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I Did Not Know

Teresa Lisbon sat at her desk, trying to do much needed paper work to follow up a case they had just closed about a little boy accidentally killing his older sister. Lisbon rubbed her belly, a sting coming from it, slowly and in waves, like period cramps, but the pain had increased over time. It had worried her, but she needed to get the paper work done so she could go home and have some tea and maybe watch a movie.

She felt the sudden urge to use the bathroom. She jumped from her chair, acutely hearing it roll back and hit the cabinet behind her, and walked at a fast pace out of her office, into the bullpen and out again to the hall where the bathroom was located.

When she entered the small rectangular stall, she ripped her belt open, slid the pants to her ankles and quickly sat on the cold seat and was thankful that she made it in time. As she pulled her pants up, she noticed that the bowl water was a little red, and clear surprisingly. Lisbon furrowed her brows in confusion, but shook her head, and flushed the toilet.

After washing her hands, she went back to her office. She was about to sit when a sudden flash of pain hit her.

"Jesus." Lisbon held her stomach, the spot where her pain was coming from. She grabbed her desk to support her self, the pain getting subsequently larger in a one to ten scale. She slightly doubled over, clutching the desk so tight her knuckles turned white.

She needed to get to a hospital. As much as she hated to show weakness, this pain was to much to bare, worse than when her father beat her and her brothers, worse than when her mother died, worse than when she was sixteen and her brother crashed his car with all of them in it and she broke seven ribs, her left hand and leg and still managed to pull them out. For a second, the pain eased, enough to get her to the squad room.

Her three agents, Jane no where in sight, worked dutifully on their own papers, didn't notice her drag her self in there, until she tried to talk and the pain, a ten now, came and she collapsed on the floor. Their heads snapped in my her direction, Grace, the first out of her seat and next to her boss, trying to find out what was wrong.

"I need to get to the hospital," Lisbon whimpered, now gripping Grace's pale hand. Rigby ran to her side and picked his boss up like she weighed nothing to him and they all but ran to Grace's car.

"Stay here," Grace said. "We need someone to tell Jane and Boss' boss when they get off lunch. I can go with her; I'll call with any news." With that Grace jumped in her car, her tough-as-nails Boss curled up in her passenger seat, leaving Cho and Rigby behind.

When they got to the hospital, a nurse very quickly got them a bed in the ER, and started firing questions.

Things like family history, like the death of her mother to see if it was something genetic, to either or not she could be pregnant.

"No, I can't be. I'm on the pill." Lisbon cried, curling her fingers around the metal bed railings and not letting go.

"I'm going to get the doctor to run some tests, including a pregnancy test. We'll see what's going on, okay, Sweetie?" The red haired nurse patted her hand and scurried out of the room. When a doctor finally came in, Lisbon was sweat covered and curled on the uncomfortable hospital bed, Grace using a paper towel to wipe the beads of sweat from her Boss' forehead.


"Congratulations, you're pregnant." The young man said, a grin on his face, happy that he got to say this to her. Lisbon's face contorted in pain, morphed into horror.

"We're bringing in an ultrasound to check the baby out now." As the words left his mouth, a nurse rolled in the contraption. They managed to uncurl her, and get the cool gel on her tummy.

He moved the wand over her belly, his eyes widened in shock.


"Agent." Lisbon corrected.

"Agent," The doctor amended. "I need to you to get in a gown, I need to check vaginally." Grace blushed at the thought of her Boss getting that. They all left the room so she could change. Grace, Dr. Trent, and Nurse Haley came back in when Lisbon said it was clear.

Dr. Trent put her feet up and, since he was an OBGYN in training, he checked something, though it made Lisbon a little uncomfortable.

"Agent, you're fully dilated and crowning." Lisbon shot up, and Grace almost fainted.


"The pains you were feeling were contractions."

"I'm not ready to have a baby! I don't have anything for it."

"I'm going to ask you to push. The baby is coming right now," He put his hands on her knees, "Agent, I need you to push, the baby needs to come out. On the count of three, okay? One, two, thr-"

"Wait, I need Van Pelt to call Jane." Grace nearly fell out of her chair. "He's the father, just get him here. Once she calls him, I'll push." Grace quickly pulled out her cell and hit the four on her phone for speed dial.


"Jane! I need you to get to the hospital."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"It's the Boss, she-" He hung up before she could finish. Grace looked at Lisbon.

"He's on his way." She hoped. The doctor told her to push and her screams filled the room.


Patrick Jane ran down the halls of the hospital, after asking the nurse at the desk where Teresa Lisbon was. He ran into the room where the nurse said she'd be and was shocked.

There lay Lisbon, agent almighty, with Grace Van Pelt right next to her, with a baby in her arms. The baby was cooing at Lisbon, was looked absolutely exhausted, sweat was still evident on her face and neck, but it was drying up. The baby looked newly born, something that freaked Jane out. Lisbon didn't look pregnant when she came into work today.

Lisbon looked up from her baby, and when she saw him, used her finger to motion him closer. Jane stumbled into the room, barely staying upright. Grace left the three alone to go and call Rigby and Cho.

"Patrick, meet your son. Baby, this is Daddy." Lisbon was smiling ever so brightly. They had been sleeping together, mostly after a rough case, but it was a thing they kept secret.

"But how?" Lisbon chuckled.

"If you don't know how, than I'm a little worried." Jane stuck his tongue out slightly at her.

"You know what I mean. You didn't look pregnant this morning when I saw you." She shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm not sure. I didn't know I was pregnant until I had to push because I was crowning." Jane laughed. After talking a few things out, Jane took his son from his mother.

"So, what are we going to name the little guy?"

"William is a nice name. We can call him Will."

"Okay, William Scott Lisbon Jane?"

"No." Jane's face fell.

"What?" Thinking she didn't like his name attached, he was naturally upset.

"I said no. His name is William Scott Jane." A smile stretched across her face and his.

"Welcome to the world little Will Jane. Welcome to the world. Mommie and I will protect you the best we can, okay? And don't get to mad at us, we're only doing what's right."

The End?

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