AN: Okay, I admit I haven't quite figured out what I want from Ivy, but there are a few things I will not use. I'll try to stay clear of the whole Seductress thing(i.e. porn, as she is most frequently used in comics) and I won't make her a sadist. She'll be ruthless and evil, sure, but not for pleasure(like Dini did so revoltingly in the Harvest story. I actually like his work most of the time, but that has got to be the worst Ivy story I have ever read.(Granted, I haven't read Kevin Smith's Ivy appearance in Widening Gyre, which looks like it may actually be even more blatant.)), but to achieve what in her mind constitutes as a better world. I basically want her to have completely different morals, on account of her being only half-human and despising the plague that is the human race. If I use her in later stories I'll gradually make her a bit nicer person after Harley's good influence starts to soften her view of people.

All that said, this isn't a character that I understand perfectly, but I'm going to try anyway. So if you feel Ivy's acting out of character, don't hesitate to let me know. She won't be the only villain in the story but she'll be the main one and there won't be nearly as many cameos as in the last story. Yes, this is a sequel, but I don't think it matters if you've read it or not.

I'm terribly sorry for this obnoxiously long author's note.

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Dr. Joan Leland sat in a therapy room, awaiting her new patient. This would be the second famous patient she treated. She only hoped she would have more luck than with Dr. Crane. She wasn't sure why she was chosen, but she suspected it was because she was one of the few doctors at Arkham who weren't here to publish groundbreaking work about the madmen of Gotham and become famous. She was here to help.

The door opened and they led him in. In the bright orange colors of Arkham, the Riddler wasn't very impressive. He was slim and average height, might even pass off as handsome if you didn't know who he was or what he'd done. Everything about him was pretty ordinary. Except for his eyes. They were a vivid green, made even more vibrant by the contrast of his surroundings, the dull gray walls of Arkham. A small, smug smile played on his lips, but his eyes enhanced the look, making him look like he was inwardly laughing at her.

Maybe that was why they'd chosen her to treat him instead of any of the number of supposedly brilliant doctors at Arkham, whose aggressive methods she was the exact opposite of. Riddler wanted to play. She couldn't help but think Dr. Elsep had made the right decision, vain as it sounded. It would appear that Elsep had learned from the Quinzel fiasco, even if he hadn't been quite himself ever since.

The guards left the room to stand by the door. Her patient was fastened to the chair, looking uncomfortable but profoundly happy. His eyes swept the room, then settled on her own. Maybe he was trying to unsettle her, but he would have to try a bit harder. You didn't stay at Arkham for five years without toughening up.

"Good morning, Edward. I'm Dr. Leland."

"Pleased to meet you."

She was mildly taken aback at that. Most of the patients that had committed violent acts tried to scare her right away, often with petty insults, sexual insinuations or even growls. The only patient she'd had the last three years that had managed to unnerve her was Jonathan Crane. He had also been polite to her, but he had never sounded so chipper.

"Let's start with something easy. Tell me about yourself."

"My name is Edward Nigma, dear janet orlando cold."

"Excuse me?"

"And I was born quite some time ago."

"That's a bit too vague for my tastes, Edward."

"My hair is dark."

"Yes, but I'd like you to talk about your past. It would help me a lot if you could tell me about your background, your family, your experiences in life and things like that."

"I've had many great experiences. I had a family. My background is behind me."

"You had a family? So they're deceased?"

"More or less."

"You'll never be released if you don't co-operate with me, Edward."

"An astute observation, Jona."

"Joan, my name is Joan."

"Sorry, your name just isn't anagram-friendly."

"Alright. Tell me more about your family, can you tell me something about your father for instance?"

"He was thick as a brick. But then again, most people are."

"Except for you?"

"I'm far too modest to be able to say that yes, I am a genius."

"But you just did, didn't you?"



"There is no such thing as nothing."

"Can you name someone besides you that isn't stupid?"

"Batman. Dr. Crane. Possibly the Joker. Oh, and Bruce Wayne as well, I suppose."

"You really think Bruce Wayne is smart?"

"Yes. U cee, W. Brayn is smart. Deluded, but smart."

"Alright then. I suppose he must have some talent to be able to run such a successful company."

"No, any idiot could do that. It's what he does in his free time that is intriguing."

"What exactly does he do in his free time?"

"I'm afraid telling you would be a breach of contract."

"A breach of contract? Are you implying you worked for him?"

"I haven't done an honest day's work in my life."

"Bruce Wayne was involved in something illegal?"

"What sort of multinational company isn't?"

And so the session went on. Joan making no progress and Edward chattering endlessly on but saying nothing.


"Who is that?", the Scarecrow asked, his voice cold but revealing just a hint of confusion.

"A friend", his short tenant replied.

"Is she now?", he continued, his eyes roaming over the woman. She was staring straight ahead expressionlessly, clad in a strange blue dress that didn't really fit. He doubted the dress was meant for an adult.

"She was Alice before but I've changed my mind. Now she's just a guest."

"And what will you do with her now?", he asked.

But the Mad Hatter did not hear nor reply, for he had moved on to other things.

"Up aBove tHe wOrlD yOu fLy,"

He supposed he could find some use for this unexpected guest, the Scarecrow thought.

"LikE A tEatRay iN thE sKy."

He had almost completed his very own haunted house in the park and he was itching to try it out. It would be a fine experiment.

"A most fine experiment, most fine, most fine", he muttered as he dragged the former Alice away. Then mentally kicked himself as soon as he realized what he was doing. The Hatter's ramblings were starting to get to him.


It was noon when two women wearing raincoats and wide brimmed hats left Robinson Park. One of them was barely visible behind her clothing, hat brought low and head down. The other was the exact opposite, almost skipping along, humming loudly.

As they hit the street the latter dashed forward and picked a newspaper off of the street. After quickly tearing patches out of it she turned around, revealing two peep-holes in the newspaper.

"Lookit me Red! Aren't I just the most inconspicuous thing ya've ever laid your eyes on?"

Against her better judgment, Poison Ivy smiled. Her new friend was the happiest person she'd ever met and her cheer seemed to be contagious. But her happiness was understandable , it was spring and the sun was shining bright, making her forget for just a moment where she was. She felt the urge to cast off the coat and let the sun soothe her skin, but suppressed it right away. It wouldn't do to draw too much attention to herself.

"So where are we going? Is it someplace fun?"

"Not really, no. We're going on a recruitment drive."

"Why? Can't ya just make your plants do everything?"

"Possibly, but it's good to be flexible and besides, I need an army that I can throw into the fray without a second thought. We're going to recruit the desperate and the angry, those who believe they have nothing to lose, those who believe they have been wronged. I'm going to harness mankind's savage power for a good cause. I'll feed them and provide them shelter and with time, they will repay the favor."

Ivy stopped and Harley followed her eyes. Before them was a group of people clad in rags, standing around a fire and staring at them with dead, hopeless eyes. A sweet scent filled the air, overriding the filthy smell of the bums, and they were ready to listen to the May Queen's words.


Bruce stared out of the windows of the limousine, a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. He saw the rays of the sun beaming down on the city, bathing it in light, a completely different city than the one he usually saw. It was spring, birds chirruped in the trees and the people they drove past seemed peaceful. He was on his way to lunch with a charming woman named Selina Kyle, who he knew next to nothing about. Just this once, he'd decided not to look into her background, decided not to be the crimefighter. Today, he was going as Bruce Wayne, not Batman or the playboy.

Suddenly it dawned on him what the feeling was. He was happy.


AN: Nothing actually happens, I know. But stuff will start happening in the coming chapters, along with the horror. I just wanted to put the introduction out, to give myself a little mental kick in the behind. I was going to be real professional about this one and have a definite storyline before posting, but alas, I just can't force myself to do it. I've got a vague idea of where I'm going with this but it's viable to change drastically.

The rate at which I put out new chapters probably won't be too fast, but I'll at least try to get the second chapter out within a reasonable timeframe. Let's say 1 week tops. Now I've probably jinxed myself, but who cares?