Persephone TinkerbellIt Came To California

It Came To California

Disclaimer- I do not own Supernatural, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or It by Stephen King. I am not making any money from this fanfiction. It is for my own pleasure only.

Chapter 1- I think I Found Us A Job

Sam was sitting on his bed absentmindedly flicking through the channels on the TV when Dean came in brandishing a newspaper. "I think I found us a job Sammy" He's wearing that smug smirk of his, so Sam knows he's in for a hard time. He sighed, getting up from the bed and cracking his spine back into place. What could have Dean so excited. Sam takes the paper from Dean's hand and looked down at the pages spotting the ring around one of the articles. 'Local boys face murder charge' So what? Some local kids had pushed some guy into a canal. What was so special about that. He threw the paper down onto the bed. "What are you on about Dean? People kill each other all the time, It doesn't mean it's our kind of thing". Great, Dean thought, Sam hadn't even bothered to read the article all the way through. He picked up the paper and shoved it back at Sam. "Keep reading Sam, it gets really weird." Sam kept reading. The article went on to describe the problems the police where having with the case. One of the boys it seems claimed that although they had pushed the man into the canal, he had actually been killed by an unidentified man, one who apparently had bitten and ripped apart the man, and was dressed as... Sam froze. Come on this couldn't be real. No wonder Dean was in such a good mood. Any excuse to torture Sam. "You have got to be kidding me Dean, there is no way we are going to investigate this." Dean grinned, he'd found it then. "It sounds interesting Sammy, we've looked into less. And besides we haven't had a job in weeks. I'm bored." He didn't think there was anything to it really, he just wanted to make Sam squirm. "No way! There is no way I am going to look into another Killer Clown case! Not a chance in hell!" Dean threw himself down onto his own bed laughing. "Alright, Alright. If you don't want to, we won't go." His laughter however was cut short when Sam threw the newspaper at him.

Later on the Winchesters sat on their beds, with cartons of Chinese on their laps. They still didn't have a job. So they had decided to stay in the motel for a while. Although he hated the idea, Sam had found himself becoming more and more curious about the article that Dean had found that day. It wasn't unusual for a suspect to come up with some mystery man to blame for a murder, but why then were the police so worried about the claim. Could it be that more than one of the suspects mentioned the clown, especially as they had been questioned separately. Had an external witness seen the clown. He tried to stop himself thinking like this. They weren't going to look into it. Dean had only mentioned it to torment him. So why couldn't his mind let it go. Dean watched Sam out of the corner of his eye. He could see the wheels turning in Sam's brain. To be honest the article had stuck in his mind as well. He had been wondering why he was drawn to it in the first place. Normally he wouldn't have bothered to read that far into it, like Sam had done on his first reading. As a hunter Dean relied on his instincts, so now he wondered if there was something in it after all. It was obvious that Sam was thinking along the same lines so he was not surprised when Sam finally asked the question on his mind. "So where was this clown thing anyway?" Dean picked up the discarded paper. "Sunnydale California"