in love with Link, yet that particular story would never have a happy ending.. Link was far older than her.. After his 7 year sleep, he was already a young man, while the Kokiri people never aged, Saria included.

"...It was nice knowing you link. Please talk to me with the Ocarina in the future.. I hope you remembered the song."

Link nodded and softly played Saria's song with his Ocarina. Saria wiped tears from her eyes.

"Ill talk to you later then."

Link leaped on Epona, his horse, and he rode off... but to where?

After a good while.. Link halted Epona. Where was he to go? He wanted to do something with his life. But.. there was nothing to be done.

He gave a light "hyah" and epona slowly walked forward. Perhaps he was to careless. He had saved Hyrule... but it was pointless to sit around.

He continued to debate with himself then concluded that he would find a place to sleep for the night... and worry the next day.

Unfortunetly, his course of action would be shattered. A massive blue hand, a Wallmaster swooped out of nowhere and Plucked Link firmly off of Epona. Immedeatly he flew high in the sky, taking Link.. to where..

Epona looked around, and immediatly knew something was amiss.. How could a Wallmaster freely move around a place that had no walls?

Epona neighed loudly.