Summary: AU. She wanted him to give her what he couldn't, anymore. So instead she settled for less, knowing whose fault it truly was.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and I make no money from this story.

A/N: It started off as a oneshot, but I finally decided to take it one step forward. I know I wanted to leave it mysterious like that, but this is it: the prologue.
Warning: Possibly disturbing sexual situation. Not everything's about love these days.

Chapter 1: Twisted

She opened her eyes reluctantly, almost afraid of what she knew she would see. It wasn't something that surprised her anymore, because every night was the same. It was a pattern. A bittersweet sample of what she didn't have anymore. What she could never regain. She could spend hours laughing at the irony of the situation: how fate seemed to enjoy teasing her with small gestures and events that would forever scar her.

Kagome's once bright eyes now didn't shine in the moonlight as they had long ago. They didn't have enough will.

Sometimes, as her heart beat steadily inside her ribcage, even as she was experiencing hardcore feelings, she could swear she felt… indifferent.

The pale moonlight glistened on her naked skin as she wordlessly arched her spine crashing against the bare chest of her lover. She felt a flicker of something rush through her; something wild, untamed. Something they had once shared.

Inuyasha's eyes were the same intense, liquid amber she knew so well. They were shimmering with unspoken lust, a passion that fueled their bodies in this ardent ritual. His grip was nothing short of violent as he nipped at her chin, her jaw, her deliciously sweat-covered neck, leaving a scrumptious trail of goosebumps in his wake.

It was sin. They were both primed for Hell. Eagerly opening their arms to embrace the dark numbness that enveloped them in such delightful agony, they kept rocking and moaning, letting the ancient, most primal feelings take hold of their sanity. Rays of dim light shattered into thin green threads as the moon glimmered through the empty beer bottles standing on the windowsill, their shadows landing on the bedspreads that lay tangled on the edge of the bed.

Kagome's brows were furrowed from the haze that had settled on her mind completely, never letting her do anything else than enjoy the horizontal dance of their joined bodies. For just one night she would forget real life, their hostility, the wicked feeling she felt every time she saw him. For this one night – she kept telling herself, like she always did – she would be his for the taking. She wouldn't ask anything of him; she wouldn't crave for his love, when she knew it didn't exist.

As if feeling her inner turmoil start to cloud her senses, Inuyasha brought his blazing lips to her mouth, pressing them together and sneaking his tongue inside, forcing her to feel its texture, to accept the wrong feeling that crept up their spines and didn't let go. Grabbing her wrist with the hand that wasn't tickling her sensitive nub between their connected bodies, he intertwined their fingers above her head, harshly caressing her knuckles in a frenzy.

Every ounce of restraint left her as she gave in to this feeling. To this act they were engrossed in. Biting her lip to stifle a scream, she rubbed his sensitive, furry ears with her free hand, pinching the tips just the way she knew he loved it. The small gesture had the desired effect, she noticed, as he stiffened almost unnoticeably before groaning out loud and increasing the already frantic pace.

It would always be like this. They would hate each other and then run into each other's arms at night to relieve the pressure. It was something she had yet to learn to deal with.

The clock pointed midnight as Inuyasha licked her collarbone, effectively melting her thoughts away as he thrust inside her incessantly, tasting everything she had to offer. There was nothing he didn't know about her body. At night, he owned it.

Unable to stand the pressure anymore, since she knew he was ruthlessly teasing her, she frowned briefly before abruptly flipping him over and grinding against him, lowering herself then pulling back up to repeat the motion. She pretended she didn't see him pointedly watch their bodies joining, melding together. Panting and moaning heavily, she brought his hand to one of her nipples, urging him to flick it for her, and he did.

Soon she could feel that mouth-watering coil start to unbind in the pit of her stomach and she quickened the pace. They never said a word. This room had only ever witnessed their intense coupling and their frustrated grunts.

Inuyasha's gaze fell on hers, but he didn't avert it. Instead, he wordlessly urged her to do the same. There was no way she could deny him this now. She could never deny him anything in bed, as long as they were sheltered by this otherworldly desire for one another.

Sometimes, in moments like this, she remembered when he would smile at her through half-lidded eyes under the soft light of sunset before tenderly capturing her lips with his, the unspoken words behind the gesture telling her every little detail about the unadulterated love he had once felt for her.

It was those moments she hungered for. It was those same moments she wished to evoke, to relive.

But – as always – he wouldn't let her think about something for far too long, she realized, as Inuyasha raised his hips harshly to meet hers, triggering her climax with blinding force. She was silent for a small eternity, until her chest felt alive enough to release her whimper. He was still pounding into her, lowering her hips into his using his powerful hands until he, too, went still under her, inside her, around her, his eyes scrunched shut with fireworks exploding behind the eyelids. The only thing that told her he was reaching unblemished heights was the feeling of the hot liquid spurt inside her.

His heart almost stopped beating when he felt something moist and cold fall on his naked chest. A discreet sniff told him what he already knew – Kagome was crying.

Said girl kept her eyes trained on his face for a few fleeting moments before disentangling herself from him and moving towards the edge of the bed. Her life would never be the same. She was irreversibly tied to this sickening bond she had never asked for.

Kagome felt him shift beside her, probably lifting himself to sit, but she couldn't stand seeing him now. It would completely destroy the barrier she desperately tried to build around her heart. She was certain it would immediately shatter upon a first sight of him.

Her sobs were silent to her own ears, but she knew he could hear them clearly. The night was quiet, as if it tried to be considerate of her feelings. His eyes… they were always so lifeless, so impassionate when they watched her. They would only know lust or hatred, and she could barely live with that. Cruel. He seemed the coldest, most spiteful man on earth whenever he looked at her.

A firm hand on her shoulder forced her moist gaze to travel up to meet his. Eyes wide, Kagome stiffened noticeably under the stars' scrutiny. She could swear that for a moment – for just a brief, fleeting moment – she'd seen that most wanted emotion flash in his eyes, just for her. His twin molten orbs had turned glassy before promptly returning to their dull amber in the blink of an eye. Yes, she was sure he had allowed her to peer inside his soul for just one second. That thought alone was what gave her strength.

Her heart soared with delight as he tackled her onto the bed, biting her shoulder playfully and slipping inside her once again, eliciting a surprised, but deeply welcomed gasp from the girl whose heart starved for the one thing he could never allow himself to give her again.