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Warning: This story contains very mild swearing and implied character death.

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To whom it may concern.

My name is Harry James Potter. You may know me as the boy-who-lived, the chosen one or maybe all you can remember me as is the betrayer. I don't care, but I'll tell you this: I never betrayed you. I've spent 8 years in this hell-hole now. 8 years of being haunted by the memories of my parent's death. 8 years of watching the torturing, the murdering. 8 years of feeling every curse emitted from Voldemorts wand.

Makes you happy, does it? To know that if you were hit by one crucio, I felt it with you, along with every other curse that that monster released? I bet it does.

He's dead now. I killed him. He came to my cell, so confident that I would join him in his cause, now that you had left me. To say he was disappointed would be an understatement. I refused him, and now he's dead. Gone. I killed him.

When you find his headquarters (the fidelius charm will have disappeared with his death), and you realize your mistake concerning my imprisonment, don't rush to come for me. There's no use. I'll be dead.

It takes its tall to kill a person, especially without a wand. My body is broken after all these years in Azkaban. I won't live this through. I put the remainder of my life into killing Voldemort. The irony. Neither can live while the other survives. I don't get a shot at life either way.

I always dreamed of dying peacefully, with my friends and family surrounding me. Preferably death by old age. Still here I lie, in a dark, cold stone cell. At an age of 25, Alone. The ashes of my greatest foe at my feet.

I haven't got much longer now. My last breath is drawing closer. I hope that you will find peace in your heart. I hope that you will live long, happy lives now that Voldemort is gone. I hope that you'll have children, and grandchildren. I hope that you will remember the reason why they don't have to live in constant fear of death eaters. I hope that you will learn from your mistakes.

I will never forgive you for what you did to me, because your actions are unforgivable. I am innocent. I committed my first murder 15 minutes ago. I've been in Azkaban for 8 years for killing someone, but still I never killed before today. Words can't describe my bitterness and hate, my pain.

I don't forgive you, but I hope you forgive yourself, because if you don't, your life will be as miserable as mine.

Live today, because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come

Just because I never got to, doesn't mean that you can't.

I will always love you, in a way.

Farewell, let me rest in peace.

Harry Potter

The boy-who-died

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