A/N: This is the conclusion to my 'I did not know' story. This might be a little short, but hey, you all wanted an ending and I'm finally getting to it, have fun reading this you crazy kids!

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I Did Not Know

"Patrick, we can't do this." Teresa tried half heartedly to push Patrick Jane off of her, but his lip attack to her neck was too much, even for the great Teresa Lisbon-Jane. His hands slithered up under her shirt and to the clasps of her bra.

"And why is that Teresa?" Patrick asked his wife, kissed down to her heaving chest.

"Because," she breathed trying to stay focused. "Will or Lilly could walk in at any minute." Patrick shook his head.

"Not going to happen. Will always knocks."

"And Lilly?" Patrick pulled up at the mention of his daughter. Lilly, a tiny Teresa, had no concept of doors or privacy. With a sigh, Patrick rolled off Teresa. She stood, fixed her self up and kissed his check.

"Rain check?" Patrick grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her belly when her shirt rode up.

"Depends, when can I cash that rain check in?" Teresa ran her fingers through his blonde curls and kissed his forehead.

"Whenever, as long as it's in an appropriate place." Moving away from him, she walked out the door of their bedroom before he could rope her in again. Once in the kitchen she saw her son, now eight. He had grown to look so much like his father, blonde hair that waved like his mother, blue eyes that made you nervous, yet excited at the same time. He was protective of Teresa and his sister Lilly.

"Hey Mom, what's for dinner?" Teresa opened the fridge door and pulled out the carton of eggs and a packet of bacon.

"Bacon and eggs." He nodded.

"Awesome. Need any help?" Always one to offer, Will had become a Mamma's boy.

"No, its okay. Go watch some TV in the den." Will bobbed his head and left the room to watch re-runs of Tom and Jerry.

"Mommie." Teresa looked down and saw her three year old.

"Hey there Lilly." Teresa said to her youngest as she crouched down. The dark haired child wrapped her arms around her mother's neck.

"Love you." Lilly was known to randomly tell people she loved them, but it never stopped Teresa from feeling better when she heard it.

"I love you too Snuggle Bug." Teresa picked her up. "Are you hungry?" Lilly nodded her head excitedly.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Teresa laughed and kissed both her daughter's cheeks.

"There are my two favorite girls!" Patrick swept into the room and took Lilly from his wife. He began tickling her small belly while his wife turned away to start their breakfast.

"Hey, what about me? I don't get to join this little family pow-wow?" Will came into the kitchen, carrying the remote as if someone was going to take it from him.

"Oh, you want to be tickled to kid? Okay, c'mere." Patrick chased his son around their house as Teresa broke an egg in the pan to make scrambled eggs.

A normal Saturday for the Jane family.

The End