I kept the diamond well hidden in case Link or B.O.B. or worse, both of them, decided to raid my cell. I don't need them getting wrong ideas; I'm not even sure if I'm going to go with through it myself. It's not like I haven't thought about it even when we weren't together. I used to have dreams that we were getting married on a hilltop. Oh, does that make me a pervert, dreaming about her? I'm a gentleman, darn it, and that's the way it's going to stay! I have nothing to worry about; I have lots of time to figure what's going to happen between Susan and myself. I just need to stay calm. I put on a casual face and went to the main room, where a large cake was sitting on the table with words that said "We'll Miss You, Rachel!" written by B.O.B., so it was very sloppy. I'm surprised he didn't misspell "Rachel." Link had a smug look on his face, which told me he was glad that Rachel was leaving the prison. I can't believe he still thinks she's trying to steal me away from Susan. She knows we could never be. I ignored it as I sat down.

"What were doing in your cell?"


"Nothing?" Link repeated.

"Nothing!" I saw him glance over at my cell with curiosity and I yelled, "Can't a monster have some privacy?"

"Geeeez, sorry!" He growled. I sighed, looking over at Susan and Rachel, who was in tears that we through a party for her. Susan was her size using the power of the ring and hugging her, saying she could come back to visit. I hope not for a while. I sighed, and my eyes strayed to the ring. That diamond would look ravishing on her finger. She would look beautiful with anything….

"Susan, Rachel?" I spoke up.

"Yes?" Rachel asked, still hugging Susan.

"Why don't you girls go shopping?"

"Shopping?" Susan repeated.


"Sounds fun!" I smiled at her enthusiasm. They said their good-byes and they left the prison while Monger opened the doors for them. We waved after them until the doors were shut again. Thank god they were gone. It would give me some time to think over some things. A thought came into my head that dampened my spirits. B.O.B. and Link were staring at me as I looked at the closed doors. I would never get some time alone if they were tagging along. I'm not going to tell them about anything if I don't even know if I'm going through it with myself.

"What's wrong?" Link asked. I turned around. Of course, he had a slight smirk upon his face. It wasn't as big as his usual ones, however.

"Everything is just peachy," I replied, cringing at my choice of words. 'Peachy' sounded so stupid. I hope he didn't notice anything.

"Peachy?" Link repeated. Damn.

"Did I say 'peachy?' I meant fine."

"Fine?" B.O.B. asked.

"FINE!" I yelled. They had shocked expressions, and they looked slightly hurt. "I'm sorry.... I really am." I rubbed my temples. "I'm a little tired. Didn't get much sleep last night."

"It's fine, Doc." Link patted my shoulder. "Go ahead and rest."

"Thank you." I nodded at them both, and departed to my cell. Should I be depressed or panicky? Or both? I thought I was done with this phase! I opened the drawer which contained the ring. It was in a secret compartment. It shined as I took it out and looked at it. How was I going to ask Susan such a question? Was I even ready? I truly did love her and I did want to spend my life with her... Maybe I should... But what if she isn't ready to settle down with me... What if she had feelings for Derek still and harbored desires to marry him? I sighed, pushing those thoughts to the back of my head, and falling asleep rather quickly. I expected dreams to come, not nightmares.

I was sitting in the main room, reading a book Susan had brought me from her last visit home. I was so interested in my reading I didn't hear Susan approach me.

"Dr. C?" Her gentle voice made me jump slightly. She giggled.

"Hello, Susan, my dear." I replied, setting down the book. The diamond ring was in my pocket, waiting to be presented to her. I reached for it, and took it out.

"What's that?" She asked. I tried to put it away, but it was too late. I gulped and showed it to her. "What is it, Doc?"

"Susan…." I told said. "…I really love you. And…. I want you to do me the honor of becoming my wife." I opened the box and showed her the ring. It glittered.

"Oh." She said.

"What?" That was not a good "Oh."

"Dr. Cockroach, I don't love you."

"I mean I have small feelings for you, but I don't want to marry you." I looked down at the ring in my hand; it was trembling. I knew this would happen; I just knew it. I….

I woke up, panting slightly. Would I be a fool if I actually go through with it?