Persephone Tinkerbell It Came To California

Chapter 27- The Curse Is Lifted

Mike Hanlon sat in his hospital bed and thought about everything that had happened recently. His memory was starting to fail now. For a long time he had been the only one to remember It. He supposed it was because he had to. Someone had to remember in case It came back. Now he was starting to forget. He supposed that was because no one needed to remember anymore. The curse was broken. Or so he liked to think. The others had all left. Ben and Bev had left together, Eddie had gone, so had Richie and Bill had left with his Wife. He had seen the Slayers a couple of times. They had come to see if he was alright. He didn't expect to see than again, he planned to move. The Winchesters had come by to say goodbye before they left, leaving him their number just in case. He had watched them drive away in their car thinking about how much they had helped. He wondered how things would have gone if they had relied on a pair of old silver earrings instead of silver bullets. It wasn't a pleasant thought. He fell asleep, dreaming a dream that for once didn't involve clowns.