Clumsy Peg: Greetings, good people of the Transformers fandom!

Kibble Beast: Welcome to the first chapter of our united fanfic! :D

Clumsy Peg: Well, this is really just a teaser to get you ready for the epicness that is to come. :P

Kibble Beast: But we know you all like Optimus, so you'll be very excited. Especially when he monologues. No one monologues like Optimus. :3

Clumsy Peg: Indeed. His monologue gift is above all. So, without further ado, please enjoy the epic teaser to OUR version of Transformers 3...Optimus's opening monologue!

Disclaimer: We don't own/pretend to own Transformers or anything associated with the franchise that would end in both of us getting sued for more money that we have.


It is a trait commonly desired by both humans and Cybertronians, yet cannot be employed lightly. When wielded by those with righteous intentions, it can spread harmony across nations. If used honourably, it can bring peace to civil unrest and unnecessary suffering.

...But even the best of intentions can lose themselves in the struggle for supremacy. For when used wrongly, in misdirection or in evil... it destroys all that we know. Power has the potential to change the very Universe.

After what seems an eternity of conflict, at last the Great War nears its end. No more, it seems, do our brave allies die in vain. The last of the Decepticons are being captured across the galaxies where possible... and unfortunately killed when they cannot be. A great many will not surrender; after so long, it is not their way to lay down arms.

But Megatron still remains at large... and I fear he will return to our new home to wreak havoc, bringing his vengeance upon us. It is said by many that he is the embodiment of all that is a Decepticon; as long as he lives, this war will persist. It is hard to believe it now, but he was not always this way... I hope that this is known before the end.

Megatron's thirst for power corrupted his once benevolent mind, twisting my beloved brother into an unrecognizable tyrant before my optics... and I could not help him. This same thirst began our bitter war and brought about the destruction of Cybertron itself.

It is my greatest sorrow that my brother has betrayed us all... and my greatest regret that I did nothing until it was too late."

Epic, yes?

Indeed it is.

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